Ex-Soviet Countries: International Day of Peace


A survey by CPNN

The following 168 events in 6 countries formerly part of the Soviet Union were listed in Google during the week of September 21-28 under the key words “Международный день мира” and “Міжнародний день миру”as well as “International day of peace”.

In addition to these, 15 events are listed on the maps of One Day One Choir and Montessori schools singing for peace, but there is no indication which took place this year and which took place only in previous years.

Note: To save space, where there is more than one entry for a city, we have provided the text from one and only the link for the others.

 The residents of Gubkin also joined the Day of Peace.


A virtual exhibition entitled “International Day of Peace” was presented to users at the National Library. On this occasion, the staff of the National Library prepared and presented to users a virtual exhibition entitled “International Day of Peace”.


The celebration of the International Day of Peace in the Tugolitskaya secondary school of the Bobruisk region has become a good tradition and is held annually . . . On September 19, 2020, a drawing competition “We draw the world to the world”, a quiz “We are for world peace”, an art-living room “Kindness will save the world” were organized for students. . . After these events, everyone went out to the area in front of the school, where they began to draw with chalk on the asphalt on the theme “Peace”. After that, the students stood in a circle to the song “The Sun Circle”.


On the eve of this holiday, the Bolshezymnitsa branch library , together with the school and the village club, held a game program “What does it mean to live in peace” at the school . Using examples from the lives of their peers, the children were told about the global problems of war and peace, about how important it is to preserve peace and prevent military conflicts. . .


International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on September 21. In the Chausky district, there are children who were born on September 21. They have been awarded the status of “children of peace.” It has become a good tradition on this day or on the eve of the holiday for all of them to meet within the walls of the local history museum for their own spiritual development, as well as to wish each other a happy birthday and share the events that happened to the children over the year. In the museum, they were able to get acquainted with the news of the cultural life of the Chausky region. Tatyana Fedorova, a research associate of the institution, took a tour of the exhibition of paintings created by people of different professions who conscientiously worked for many years on our land.


42 children were born on the Day of Peace in the Gomel region, they were given the status of peacekeepers.. . . The newborns were given the symbolic status “Child of Peace”, and their mothers were given special certificates and material assistance – 100 rubles each. 


Ivan Kolbasko, Chairman of the Board of the Grodno Regional Branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, visited the Grodno City Clinical Emergency Hospital. Congratulating happy moms, he noted: “The birth of children is an important event for every family and especially for a woman-mother. I wish you peace and tranquility in your home, children grow up healthy. This is the main thing. This kind action by our organization focuses on how important peace is for all of us. . . .


The action “Child of Peace” was held in Lida for the thirteenth time. An event took place in the Lida maternity hospital, where on September 21, on the International Day of Peace, two babies were born – a boy and a girl. Representatives of the regional branch of the Peace Fund came to congratulate the children and their mothers on this important event in their lives. . . “Children are our future,” Viktor Konstantinovich emphasized at the end of the action. – It depends on you and me how to make their lives better. I wish your little ones to be beautiful, healthy and happy, to live in peace and prosperity.


Emergencies Ministry Lyceum. . . With a minute of silence, the lyceum students and guests honored the memory of those who fell in the struggle for peace, and the bell that sounded as a symbol of the Day of Peace reminded the audience what everyone can do to preserve peace. Then the lyceum students presented their exhibition of drawings “We vote for peace” and made paper doves, which they presented to the guests and employees of the lyceum with the wishes of peace. . .


International Day of Peace is celebrated on 21 September every year. In the Molodechno district on this day, themed actions, meetings, exhibitions are traditionally held. The events are attended by representatives of the public, government agencies, educational institutions, public organizations, peacekeepers of the city and region. . .


Today, September 24, in the maternity ward of the Novogrudok central regional hospital, mothers who gave birth to babies on the International Day of Peace (September 21) were honored. Deputy chairman of the regional executive committee Svetlana Korolko and secretary of the regional organization of the Belarusian Peace Fund Anna Petrash came to congratulate them.
– The action “Child of Peace” has been held in the region for the 13th time, – says Anna Mikhailovna. – We congratulate the parents and give them a certificate that a baby was born in their family on the International Day of Peace, as well as financial assistance in the amount of three basic units. The child is assigned the status “Child of Peace”. . .


Peace day celebration in Pinsk schools . . In secondary school No. 3 in Pinsk, class and information hours were held on the topic “The world that everyone needs”, the drawing competition “I draw this world”, the films “We are different, but we are together”, “How beautiful this world is!” … Traditionally, students and teachers of the school exchanged postcards “Dove of Peace”.


For many of us, the world is a self-evident routine. The young generation of our country does not know what war, hunger and devastation are. Each of us understands how important it is to preserve the world and preserve it for the future. The children of our school – Secondary School #4 – joined this bright day.


On the occasion of the Peace Day, the employees of the Rektyan Branch Library, together with the KFOR, conducted an educational and entertainment program for children “How wonderful it is to live under a peaceful sky” . The participants of the event were told not only about the history of this date, about its symbol, but also reminded about the importance of maintaining order and harmony on the planet. The kids also tried to formulate their thoughts about what each of us can do to make this world a little better and kinder. In the entertainment part of the program, the children took an active part in games and competitions: “Bell of Peace and Kindness”, “Pencil of Friendship”, “Color of the Flag”, “Point of Contact”, “Compliment to a Friend”. Then white paper doves were made – a symbol of peace, on which the guys wrote messages, a call for peace. Our Peace Day ended with a drawing competition on the asphalt “We are peaceful children of a peaceful country” and a children’s disco.


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, the staff of the central library on the basis of the state educational institution “Secondary School No. 1 of Slavgorod” held a peace lesson “How good it is to live under a peaceful sky” for students of grade 10 “A”. During the event, the children learned about when and by whom this holiday was proclaimed, how it is celebrated in various countries, about girls – Samantha Smith and Sadako Sasaki, thanks to whom the whole world learned about what “children’s diplomacy” is. . .


On September 14, 2020, an information hour “Peace in this world depends on us!” Was held for students of the 9th grade of the Volkovskaya school, where the children learned that peace on the planet depends on all of us and each one individually.


Today we celebrate the International Day of Peace! Let’s keep safeguarding it together in Georgia and beyond its borders!


The world celebrates the Day of Peace on September 21 (video). As part of the celebration, the Union of Citizens and Organizations for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage “International Union” Heirs of Victory “regularly implements the international project” One hour of spirituality “Dove of Peace”, the press service of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Moldova reports.


Employees of BUSOSSSZN “KTSON” of the Alekseevsky urban district, together with the librarians of the city model library No. 2 and the volunteers of the local branch of the resource center “Silver Volunteers of the Belgorod region” in the Alekseevsky urban district, joined the action “Dove of Peace”. In the open air, balloons with paper doves were launched . . . Then they attached paper white doves to the trees. Paper birds not only adorned the tree in the park where the action was held, but also aroused keen interest among the park visitors, passers-by took pictures of the “peace tree” and took white doves as a keepsake. All participants of the action took a joint photo with a poster dedicated to the action, which expressed their solidarity in opposing the revival of fascism, creating a common cause of Peace on planet Earth.


Arkhangelsk youth released white doves into the sky on International Day of Peace. The action took place near the Patriot center. The cadets of the V.I. Voronin and students of the Arkhangelsk College of Music. . . . on the site near the Patriot center, to the song “Fly, doves, fly”, the participants released white doves into the sky. The memory of everyone who did not return from the battlefields was honored with a minute of silence. 


Pupils of the Parusnik branch celebrated the International Day of Peace. . . The pupils of the “Istok” center spent this day of the general cessation of any hostilities and refusal of violence under the motto: “I am for World Peace!”. In the lesson, the children got acquainted with the history of the appearance of the holiday, listened to audio poems aboutpeace and friendship, learned about important world problems that need to be addressed to maintain peace on Earth.



An event dedicated to the Day of Peace was held at the Bolgar Museum-Reserve. During the event, its participants got acquainted with the history of the International Day of Peace and learned about how this day is celebrated in various countries.


“Shaping peace together!” – under this motto, the International Day of Peace was held. The same motto is taken as the basis of the Open Peace Lesson, which took place on September 22 at the National Library of the Chuvash Republic, in which our students of the PKD-5/20, TE-1/18 and TEU-1/18 groups and employees of the Bolshova A technical school took part.


On September 21, the offices and floors of the Chelyabinsk school number 24 at exactly noon were filled with the ringing tints of hundreds of bells. Boys and girls, as well as all the teachers, took part in the International Peace Bell Campaign. And even if the sounds of the little bell were short-lived, they were the ones who were able to unite all of us with common ideas, ideas of belonging, the realization that the world needs peace, that children are against war and violence.


As part of the celebration of the International Day of Peace, an educational hour was held in the Crimean Tatar Museum of Cultural and Historical Heritage. During the event, researcher Aliye Kerimova spoke about the history of the holiday, supplementing her story with a multimedia presentation.


Students of the Stepnokhutorsk secondary school # 32, the Palace of Children’s (Youth) Creativity and other educational institutions of the city district took part in the “Dove of Peace” One Hour of Spirituality. They read poems, sang songs of peace and made doves themselves,


The team of the Yu.A. Gagarina supported the initiative of the UN and the Council of Heads of State of the CIS and conducted the program “Fly, dove, fly!”. . .in which the pupils of the elementary grades of school №3 named after the Lenin Komsomol took part.


On September 21, a cycle of events dedicated to the International Day of Peace was held at the MOU “School No. 49”. The celebration of the International Day of Peace at school has become a good tradition and is held annually with the aim of attracting children’s attention to the daily activities of the United Nations in maintaining peace and tranquility.


On September 21, on the International Day of Peace, the “Dove of Peace” campaign is traditionally held, within the framework of which it is customary to launch white paper doves into the sky, on which the names of the participants of the Great Patriotic War are written. The residents of Gubkin also joined the Day of Peace. About 30 people that day went to the main square of the city with paper doves and balloons.


For the International Day of Peace the Central Library has joined the “Dove of Peace” action. Librarians made paper pigeons with the names of participants in the Great Patriotic War of the Gusevsky urban district. The reading room contains photographs, archival data, articles from the newspaper “For Valiant Labor” of different years.


Students of the “MCC – Technical School named after SP Korolev” (groups “Designer” and “Artist of painting on wood), listened to a story about the history and traditions of the holiday, as well as about the birth of the symbol of the holiday -” Dove of Peace “.
The kids asked questions about the problems of peace in the whole world and enthusiastically shared their views on what they see as the main meaning of the International Day of Peace, why people celebrate the Day of Peace, and what we can all do together to keep peace on earth . . .


Kansk Naval Cadet Corps. On this day, events were held in our building: the youngest pupils left good drawings on the asphalt, representatives of the Cadet Council of the Leadership Movement prepared an installation and conducted thematic lessons and quizzes in their classrooms, the radio studio “Cadet Wave” broadcast the history of the holiday. Not without the main symbol of the holiday – the Doves, each class made its own, unlike other birds and placed it around a handmade globe. . .


On the International Day of Peace, specialists of the Department of Social Assistance to Families and Children (Aviastroitelny District) conducted a group lesson “Peace in the World” for minors from families in social services. During the lesson, the children learned about the International Day of Peace, which the General Assembly declared a day of strengthening the ideals of peace among all countries and peoples. . . The children were asked to choose a symbol of peace. The options included the sun, cheerful faces, and teddy bears … Through active discussions, the kids came to a common decision: the symbol of peace is multi-colored palms that personify people of the entire planet Earth, people of different races, nationalities and religions. It was this symbol that the kids painted in watercolor.


The librarian of the Khutor-Borsk rural library spent an hour of spirituality “Dove of Peace” with the preschool children of the Poluga school. Children happily launched paper white doves – a symbol of world peace.


A number of events dedicated to the International Day of Peace took place in the inpatient department of rehabilitation of the OGKUSO “Kineshemsky SRTSN” The children took part in the creative-game program “How beautiful this world is”, the children’s holiday “How good it is to live under a peaceful sky”, and the creative activity “Dove of Peace”. . . The kids sang songs, recited poems about the world, danced, played, participated in fun contests. Taking part in a creative activity, the kids made a white dove, symbolizing peace throughout the world. The festive day ended with a tea party for children with a fragrant apple pie.


Students of our school (MAOU school No 2) took an active part in the action “Dove of Peace” as a token of gratitutde to the war heroes who defended the independence of our Motherland and gave us a happy and peaceful life today.


The International Day of Peace was celebrated in the Kostroma region on September 21.  Pupils of the Center for Children’s Creativity joined this good cause and held an action called “We choose the world.”
Beforehand, the children learned about the history of the holiday. They also made paper doves, which are a symbol of the Day of Peace. Each participant of the action was invited to come up with and write down a good wish on his dove and, together with the white balls, let them go into the sky.


In the Municipal Educational Institution “Gymnasium of the city of Makeyevka” a solemn meeting was held, which was attended by students of grades 1-4 (building 2), grades 5-11 (building 1). There was also organized a flash mob “Children of peace, join hands!” and a drawing competition on asphalt “We paint peace.”


A thematic event dedicated to the International Day of Peace was held at the Na Sevastopolskiy branch of the Zyuzino family center for children from the served districts of Cheryomushki, Kotlovka, Kakhovka and Akademichesky.
This holiday is celebrated on September 21st. It was established by the resolution of the UN General Assembly on November 30, 1981.
As part of the event, the children learned the history of the holiday, guessed riddles, painted their own images of the world, took part in quizzes and competitions.

MOSCOW – School 37

MOSCOW – School 2001

MOSCOW – School 1280

MOSCOW – School 1290

MOSCOW – School 1357

MOSCOW – Schools of Akademichesky district


The International Day of Peace was marked in B. Chekmakovskiy home for the elderly.


September 21, on the International Day of Peace, at the Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after Kh. M. Berbekova, with the support of the Department of Project Support of the National Technological Initiative and Public Events of KBSU, an action of the public organization “Council of Women Nalchik ”“ We Remember, We Honor ”, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War.


In secondary school No. 14 “we held an action” We are for Peace “, which was aimed at developing dialogue and exchange of views, attracting the attention of schoolchildren to problems of a global nature. The kids decided together how to withstand the pandemic, heal our planet and change it for the better. After the action, a master class was held. The trainees presented posters prepared for the Peace Lesson. In the elementary grades, “Lessons of Kindness” took place, where children were happy to make a symbol of peace – white doves out of paper, learned about the history of the holiday and its traditions, took part in the interactive game “The World Around Us” and the drawing competition “Peace to the Children of the World”.


On the International Day of Peace the workers of Novoivanovsk culture presented to the subscribers of social networks an online conversation “Peace without worries for the children of the planet.”


On the International Day of Peace in the Omsk State Educational Institution “Gymnasium No. 140” there were class hours entitled “The Right to Peace”.
The high school students discussed what each of them can do to protect the right to life, liberty and security of person.


Over 2,200 boys and girls took part in the festive events dedicated to the International Day of Peace. The festive events began with themed lines in the camps of the Orlyonok Childrens Center, where the children were told about the history of the holiday. In the Solnechny camp, the eagles made paper cranes with wishes of kindness and friendship, which they attached to the Peace Pillar installed in the Center in 1992. The main event of the day was a teleconference between “Orlyonok” and the International Children’s Center “Artek”, the National Children’s Educational and Health Center “Zubrenok” (Republic of Belarus) and the Museum of A.G. Karlova.


On September 21, at the Southern Federal University , a round table “Actual problems of the modern world” was held. The organizers were the SFedU Foreign Students Support Center. The opening of the discussion platform began with a welcoming speech by the head of the Center Shumeiko Viktor Viktorovich. The round table discussed the history of the emergence of extremism and terrorism in the world, the main extremist trends in the youth environment. In addition, from September 15 to October 15, the online marathon “Youth against extremism and terrorism among youth” will be held. The project is carried out by the Institute of Sociology and Regional Studies of the SFedU in order to counteract youth extremism . . .


International Day of Peace was held in Salekhard schools. After school hours, senior pupils of the first school decorated the windows of the office with a symbol of peace – a dove with an olive branch. And for students of the fifth grade of the second school, the event was held in the atmosphere of memory of the Victory over fascism in World War II and the Great Patriotic War. The video “Peace Lesson” aroused great interest among schoolchildren, prompting them to reflect on their contribution to the cause of protecting peace on the planet, in their country, in their home, in their school. At the end of the class hour to the song “Fly, doves, fly!” on mock-ups of doves, made with their own hands, the guys wrote wishes for peace, goodness and happiness and attached them to the symbolic peaceful sky with white clouds.


The kindergarten “Birch” celebrated the International Day of Peace.  The children reflected their understanding of peace, kindness and friendship in making the symbol of peace – the white dove. . . Pupils of senior groups got acquainted with the history of the holiday, the symbol of the holiday and learned that the Peace Bell sounded on the Day of Peace on Earth.


At the Saratov Construction College, the Council of Student Self-Government held an action “Let all conflicts remain in the past.” Each student could decorate the newspaper with a paper dove, as doves are a symbol of peace.



Svobodny joined the Dove of Peace perpetual action. Today, on September 21, on the Memorial of Glory to the Free, 75 white balloons soared into the sky with paper doves on which the were written the names of heroes of the Great Patriotic War.


MAOU School “Eureka-development”, Tomsk. On September 21, we also took part in the “Dove of Peace” action, to which all students and teachers of our school were invited. We were visited by guests of the Tomsk Regional Russian-German House and the Regional Public Organization of the National Cultural Autonomy of Belarusians in the Tomsk Region. They congratulated us by performing numbers in German and Belarusian. All the participants of the action made paper doves which were handed over to the volunteers as a symbol of peace. All together we performed the song of I. Dunaevsky “Fly doves, fly.”
At the end of the action, a team of school volunteers distributed all the paper doves to residents of the Zelenye Gorki microdistrict.


Tula Education Center 45. On September 21, 2020, students of 4b and 4B (class teachers O.V. Belozerova and L.I. Myachina) made a solemn launch into the sky of white paper doves tied to blue balloons in support of peace – to the song I Dunaevsky “Fly doves, fly.”

TULA School No. 3


International Day of Peace. During the event, the participants talked about the fact that children become the most defenseless in hostilities. And it is children who are the messengers of peace. The guys got acquainted with the fate of the girls: the Jewish girl Anne Frank, the Japanese woman Sadako Sasaki, the girl from the USA Samantha Smith, and the Russian girl Tanya Savicheva. Despite the fact that they lived a very short life, even today their destinies touch the hearts of people. At the end of the action, children were given paper figures of doves – a symbol of peace.


Pupils of the associations “Traveling around the native land”, “Tourists”, “Ecomir”, “School of Security” took part in the action “We are cleaning the World”. The kids, together with the teachers, cultivated a flower garden in the Creativity Center, removed the park area from garbage, and cleared the space near the monuments to the heroes of military operations. Also, the associations held a competition of creativity “Peace”, where students read poems, shared their opinions and feelings about the boundless and capacious meaning of the words “Peace”, “Peaceful sky”, “Love”, “Virtue”, “Good”, “Happiness”. . . Each child, having rung the peace bell, sent its ringing to all corners of the world, for peace in the whole world! At the end of the action, the kids accepted as a gift white paper doves – a symbol of Peace.


In Volgograd the Jewish National-Cultural Autonomy will take part in an interethnic webinar for the International Day of Peace.  At the webinar, which will be broadcasted on the territory of Russia, we, first of all, will tell about the attitude to the world from the point of view of Judaism: the Torah and other Jewish sources. Let’s talk about what each of us can do. And it is in our power to establish peace in our own families, and then in society. Representatives of other nationalities will talk about their attitude to this issue using the example of their Holy Books, ”says Inna Mikhailovna Motornaya, chairman of the Volgograd Regional Jewish National-Cultural Autonomy NGO.


On September 21, Yugovka celebrated the International Day of Peace. Everyone who came to the library that day became participants in the traditional information and humanitarian action “The World Needs Peace”. . . The deputy director of the library Maria Kolchedantseva addressed the participants with a welcoming speech . . . A member of the Council of the Public Chamber of the Kurgan region, Lyudmila Sereda, talked about the good deeds that the young Kurgan residents, guests of the holiday in Yugovka, should perform. . . The beautiful finale of the holiday was the Bell of Peace ceremony, when each participant was able to strike the bell as a sign of the wishes of peace throughout the world, just as it happens annually on September 21 at the UN headquarters. There was also a minute of silence in memory of those killed in military conflicts. And everything ended with the launch of white balloons, symbolizing the peaceful hopes of mankind, into the trans-Ural sky.


International Day of Peace at the Bagrynivska comprehensive school of I-III degrees. [Many photos of kids in action, but no text]


On September 21 in Bakhmut the action “Dove of Peace” was held within the framework of the celebration of the International Day of Peace. This was reported by the press service of the city council. The event took place at Freedom Square. Veterans, youth, representatives of local government, the military launched doves into the sky, which are a symbol of peace. With a minute of silence, those gathered in the square honored the memory of those who gave their lives for the sake of a brighter future.


Bila Tserkva Educational Association “General School of I-III Grades №15 – Children’s and Youth Sports and Health Club” of Bila Tserkva City Council of Kyiv Region. Pupils of grades 1-11 thematically decorated their classrooms and took part in the “Dove of Peace” action: they drew and made paper doves of peace and wrote wishes on them.


A flash mob was held in Boratyn to draw attention to the global problem of peaceful life on the planet. In the school yard, students formed a mass formation “Dove of Peace”. In addition, the children made paper doves themselves – as symbols of peace and spiritual development of the nation. In Boratyn and Rovantsi, students also implemented the “I choose PEACE” campaign. The children wrote and made symbolic palms with wishes of peace, good and hope for a bright future.


Bratslavska Specialized School I-III stages Nemirivskovo region. We are all different, but united in the desire: that there be peace all over the Earth, and especially in Ukraine. This was the motto of the school action “I am for peace!” The children expressed their idea of this concept by participating in the art survey “Peace is …” In their understanding, peace is the absence of war, peace in the heart, the warmth of the palms of relatives and friends, bright and fragrant flowers of the Ukrainian field, love for the Earth and people of any nationality.
. . .  The children made paper doves as a symbol of peace and spiritual development of the nation. “Children of Ukraine for Peace!” – flash mob 5,11 classes became the motto of the day.


On the International Day of Peace, in Brovarska Secondary School of I-III grades № 2 named after VO Sukhomlinsky on September 21, The drawing contest on the asphalt “I give my vote for peace” was held for the 5th grade. All classes received diplomas, and the first place was won by the 5-D


From 17 to 21 September 2020 the Brovary Educational Association held educational activities:
– conversations “Dove of Peace”, “Friendship is the key to peace”, “We strive for peace”,
– exhibition of drawings on the asphalt “Children of Ukraine for peace on earth”,
– educational classes “Peace on earth – joy in the family”, “Priceless word peace, terrible word – war”,
– flash mob “Under the peaceful sky”


Bucha NEC “Secondary school of I-III degrees. On the occasion of the Day of Peace, students and teachers of our NEC supported the action “Manifestations of creativity” – paint (decorate) your mask or “Put on an embroidered shirt.” Elementary students made paper doves as a symbol of peace and spiritual development of the nation. They attached their letters to each paper dove, in which they wish health to all people, express a request to keep peace and tranquility in Ukraine, because they want to enjoy the sun, flowers, grow up healthy and happy.


Pupils of grades 1-9 of Utishkivska Secondary School of I-II grades held an action “We vote for peace!”, where each student cut out his palm and attached it to the globe, emphasizing that life on Earth is the most important value.


Today high school students at Gymnasium No. 1 celebrated the International Day of Peace. A symbolic heart with children’s palms, full of best wishes for peace and happiness was made by class groups. Children’s dreams and desire to live in peace high school students were presented in beautiful pictures.


Chornobayivska sanatorium boarding school Kherson regional council. For the International Day of Peace today the pupils of classes 1-4 took part in an information lesson, while middle and older students went to the interactive action “What does peace mean to me? They took part in the traditional action of the day, “dove of peace.”


On September 21, students and teachers of Klugino-Bashkirovskaya Secondary School will join the flash mob for the World Day of Peace. Watch this on youtube video


The International Day of Peace was celebrated at the Dnipro Center for Vocational Education. The main slogans of the event: “We have the right to PEACE!”, “Peace begins with each of us!”. Students created a sculpture of peace, made themed wall hangings, sent peacekeeping links to the universe with doves of peace, and called for peace through street art.


Under the slogan “We are one! We are for peace in Ukraine ”events to mark the International Day of Peace were held in educational institutions. For students in grades 1-11, class teachers prepared and conducted informational minutes, conversations, hours of communication, conversations “in a friendly circle”, flash mobs “Dove of Peace” and “Children of Ukraine for Peace!”, Exhibitions of drawings “Fly, our dove – a symbol of peace” , good and light », making paper doves. Peace in Ukraine is the most cherished wish of all Ukrainians, which they express aloud as cohesively as never before. Together, on the International Day of Peace, the children of Dobropil district call: “Give kindness to people! Live in peace and harmony!”


The day before, the groups held classes, conversations, reviewing illustrations on the general theme “The most expensive thing in the world – peace and harmony among the people of the planet.” And already on September 21, the youngest fans of peace not only in their country, but also all over the world, in art classes with inspiration made their own symbol of peace – white-winged doves. . . . . The youngest pupils of our kindergarten made drawings on the theme “Palm of friendship.” During the day, the senior groups organized a competition “The best picture on the asphalt.”


On this day, various types of events were organized in the general secondary education institutions of the district: class teachers of Byrlivska Secondary School of I-III grades, Kovalevskyi NVK “Secondary School of I-III grades” held educational classes “Peace on earth – joy in the family”, ” The priceless word peace, terrible – war “, ” Children against war “, teachers of the subject” Art “organized an exhibition of drawings” We are for peace on the planet “, teachers-organizers involved young students in the action” Give a dove “(making paper doves) , and school librarians – to the following exhibitions “Under the peaceful sky”, “We are for peace on Earth” and library lessons “Peace to all children of the planet” . In Drabovo-Prystantsy Secondary School of I-III grades. and Vyshneve NVK “School I, the students launched a challenge “We vote for peace”, conducted informational minutes “Ukraine wants peace”, “We need a peaceful sky!”. Drawing competition on the asphalt was conducted in Perervyntsivskomu SPC “School-III-kindergarten” “Children of Ukraine for peace on Earth” and Bilousivskiy school I-III. . . On the eve of the International Day of Peace, a children’s computer drawing contest “We want peace on earth!” was held at the Kantakuzivskyi Secondary School of Secondary Education. A master class “We make a dove of Peace” was held in the elementary classes of Nekhaykivskyi NVK “School of I-III grades”.


Preschools took an active part in organizing mini-classes “The world is peace!”, “We need a peaceful sky”, conversations “The most valuable thing in the world – peace and harmony among the people of the planet”, drawings on the sidewalk for “Wishes of peace” and flash mob “Dove of Peace”.


Gymnasia m. Gaicin Educational Complex. Students took part in various events dedicated to the International Day of Peace. The participants of the educational process were informed through a traditional radio line, class teachers held talks and video lectures on “Let there be peace in the whole earth”, “Peace on earth – joy in the family”, “Under a peaceful sky”, “We all need peace” , also students of educational complex took part in the flash mob “Dove of Peace”. 


In our school the social and psychological service held a number of events dedicated to this day:
– hours of communication in the 1st grade on the topic “dove of Peace”, in the 6th grade “Peace and Harmony”; 
– among primary school students there was a competition of drawings on the asphalt “Peace through the eyes of children”,
– among 5th grade students there was an action “For peace in the world”, and with 6th grade students “Give a dove of peace”;                                            
 – During the day on school television, students had the opportunity to watch videos, listen to songs about peace and Ukraine. 


Children of Ukraine for peace! – The International Day of Peace was celebrated in Horodyshche and Uhryniv.


Hruvshivska School. September 21 – International Day of Peace. Applicants took part in communication classes and joined the organization of drawings on the asphalt. Children hoped for a better future kept doves as a symbol of peace around the world. We want peace, good. That Ukraine was free. Almighty, help us! And save our Motherland!


In support of the Day of Peace, students of the 3rd grade prepared messages of poetry about peace, a flash mob “Ukraine”, and in the school yard formed the word “PEACE”, because this topic is extremely important for us. Lyceum students also joined the All-Ukrainian Dove of Peace campaign. They personally made paper doves as a symbol of peace and spiritual unity.
IRSHAVA, UKRAINE – District Library


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, the Department of Youth Policy and Sports together with the Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk UGCC Charitable Foundation announced 2 competitions, in particular, a drawing competition on the theme: “Uniting for Peace” and a competition for the best video on the theme: “Peace through the objective prism.”
 The summing up of the competitions took place on September 23 in the meeting room of the Executive Committee of the Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, where the mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv, the deputy mayor Oleksandr Levitsky and the director of the Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk UGCC Charitable Foundation Volodymyr Chorniy awarded the winners with diplomas and gifts.


At Kharkiv Sanatorius School No. 1, Social pedagogue Sologub KB conducted a lesson “Children for Peace!” with historical information about the International Day of Peace ; to form an active life position, to cultivate an understanding that the future of the world depends on the deeds and thoughts of man.


Antonivska Secondary School of I-III grades No. 18, Kherson. The school hosted educational classes, a drawing contest on the asphalt, watching videos.

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Question related to this article:

What has happened this year (2020) for the International Day of Peace?

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Participants of the Eurokids school club of Kolkiv OZNVK organized the action “Dove of Peace”. All students and teachers could join her by attaching paper doves with wishes to show how important peace, freedom, goodness and respect are. A minute of silence was observed in memory of those people who fought for peace, who gave their lives in the name of a bright peaceful future. Euroclub members congratulated the first-graders and gave them little doves. With their participation, a flash mob “We need a peaceful sky” was held. The students launched balloons with doves and wishes of peace in everything – peace in families, peace in hearts and peace in our native Ukraine.


A Room Of Peace Was Opened In Pyaditsky Lyceum. Watch video


Pupils of Dovhopil ZZSO of I-III degrees annually take an active part in the celebration of the International Day of Peace. In 2020, the institution held flash mobs under the slogan “Children of Ukraine – for peace on Earth!” [with many photos]


“Korsun-Shevchenkivsky Multidisciplinary Training and Rehabilitation Center” Nadiya “of Cherkasy Regional Council”. September 21 is the International Day of Peace. This year it was held under the slogan “Children of Ukraine for Peace on Earth”. Drawings of our kids clearly showed the desire of children to live in a peaceful country and the wishes of peace to the whole planet.


International Day of Peace at the Kovel Center for Vocational Education. During the conference, the students of group 34 introduced the participants to 17 goals, which are to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure common prosperity. The students stressed that history shows that every 100-150 years there is a large-scale war in the world, in which many states are involved. And local conflicts almost never stop: small wars that take people’s lives are always there. Every time after such conflicts, humanity takes a significant step back, because we have to rebuild a lot, not move forward. That is why the International Day of Peace, designed to bring the danger of war to the people, is very important for modern man. Congratulations to all on the International Day of Peace! May this September day warm your souls, fill them with goodness and love! Let the autumn wind carry all the insults and sorrows from your heart! And the autumn rain will wash away all bad thoughts! We wish everyone health, happiness and peace of mind!

KOVEL – Lyceum No. 1

KOVEL – Lyceum No. 7


Support institution ZSO I-III degrees. Our school hosted the action “Dove of Peace”, the children made doves with wishes of peace, good and happiness. The students expressed their desire to live in a peaceful country in drawings and collages.


The peace gong was traditionally sounded on the day of peace in Kremenchuk, It was presented to Ukraine by the Republic of Indonesia and the International Peace Gong Committee on September 21, 2010. This year it celebrates its 10th anniversary. The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia to Ukraine His Excellency Mr. Yuddi Krisnandi paid an official visit to Kremenchuk. Together with the mayor Vitaly Maletsky, he visited the Peace Park, where the Peace Gong was traditionally sounded. Due to the spread of coronavirus infection this year, this traditional event was held in a limited format. Vitaliy Maletskiy noted that the Peace Gong is a symbol not only of peace, but also of friendship between Ukraine and Indonesia, because our countries have long been linked by good relations.

KREMENCHUK – Gymasium No. 3


International Day of Peace. Many events were organized on this day. Students took an active part in the All-Ukrainian educational campaign “Peace Dove”. The children made paper doves with attached letters to the soldiers, which will be transferred to the anti-terrorist operation zone.


A large festive concert was held at the Song Festival Grounds in Kiev, during which songs were performed in Ukrainian, Russian and English. The event was attended by the folklore and ethnographic ensemble “Kalina”, the dance ensemble “Vitaminchiki” of the Center for Children and Youth of the Svyatoshinsky District of Kiev, the ensemble of soloists “Blagovest”, the Quartet “Impressio” of the Kiev Academic Men’s Choir. L. Revutsky and others. Near the majestic Victory Stella, dedicated to the hero city of Kiev, which survived during the Great Patriotic War, children, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and caring people of Kiev gathered and held an event dedicated to the International Day of Peace. Children sang well-known songs about peace and friendship on Victory Avenue and launched white balloons with the words “WE FOR PEACE” and images of the symbolic dove of Picasso, one of the most recognizable symbols of the world, into the sky. The event was organized by the Institute of Legal Policy and Social Protection. Irina Berezhnaya and the Kiev City Council of Veterans. video of events

KYIV – Cooperative Institute of Business and Law

KYIV – Gymnasium of Oriental Languages 1

KYIV – School No. 282

KYIV – National Academy of Internal Affairs


In the schoolyard of the Lysychansk Multidisciplinary Lyceum there was a bright art show of symbols-associations “Image of Peace”, where each class presented a “living association” of peace. The lyceum co-management “INTTAL” organized the action “Palm of Peace”. Students had the opportunity to make palms, write wishes of peace, goodness and happiness and attach them to the Tree of Emotions. An integral procedure of our event was the symbolic ringing of the “Peace Bell”. Watch the video


Our school also joins in the celebration of this holiday. Pupils took part in the action “Palm of Peace” under the slogan “WE ARE FOR PEACE” and from every small but very sincere heart, extended their palms to the world with wishes of peace, happiness and good. A flash mob “We want peace! May there be peace!” Also took place that day. and the exhibition of children’s drawings “Peace Dove” to once again express their desire to live in peace:


Mstishn Secondary School of I-III degree. 4th graders joined the celebration of International Peace Day, which is celebrated around the world on September 21. Students researched the history of the holiday, drew pictures and organized an exhibition of works, created a joint composition on the theme of “Dove of Peace” with the help of a graphic editor on an interactive whiteboard.


Mykhailivska comprehensive school of I-III grades in Sumy region. Our school also joined the celebration of this holiday by joining the Action “Peace Dove” .


Mykolayiv Secondary School No. 46. In order to form in students an active life position, education of patriotic feelings and understanding that the future of the world depends on the deeds and thoughts of man, the 9-B class held an educational hour “We seek peace!”


On September 21, students of Maksymov Lyceum joined the celebration of the International Day of Peace. The students’ self-government organized a photo flash mob and held a “Peace Dove” action.


On the occasion of the Day of Peace, a number of events took place in educational institutions . Students created a formula for peace, describing the features of a true friend and why you need peace, wrote gratitude and wishes of his family and country and were participants in the Ukrainian action “Dove of Peace”. [with many photos]


In recent years, this day has become especially important: in our country there are tragic events that affect every inhabitant of Ukraine, and children understand and feel it perfectly.
Junior students of Novomaryivka Secondary School personally made paper symbols of peace in the form of a heart with a dove and presented them to the head of the community Tamara Fesko and the executive staff and members of the executive committee of the village council to remind once again about the importance of peace on Earth. and in our country.


Novoselytsia Gymnasium. At a time when shots are being fired in our native Ukraine, the Day of Peace is a special day. Our school held a week under the slogan “We want peace and blue skies!”. The week began with the radio line “Priceless word – Peace; terrible word – war”. Pupils of grades 1-11 made paper birds with the motto “Little Dove – a bit of peace on Earth”. In the hall of the gymnasium for all participants of the educational process the video “Children of Ukraine for Peace” was shown.


Traditionally on September 21 people in Ukraine and around the world celebrate the International Day of Peace. Today, peace in Ukraine is not an abstract desire, it is a conscious goal, because, for a peaceful existence, for the right to live in ones’s own state continues to struggle in the east. On the occasion of the Day of Peace in Parishchenska Secondary School I-III, the Dove of Peace action took place in which pupils of 5-7 classes took part. The students made doves out of paper and wrote their wishes of peace and harmony. The student council under the guidance of teacher-organizer Maria Gergelaba held a flash mob Ukraine for Peace In the schoolyard. The students formed a mass formation “PEACE”, “HEART”, and In their hands they held the paper doves that they had made.


Pupils of Petropavlovsk Secondary School of I-III grades №2 joined the celebration of this event [the International Day of Peace]. At the request of members of the Center for Children’s Initiative and with the support of volunteers, we collected a parcel of friendship. The children brought school supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, albums, for students who live and study in the east of the country, on the line of demarcation. Wrote a letter wishing peace, happiness and clear skies. The result of the events dedicated to the Day of Peace was a flash mob “Community Unity – a step towards peace” . . . The children made paper doves as a symbol of peace and spiritual development of the nation. The students attached their letters to each paper dove, in which they addressed the ATO participants, thanked them for their courage, wished them health, and asked them to keep peace and tranquility in Ukraine . . . Pupils of the dance group “Breeze” (leader Bezmilitsyna TS) showed a choreographic composition about Ukraine-Motherland. The holiday was followed by a sports marathon, which was held under the slogan: “For the sake of peace on Earth.” Pupils, sportsmen, volunteers, anti-terrorist operation soldiers united in a column.


“Let the doves of Peace come down to earth!” – under this slogan, the International Day of Peace was held in Pohirtsi Secondary School of the 1st-3rd grades. All participants of the educational process were united by one hope: PEACE should reign in Ukraine. Therefore, during the day educational classes “We are for peace in the whole world!” Took place in the classrooms, and an exhibition of children’s drawings “Peace through the eyes of children” took place. Pupils of schools took part in a flash mob, master classes on making “Blue Dove of Peace”


Library-branch №13 together with the public organization “Union of Women of Poltava region”, in the framework of the project “Women’s voice has power – 2020” held an action – exhibition “Drawings about the world through the eyes of children.” On this day [the International Day of Peace] , the library hosted a master class “Dove of Peace”. It was conducted by Olga Sukharevska, the head of the department. The doves were made in the origami technique.
The Day of Peace was also held with a flashmob “We want peace” . . . The children wrote their wishes on doves cut out of paper by themselves. They will be given to the children of Druzhkivka.

POLTAVA, – Poltava Polytechnic College


Traditionally, on this day [the International Day of Peace] the Putivlisky Pedagogical college held a peace action “We create peace around us!”. During the action, the students united in the courtyard of the college, became participants in the quest “We vote for peace” and thus expressed their public position and wished everyone a peaceful sky! Students-volunteers of the specialty 231 Social work within the framework of studying the subject “Theory and practice of the volunteer movement in Ukraine” joined the general college events and prepared an information stand “We are for peace!”.


Putrivsky Educational Complex “Gymnasium – Secondary School of I-Iii Degrees – Preschool Educational Institution” Vasyavya Rasyvysya. In our institution today was an art action “Dove of peace in our hands!” where students presented images of a dove in different genres – drawings, applique, motanka, crochet, origami, artistic compositions, from dough, embroidery… Thanks to the initiative of parents, students even had the opportunity to admire a real dove, extremely beautiful!


Every year on September 21, the International Day of Peace is traditionally celebrated all over the world. Our Radenytskyi Educational Complex also joins in the celebration of this holiday every year. The moment when the issue of peace is especially urgent for Ukraine, all desires, all hopes and dreams are connected with the peaceful future of Ukraine. Let the whole world hear the voices of our little Ukrainians: “ May there be peace on all the earth! ” Teacher-organizer Galadiy S.Ya. held an information hour on the topic “We vote for peace! ” 4th graders read the Prayer of Peace with candles in their hands. Poems about peace were also recited, and intertwined hands were raised at the words ” Earth needs peace .” The teacher-organizer started the event by listening to the National Anthem of Ukraine. A moment of silence was observed in memory of those people who fought for peace and gave their lives in the name of a bright future. Two girls – presenters, 6th grade students acquainted the audience with this significant date, read how the symbolic Peace March took place. At the end, the song ” Dove of Peace ” was played and the students raised white doves, symbols of peace above their heads.


Reni NEC “Secondary school – gymnasium”. International Day of Peace. Last week at the gymnasium was held under the motto “Let’s keep the peace on the planet.” The next 10-B class (class teacher Vershinevska LF) designed a thematic stand. On the lines, high school students watched videos of peace with interest and listened to historical background. On September 21, a single hour of communication was held in all classes. During the discussion of this topic, students expressed their views on the realization of the dream of the Ukrainian people for peace, security, non-violence and a general ceasefire. The students also enjoyed reading poems and listening to songs about peace. At 2 p.m., a solemn rally was held for students of grades 5-11 “Peace be upon the whole earth!” During the rally, students learned about the International Day of Peace.


Educational classes were held at the Revivka Lyceum on this day: “Let there be peace in the whole earth”, “Peace on earth – joy in the family”, “To stand together for peace – not to be at war”, “Children against war”. Drawing competition on the asphalt “We are for peace”. Poster contest “Ukraine wants peace”.


Rivne schoolchildren decided to celebrate the International Day of Peace on September 21 patriotically. The №3 trolleybus ran through the city streets on Sunday. Its passengers are students of four Rivne secondary schools – NVK G12, 20.23 and Rivne Humanitarian Gymnasium. Wearing embroidered shirts, the youth staged patriotic flash mobs at every stop of the route. Thus, she called on the people of Rivne for peace and good. For an hour, the children sang and handed out paper doves of peace. According to the organizers – the Rivne city association of the All-Ukrainian society “Education” named after T. Shevchenko, attracted as many students as possible to the flash mob, because children are able to change our future for the better.

RIVNE – Rivne Collegium

RIVNE – Rivne Humanitarian Gymasium


Today, September 21, the International Day of Peace has been celebrated by all countries of the world since 1982. The Sadove Secondary School of l – lll grades did not stand aside either, because the problem of peace in Ukraine is probably one of the most painful issues of our time. And the correct formation of children’s consciousness under the slogan “We are for peace!” – the first task between generations. On the eve of the holiday a drawing contest “Ukraine – a country of peace and beauty!” Was held. The best works among students of 5-8 grades were awarded with gifts from the school administration. And since the theme of 2020, in addition to the fight against the pandemic, was chosen “Shaping the world together!” , the students showed creative design solutions in the design of boxes with a gift – the qualities they want in the homeland. Elementary students traditionally made various doves of peace and palms of friendship, which became the decoration of the majestic stand “PEACE OF PEACE”. During the music break, these doves were given to friends with sincere congratulations and wishes of peace, harmony and friendship! The first-graders discovered their artistic abilities on the path near their own entrance. The teaching staff, like all students of the school, already felt the festive mood, passing through the arch of peace and started the day with a smile. And those who wished, of course, took more than one selfie near the arch in memory on social networks. After all, we are worth it!


Semenivsky Educational Complex №2. On the occasion of the Day of Peace, the school day began with a radio line “We need a peaceful sky!”, Which was prepared by 9-B class students Vladislav Mishchan and Daria Teleshun (teacher-organizer VV Marchuk). Class teachers conducted hours of communication “Peace on earth – joy in the family”, “I am for peace in Ukraine”, “Under a peaceful sky”. In the schoolyard, students formed a mass formation “PEACE”, because this topic for us, Ukrainians, is extremely painful, it is the cry of the soul of every patriot of his country. Pupils of 3-B class (class teacher Cherednyk VA) made paper “Butterflies of Peace”. Also, students of 4-A and 4-B classes (class teachers Tkachenko NB, Gavrilash MO) joined the All-Ukrainian campaign “Dove of Peace”. The children made paper doves as a symbol of peace and spiritual development of the nation. Attached to each paper dove their letters, in which they wish all people health, ask to keep the peace and tranquility in Ukraine, because they want to enjoy the sun, flowers, grow up healthy and happy. Participants of the art studio “Golden Palette” (director Zh.O. Romanenko) together with representatives of student government (teacher-organizer Marchuk VV) created the composition “Let there be peace in the world.”

SEMENIVKA – Semenivska comprehensive school of I-III degrees


On September 21, students of Skvaryavska Secondary School of I-III grades. took part in the online flashmob “Children of Ukraine for Peace!”. Sincere children’s wishes of peace and tranquility in the native country and in the world sounded in verses from pupils of 5-11 classes, and younger schoolboys made symbolic paper doves with sincere desire that blue-winged birds brought peace and tranquility to our Motherland.


On September 21, 2020, in Skvyra Academic Lyceum, class groups celebrated the International Day of Peace. 5th graders expressed their thoughts on the importance of peace for the entire planet, wrote them on paper palms and made a poster. Together with the class teacher Cheban Alyona Dmytrivna they studied the song and gladly performed it to end the event.


The Students of Slaviansk Secondary School долу12 also joined the International Day of Peace. [See video]


On the occasion of the Day of Peace in Stenyatyn Secondary School of I-III grades, students of 2nd, 5th and 9th grades under the guidance of the teacher-organizer NV Zgurska held a flash mob “Ukraine” and painted the school yard with thematic drawings.


KU “Center for Combatants” joined the celebration of the International Day of Peace. On that day, employees of the municipal institution held a “Flower of Peace” action for visitors. Everyone who wished to write on paper doves wrote thematic wishes, which decorated the petals of the flower of peace.


On September 21, 2020, the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the International Day of Peace, the International Forum “People of Peace” took place in the Holy Dormition Svyatogorsk Lavra. This was reported by the Information and Education Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The decision to continue the peacekeeping initiatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to end the armed conflict in Donbas and in this regard to hold the forum “People of Peace” was made by the Holy Synod of the UOC on August 17 . The initiative was supported by representatives of civil society – residents of Donbass and other regions of Ukraine who are not politicians and do not represent political institutions. As His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine Onufriy emphasized, the idea of the Forum is to include in the negotiation process in Donbass ordinary people who were directly affected by the war in eastern Ukraine. . . Metropolitan Arseniy of Svyatogorsk thanked Metropolitan Anthony for the joint service, drawing attention to the mission entrusted to the Head of the UOC Affairs with the blessing of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy. “Blessed are the peacemakers,” says the Lord. We dare to take on the title of peacemaker, so as not to renounce the great title of sons of God. Bishop Anthony came to support from the Council of Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which from the first days of trouble was the mother of the people, when it received refugees, sent humanitarian aid, sent money, clothes – everything that refugees in our Lavra needed. Our Church was, is and will be a mother.” Bishop Arseniy also stressed that the Church, according to modern sociology, is trusted by more than 76% of the population of Ukraine.  . . . His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy named the main purpose of the event.
“The purpose of our communication today is, on the one hand, to show the common people and their suffering, and, on the other, to show a strong desire for peace.”
His Beatitude also proposed a number of principles on which to build a cause of harmony and reconciliation. The first step towards peace, he said, should be to establish human communication between the two sides of the conflict. Next – identifying the common, what unites, not divides, and focusing on it. The end of the peace process should be mutual forgiveness. . . Bishop Anthony shared his experience of meeting with children-migrants in the Svyatogorsk Lavra: “Many of them grew up in the Lavra, some were even born here. Many of them do not know the comfort of home. Yes, the Church has sheltered people, but we understand how important the role of our father’s house, the warmth of our father and mother, plays in our lives. And when children distinguish, unfortunately, which bullet whistles from which weapon, it’s very scary. That is why the most important thing for us is to do everything so that their future is peaceful, so that they no longer know the experiences that are in their lives. ” The hierarch also expressed hope that the voice of the Church, as the voice of the people, will be listened to by those on whom peace in Donbass especially depends. “We would very much like politicians to listen to the voice of the Church,” said the UOC Affairs Manager. – The voice of the Church is the voice of the people. It is possible that we have approached the principle of gathering without politicians, although we understand that this issue cannot be resolved without politicians. ”


IOn the occasion of the Day of Peace, the staff of the Petrovsky First House of Culture held a photo-flash mob “Peace on earth – joy in the family.” Members of amateur performances made paper doves with their own hands as a symbol of peace and spiritual development of the nation. They attached their letters to each paper dove, in which they wish all people health, express a request to keep peace and tranquility in Ukraine, because they want to enjoy the sun, flowers, grow healthy and happy. The children presented all the postcards they made to the villagers.


September 21 marks the  International Day of Peace. On this day, the students of KZSH№№27,45,110, NVK “ZNZ-TL” made their own symbol of peace – PAPER PIGEON. Students of KSSH№105 collectively made the SYMBOL OF PEACE, using the technique “Palms”. Students and teachers of Kryvyi Rih Ternivska Gymnasium joined the project “PEDAGOGY OF PEACE” with the support of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and became participants in a single communication hour “WE LOOK FOR PEACE, BECAUSE…!”
At the PEACE LESSON, KSSH-78 students painted the “SHIRT OF PEACE” and learned about the history of this day and the meaning of symbolism, and KSSH-45 students participated in the hour of communication “PEACE ON THE PLANET – HAPPINESS TO ALL CHILDREN”.
CHALLENGE “PEACE IN MY HANDS” united students and teachers of KSSH116: children made paper pigeons with a wish of peace and harmony and called on all people “Learn to do good to people and do good on Earth. Live in peace and harmony!”


International Day of Peace. Solemn events were held in the educational institutions of Velykoploskivska OTG: educational classes, trainings, conversations, round tables, discussions dedicated to the Day of Peace. A book exhibition “Peace – Peace” was prepared in school libraries.  We wish everyone peace and joy!


The white dove has long been considered a symbol of peace, so students of Vinnytsia Higher Vocational School of Services gladly took part in the event: they made birds of peace, created a thematic photo area and held a flash mob “We are for peace!”.


Forestry technical college. Students of our college whose parents were or are members of the ATO (OOS), UBD, among the internally displaced persons also gathered to discuss with the psychological service of the college, to discuss such an important topic and find answers to the question “What to do to have peace ? ».

Volodymyrets District Collegium. International Day of Peace in Vuliku «ВУЛИКУ» (on peace street). [Many photos but no text]


Volodymyr-Volynsky Lyceum “Eduation Center.” September 21 is the International Day of Peace. On the occasion of the holiday, lyceum students took part in the “Dove of Peace” action. On this day we wish you peace in everything – peace in families, peace in hearts and peace in our native Ukraine!


September 21, peace lessons and a festive line-up were held at the Voronovytsia Lyceum. Teachers told the children the importance of peace and tranquility in a world that, unfortunately, does not exist in our country. All activities were carried out in compliance with quarantine conditions and restrictions.


Pupils of the school in the village of Yabluniv, Husiatyn district, originally celebrated the International Day of Peace. On the asphalt of the alley in the park near the school, students created thematic drawings with colored chalk with symbols of peaceful existence on the planet. In particular, 8th-graders depicted a traditional dove of peace with flags of different countries, which are united by a symbolic handshake.


On the occasion of the Day of Peace in Zaporizhia secondary school I-III degrees №80 Zaporizhia City Council of Zaporizhia region held an action “We are for peace in the world.” All students of the school took part in this event with great pleasure. From the very morning, the mediators of Secondary School 80 reminded all students, parents and teachers about the holiday of peace. Pupils of grades 1-4 took an active part in the flash mob, and students of grades 5-10 joined in the creation of the Peace Map of Ukraine. Watch video


September 21 – International Day of Peace. SPSH №1 organized a flash mob with a call to live and develop under the peaceful blue of the sky. Pupils of the school created collective works “Shirt of Peace” , and children made a statement about a peaceful future. The shirt is a personification of the personal, everyday and festive, pure and white, immaculate. In their “shirts”, the students of the school conveyed warm greetings and gratitude to the soldiers standing at the border, preserving peace and tranquility in our region!
– Pupils of ZDO “Sonechko” with. Skibyn joined the flash mob “We are for peace and tranquility on Earth” and wish everyone a peaceful sky, peace and comfort in their homes .
– The team of ZDO “Golden Key” with the children of the senior group held an event where children read poems, made pigeons – peace, painted with chalk on the asphalt.
– A number of events were held at ZZSO №4 as part of the Day of Peace: conversations in the primary level, educational classes “We are for peace”, a reflection on “The word” peace ” in my understanding”, a competition of autumn compositions from natural material “Peace on the planet Land”.
– Students of Lytvynivsky ZZSO held a flash mob “We are for peace ” for the Day of Peace . To the question: “What is peace?”, The children had different answers. Peace is love, friendship, a world without war, peace. They came to a common conclusion – “Peace is the main value for everyone. To protect its ideals, to strengthen friendly relations between states, to work together to achieve world peace are the basic principles of modern man. ”
In ZZSO №5 . . . one of the interesting and urgent tasks for children was making a “Dove of Peace”in the technique of origami. At the end of the work, each student had the opportunity to give his dove to those whom they would like to congratulate on this day and wish good and peace – pleasant surprises were received by classmates, friends, parents, teachers. The youngest pupils of the “Flight of Fantasy” circle made paper doves with their own hands. The children really liked the work and they were satisfied with the result of their activities, and the 2nd grade students also took an active part in the All-Ukrainian educational campaign “Peace Dove”.


Educational complex “comprehensive school of I-III degree – kindergarten” – Zhyrychi.
On the occasion of the holiday, a thematic flash mob “We are for peace!” Was held in the educational complex.


In Pidlypetsk Secondary School of I-II grades. held a flash mob for the Day of Peace. In today’s world, peace is the greatest value and dream. After all, instability, fear and violence – not only frighten and destroy, but also do not allow countries, states, peoples to develop.

(Note: the following communities are claimed by the Ukraine, but have declared their independence as the Donetsk People’s Republic or the Lugansk People’s Republic.)


On the international day of peace in the city of Chervonopartizansk was held the action “Dove of Peace”, organized by GU DO LPR “Chervonopartisan Center for Children and Youth Creativity”, on the square named after Lenin, students of educational institutions gathered, holding a paper symbol of peace and goodness. Alexey Trinov, Deputy Head of the Department for Life Support of Chervonopartizansk, addressed the gathered residents: “Peace is very important for humanity, it allows us to develop the economy and statehood, raise children, and live in pleasure. But in a war, all this fades into the background, losing our humanity. We saw in 2014 what hostilities lead to, it is scary and destructive … Keep the peace and may our sky be clear and sunny ”. The same message was expressed by the ataman of the Chervonopartisan branch of the international Cossack association “The Great Brotherhood of Cossack Troops” Nikolai Kozharin:  . . . during the event, poems from the poetess Irina Lobanova and young Kira Ryabova, as well as a song from the exemplary vocal ensemble “Prestige” were performed. At the end of the action, schoolchildren holding balloons in the form of the colors of the LPR flag, simultaneously released them into the sky with white paper doves attached to them.


Every year on September 21, the public celebrates the International Day of Peace. Ukraine has long celebrated such holidays and the fact is that on this day it is forbidden to shoot. So, even this early morning from the side of the armed formations of Ukraine, a sniper shot was fired towards the village. Unfortunately, the situation along the contact line continues to escalate. The Minsk protocols, the “Normandy format”, the disengagement of forces and equipment – all these are just fine words. Convenient rhetoric for politicians, for which innocent residents of settlements along the contact line pay with their lives and health. Thus, Ukraine once again shows its unwillingness to resolve the military conflict in Donbass peacefully, it will do everything in order to destroy the infrastructure of Donbass as much as possible. The crimes of the Ukrainian military against civilians have no statute of limitations. When the UN Secretary General strikes the Peace Bell, think about the future of Ukraine and the need to moderate fervor, hide your ambitions and maximalism, and think about the main need and right of every person – the right to peace.


Every year on September 21, International Day of Peace is celebrated! On this day in the group “Strong” of kindergarten №14 “Stream” was held the action “Children for Peace on Earth!” Educators Glazkova Oksana Anatolyevna and Mezina Tatyana Konstantinovna told the children that the International Day of Peace is celebrated by people all over our vast planet, on all continents, in many countries. That the dove is the symbol of peace. Children watched a presentation under the motto “We are for peace, friendship on the whole planet.” Then they made paper doves, decorated the windows of the group with them and presented them to the kindergarten staff.

DONETSK – Medical University


The action “Dove of Peace”, dedicated to the Day of Peace, was held on the square near the Gorky Palace of Culture in the urban-type village of Krepensky with the support of the public movement “Peace in Luhansk”. The event was attended by schoolchildren, youth and residents of the village. “We, peaceful people, do not want wars! We, like no one else, know what peace is and how easily it collapses. I hope that you will keep the peace in our land, because the future of the Republic depends on you and me. We will all be to honor the memory of those who gave us peace “, – Victoria Tarasova, chief specialist of the Krepensky village life support department, addressed the action participants. As part of the action, its participants launched paper doves into the sky.


On September 21, on the International Day of Peace, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the DPR Daria Morozova acted as a speaker at a meeting with students of the scientific and educational program (NOP) of the LEGATUS Center for Youth Diplomacy. . . .The participants examined the problems of observing human and civil rights and freedoms in the DPR and other countries. This topic for discussion on the International Day of Peace was not chosen by chance, because it is the universal, unswerving observance of human and civil rights and freedoms that is the key to ending wars and armed confrontations on the planet. The meeting of the Ombudsman with the NOP students lasted over two hours, the conversation was emotional and productive.


Social activists of the Republic on the International Day of Peace honored the memory of the Lugansk people who died as a result of shelling from the Kiev security forces. The event was attended by representatives of the Public Chamber (CP) of the LPR and representatives of the public organization (PA) “Memorial”. The participants of the event honored the memory of the victims with a minute of silence, and then laid flowers at the memorial “We will not forget, we will not forgive”, installed at the site of the mass grave of residents of Lugansk. . . Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LPR, Chairman of the Special Commission for Recording and Collecting Evidence of Crimes of the Military-Political Leadership of Ukraine, Chairman of the Board of the NGO Memorial Anna Soroka noted with regret that, despite the existence of carefully spelled out international legislation aimed at preventing military conflicts, Donbass continues to “sound the weapon”. “We cannot just stand aside and look at what is happening here. Donbass, like no other land, now understands the price of all these calls, the price of all these acts, conventions and loud statements,” she said. Soroka recalled that the war in Donbass has been going on since 2014, while shelling from the Ukrainian Armed Forces does not stop even on Peace Day. “We demand that we be heard, we demand that our appeals and claims by all international instances are objectively studied and a fair assessment is given to them,” the deputy minister called on international organizations.

LUGANSK – State Pedagogical University

LUGANSK – Trade unions

LUGANSK – Youth council

LUGANSK – Youth library


On September 21, 2020, in honor of the international “Day of Peace”, the “Dove of Peace” campaign was held in the LPR state educational institution “Belianskaya.”   As part of the annual events of the international “Day of Peace”, our school held a prayer for peace, in which students from grades 1 to 10, the teaching staff and the rector of the Holy Dormition Church in the village of Yuryevka, Archpriest Father Pavel, took part. The symbol of peaceful intentions is a white dove with an olive branch, so the school students prepared doves, on which they wrote wishes and placed them on the image of the globe under the song of I. Dunaevsky “Fly the pigeons, fly.” School students rang the bell as a reminder to humanity that peace is a great value, and it is not enough to dream about it, to achieve it requires a lot and hard work.


The action “I am for Peace”, dedicated to the International Day of Peace, took place on the streets of Perevalsk. As part of the event, members of the Youth Council under the district administration handed out white balloons and paper figures of doves to passers-by, and also reminded about the history of the holiday and wished a peaceful sky. 


Rovenka nursery-kindergarten of the combined type “Rainbow” held an action dedicated to the Day of Peace, within which the teachers told the children about the history of the holiday, and the children drew a poster “Peace to the whole planet”, sang songs about peace, recited poems and took part in a drawing competition for asphalt “I paint the world”. Nursery-kindergarten of the combined type “Ladies” Rovenkov celebrated the Day of Peace with the holiday “Children for Peace on Earth!” The cat Leopold and Myshki came to visit the inmates of the institution, they listened to poems and songs performed by children. After that, the older children with their teachers went out to the alley of the city and handed out doves made of paper to passers-by.


International Day of Peace was celebrated in the Slavyanoserbsk region. On September 21, the activists of the Metalist primary branch of the OD “Peace to Lugansk” held an action “Fly, dove of peace, fly!” Congratulating the residents of the village on this good holiday, the organizers gave them white paper doves as a symbol of peace, prosperity and bright hopes. For residents of the front-line Slavyanoserbsk region, the word “Mir” has a special meaning. We stand for a peaceful, happy life without war and want our aspirations to be supported not only by the residents of the Republic, but also by all caring people who are not indifferent to the fate of Donbass, – said the activist of the “Young Guard” project. Activists distributed about 50 paper doves to passers-by.


An action timed to coincide with the International Day of Peace took place on the central square of Stakhanov. The event was attended by the head of the city administration Sergey Zhevlakov, deputy of the People’s Council of the LPR Svetlana Aleshina, member of the LPR Public Chamber Lyudmila Luganskaya, chairman of the city Council of veterans Yevgeny Shumeiko, representatives of the clergy, public and youth organizations, city residents.
During the action, students of Stakhanov’s schools and gymnasiums deployed on the square a 75-meter “Canvas of Peace” with images of pigeons, the globe, the sun, flowers and the paraphernalia of Victory Day. “To our deepest regret, a war has been going on on our territory for six years, which the Ukrainian leadership has unleashed. During this period, 21 civilians of the cities of Stakhanov, Irmino and Almaznaya, including children, were killed, almost 60 were wounded. I really want to believe that someday on our territory, as before, it will be quiet and calm, and instead of cannon fire of guns, explosions of shells, we will hear carefree children’s laughter. We know the value of peace, and I sincerely wish peace on our land to come as quickly as possible, ” said Zhevlakov. Amateur artists from the city Palace of Culture named after Maxim Gorky presented the participants of the action a choreographic performance “Let there always be sunshine!” At the end of the event, schoolchildren released balloons into the sky – a symbol of peace, freedom and goodness.


Day of Peace. On September 22, the librarians of the library-branch # 6 for children visited the 3rd – B class of the Municipal Educational Institution “School # 11 in Torez.” The library staff told not only about the history of this date, but also reminded about the importance of maintaining order and harmony on the planet. The kids watched a video on the topic of the lesson. At the end of the event, under the guidance of a librarian, the students made the symbol of peace – blue doves, using the origami technique.


Students of the 21st group of the specialty “Construction and operation of buildings and structures” took part in the celebration of the Day of Peace, organized by the Department of Youth and Sports of the Yasinovataya city administration. The children told the schoolchildren about the history of the holiday, the tradition of the celebration and about the dove as a symbol of peace.