Culture of Peace in Guinea: Journalists Equipped with a ‘Common Ground Approach’ for Managing Rumors During Election Periods


An article by Adama Hawa Bah in Guinee 360 (translation by CPNN)

On the initiative of the international NGO Search for Common Ground, ten journalists from the written press and online media benefited from training on the roles and behaviors that journalists should adopt during elections: conflict-sensitive journalism, rumor management and the “Common Ground approach ”.

This USAID-funded project is part of the ” Electoral Capacity Building, Orderly Standards and Democratic Responsibilities” executed by Search for Common Ground with the theme ”the Common Ground Approach, the Journalist’s Role in election period and rumor management.”. The meeting served to remind media workers of their responsibilities before, during and after the elections.

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“We know that the press plays a crucial role in the elections. We decided to talk to the media to remind them of their responsibilities in the conduct of his elections so that they do their job in a professional and responsible manner,” explained Fanta Conté, program manager at Search for Common Ground.

“We hope that these two days of work (25 and 26 August) will allow journalists to play their roles and do their work in a professional manner during this election period. After this workshop, we will establish a partnership with the participating bodies. They will produce articles on the electoral process but also on the promotion of peace because, it is important to educate citizens and to get people to understand how to participate in an election. … ”

Siba Guilavogui represented the editorial staff of the site at this workshop. He was especially impressed by the quality of the modules provided by the trainers.

“I am very pleased with the quality of this workshop. The topics discussed were interesting. The presidential election will take place soon in our country and it is often peppered with violence. So as a man of the media, I have to know how to identify the right information to publish, to know how to give information that is in the sense of advocating peace instead of contributing to violence. ”

Nowadays, many people call themselves journalists without knowing the ethics and professional conduct of the profession, regrets Mantenin Sacko, a reporter who received the training. “I would like to thank the organizers for this great initiative, which has increased our knowledge of the journalistic profession. This training allowed us to learn much more about the social responsibility of journalists, and the behavior they should adopt during an election period. It also allowed us to understand a lot of things about life in society through practical exercises. It made a big impression on me,” she said.