International Alert Programme on Women, Peace and Security in Nigeria


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In 2000, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1325, which stressed the importance of the equal participation and full involvement of women in all efforts to maintain and promote peace and security. This resolution, with its four pillars of prevention, participation, protection, and peacebuilding and recovery, has become the focal point for galvanizing worldwide efforts to deal with the many challenges that women face in situations of conflict.

International Alert is implementing a programme on Women, Peace and Security in Nigeria, to support the federal government’s commitments to localising the broad goal of gender-inclusive and sustainable peace. Alert will support the Ministries of Women Affairs to develop action plans to support engagement with legislative, security and judicial actors to facilitate strategic policy-making that accounts for gender dynamics in dealing with conflict issues.

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Can the women of Africa lead the continent to peace?

UN Resolution 1325, does it make a difference?

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Alert will also identify, enable and support a network of women mediators who will take tangible action on peace and security issues; amplify messaging that promotes women’s participation and leadership in decision-making on peace and security; and identify male champions to influence social behaviour change towards women’s participation in peace and security mechanisms.

This will help to increase women’s effective participation in peace and security processes, peace negotiations, and conflict prevention and resolution. It will also help improve public perception on the role of women in peace and security, at all levels.

This project is currently implemented in Bauchi, Ningi, Tafawa Balewa and Itas Gadau Local Government Areas of Bauchi and Gwer West, Guma, Logo and Agatu Local Government Areas of Benue State, respectively.

The project run from July 2019 to November 2020.