PAYNCoP Gabon Works with UNESCO to Combat Covid19 Fake News and Violence Against Women


sent to CPNN by Jerry Bibang

As part of the celebration of World Press Freedom Day (03 May), PAYNCoP Gabon took part, on 04 and 05 May 2020, in two video conferences, organized by the UNESCO Office in Libreville.

The first conference, which brought together about twenty youth organizations, focused on Media and Information Education (MIE) in order to combat the spread of fake news, particularly in connection with Covid 19.

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The meeting enabled the young association leaders from Gabon, including those from PAYNCoP Gabon, to strengthen their capacities in the techniques of detecting and verifying false information (fact-checking). Their rich discussions helped identify actions to be implemented jointly as part of the fight against Covid19, including an online awareness campaign.

The second conference, with journalists from public and private media, focused on dealing with violence against women and the safety of journalists. It was a question of seeing, among other things, how to deal with issues of violence against women, while respecting the rules of professional ethics and deontology as well as social and cultural realities in the Gabonese context. A pedagogical guide, published by UNESCO, entitled “Informing on violence against women and girls” as well as numerous oher contributions formed the framework of the exchanges.

On the sidelines of this meeting, the participating journalists discussed the need to set up a self-regulatory platform for information and communication professionals in order to to improve the practice of journalism in Gabon.