USA: Patriots for Peace fighting the good fight


An article by Tim Mosier from the Estes Park Trail

Members of the Estes Park Patriots for Peace stood tall on the corner of Elkhorn Ave and Virginia Dr Wednesday afternoon promoting peace in the community and around the globe.

Many Estes Park residents are probably familiar with these warriors for peace and have become accustomed to seeing them in their spot just outside of Bond Park each and every Wednesday.. . .

Members of the Estes Park Patriots for Peace stand just outside of Bond Park on the corner of Elkhorn Ave and Virginia Dr. From left to right: Robert Burkhardt, Betsy Bayer, Linda Bensey, and Robert Johnson.

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Question for this article:

How can we be sure to get news about peace demonstrations?

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President of the organization, Linda Bensey, said the group has been occupying that corner in downtown Estes Park every Wednesday from noon to 12:30.  The dedication of the group members is strong and community members will see at least Patriot each and every week, no matter the weather.

They have not missed a Wednesday since the group was founded in 2003.
The Patriots for Peace describe themselves as a transpartisan, inclusive organization whose mission includes promoting a culture of peace at all levels of society.  They meet once a month and encourage the community to stop by.

Keep an eye on the Trail-Gazette for more information on meetings and events planned by the organization