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In mid-December this year, I will be traveling to Nanjing, China for the third time in less than two years. The alliance between our organization and the two Peace Institutes in that City of Peace (our 169th and the first in China) are growing stronger. The mission for this trip is to determine criteria for more Cities of Peace in Southeast Asia. The trip is being funded by the UNESCO Chair on Peace Studies and the Memorial Hall for Victims of the Nanjing Massacre.

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December 20

REPORT #3 FROM CHINA. Kids and families! People are the same everywhere! Life went on as usual in Nanjing while I was awash in interviews focusing on the rising peace movement in China. CCTV with a billion viewers, Nanjing local TV with 10 million audience, Jaingsu Province TV with hundreds of millions highlighted peace messages, culminating in the Peace Commemoration which reached the entire Chinese population.

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Questions for this article:

How can culture of peace be developed at the municipal level?

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The photos of people in this Report are wonderful but the VIDEO LINKED AT THE END OF THIS POSTING is the first in a series of NANJING DIALOGUES FOR PEACE, where I was hosted by UNESCO Peace Chair, Professor Liu Cheng. The video is long, over 45 minutes but it focuses on International Cities of Peace as a platform for peace studies and global change. The attention to peace in China is made possible by the growth and global energy of our network — due to you, the individual City leaders, groups, and friends around the world. Thanks to everyone! Onward and upward. Here is the Dialogue link:

 December 17

FIRST REPORT FROM CHINA: Every person involved with International Cities of Peace (Leaders, the Board, U.N. Reps, donors, organizers, partners, etc.) can be heartened this morning. In substantial part due to our City of Peace efforts — our Chinese partners have truly told me — Nanjing and China itself is making a huge transition. From a focus on mourning the victims of war (which is an honorable action), they are investing in actions focused on peace building and promotions that will shape behaviors that emphasize peace now and into the future. In Nanjing, I saw it with my own eyes. Deep challenges, yes, but transitions are evident. I will tell more as the week goes on. Thanks to all. This is important work we all share. I photographed these billboards around Nanjing. Peace is everywhere for all to see and inspire. Amazing to be honored for our work.