Despite destabilizing actions Venezuela lives a peaceful Christmas


An article from Prensa Latina

Despite the US blockade and hostile measures, and destabilizing actions by the Venezuelan opposition, the Government of President Nicolas Maduro fulfills its commitment to guarantee for the nation a peaceful and stable year end.

The Government has deployed police force throughout the country to guarantee law and order, supplied basic foodstuff for Christmas and decorated squares and parks.

Undoubtedly, one action that foreigners and nationals appreciate alike is the Beautiful Venezuela Program to embellish cities. Hundreds of public squares, streets, highways have been repaired and decorated, as well as public lighting restored.

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What is really happening in Venezuela?

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Those programs are an answer to plans by the extreme right to destroy the country through an escalation of violence to disturb peace and calm of the Venezuelan people, leaders and officials have said.

At the same time, other programs are being implemented like New Neighborhood, Tricolor Neighborhood, Culture Mission which are being supported by local governments.

Last week, President Maduro wrote in Twitter that ‘Christmas time is beautiful, full of glow and happiness for our people.
The cities are illuminated, colorful and beautiful with all the splendor of our traditions.’

He also highlighted the Venezuelan people deserved to celebrate Christmas in peace, following a hard year of economic war waged by Washington and political instability due to violent actions by the extreme right.

[Editor’s note: Another article in Prensa Latina, Venezuelan Armed Forces ready to defend national peace, points to the essential role of the military in defending against US intervention. This was not the case in Bolivia recently where President Morales was ousted in a military coup.]