Europe: International Day of Peace


A survey by CPNN

We list here 144 actions in 21 European countries that were listed in Google during the week of September 21-28 under the key words “International Day of Peace”, “Journée Internationale de la Paix”, “Dia Internacional de Paz”, “Dia Internacional da Paz” and “”Internationaler Tag des Friedens” or were listed on the websites of International Cities of Peace Facebook and UN event map for the International Day of Peace.

In addition to these, over 300 actions are listed on the maps of One Day One Choir and Montessori schools singing for peace, but there is no indication which took place this year and which took place only in previous years.

No doubt there were also many actios listed on the Internet in the various national languages in Europe other than those for which we searched.

Many cities and towns in France, like Nevers in this photo, were mobilized by Mouvement de la Paix.

Here are excerpts from articles about the actions, many of them translated by CPNN:


Statement by High Representative / Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the occasion of the International Day of Peace (translation from French by CPNN)
“On this International Day of Peace, the European Union reaffirms its commitment to peace and security, human rights and sustainable development for all, international cooperation and the rule-based international order, of which the United Nations is the pillar. Lasting peace has always been and will remain at the heart of the European Union’s external action, as reaffirmed in the Global Strategy. Around the world, the EU participates in prevention, peacebuilding, conflict and crisis resolution and stabilization through regional and international partnerships. . . . This year, the International Day of Peace focuses on the fight against climate change as an essential component of the protection and promotion of peace around the world. For more than a decade, the EU has been working to raise awareness and address the interdependence of climate, peace and security. Today, as young people around the world mobilize to save our planet, it is more urgent than ever to take action.” 


2019 Statement on the occasion of the International Day of Peace by the Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies
“We do not need to reach far back in terms of time or evocative power to recall the reasons which led to the European Union being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The constant effort on the part of the European Union for Peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights, was and still is a distinctive feature of the community of European peoples.. . .
On the occasion of the Day of Peace, CALRE considers it fundamental to reiterate the following points:
1. A peace-making process, from a social policy standpoint, should focus on the men and women who constitute the many European communities . . .
2. A new approach to social cohesion to which the European Union is called upon to contribute, in the same spirit with which its strength was acknowledged as an instrument for Peace in the continent and worldwide. Most importantly, this is a grass-roots commitment: it starts from those associations, organisations and movements which at the same time accept, condensate and express – by amplifying it on the public political arena – the resonance of the democratic spirit which underlies European cooperation.
3. A sign of global civilization that the need for European communities to become bearers of a message of peace becomes clear, a message which needs to focus on human beings as citizens and as a sign of Peace. Peace not just among peoples, but rather as a more deeply rooted, more direct peace: a peace of European citizens who actively contribute to safeguarding democracy, human rights and social welfare.
4. This community spirit should remain alive among the peoples of Europe, in order to promote the legacy of the founding fathers of our Union, to reap the fruits of the efforts made in the final years of the last century after conflicts which ravaged the continent; it should be aware of the need to work together for social and economic stability in Europe, thus offering our children a Continent which enhances merit, gives value to cooperation and integration, fosters the global relevance of civil societies. Our Europe needs to be a living instrument of Peace, safeguarding and giving dignity to Peoples and Communities in Europe an internationally: a Peaceful Europe which leaves nobody behind.


We want to march on the city street.


SINNREICH DOME OF PEACE – PEACE CRANE PROJECT . According to De Es, Austrian artist and visionary, the Peace Dome is a house of inspiration, in the service of the realisation of the dreams of humanity: WORLDUNITY, WORLDPEACE and WORLDCULTURE. The DOME OF PEACE shall point the direction to a humane and dignified future, everywhere on our planet.


For the third time, we are proposing to Belgian cities and municipalities to join our campaign around 21 September, the international day of peace decreed by the UN to “promote the ideals of peace”. We propose to the cities and municipalities of Belgium to float the flag of peace on the official buildings. Last year, the campaign focused on the topic of nuclear weapons, with a view to supporting and strengthening the nascent process within the United Nations. The 2018 campaign was a real success! This is a campaign of the National Coordination of Action for Peace and Democracy (CNAPD) and Vrede vzw. (Click on link for video)


Chanting Love Peace and Harmony which is a special song with a very powerful frequency and message, we will play in different places in the city, a celebration with music and drums.


During the World Clean up day, should nuclear bombs also being cleaned up from the streets with the other dusts? Cleaning operation of the streets between the roundabout called “Montgomery” to the arch of Victory…


“The toughest battle today is against hatred and denial that have inhabited our souls,” Vice President Iliana Yotova said at a solemn celebration a day before the International Day of Peace at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier in Sofia. The traditional celebration has been organized by the Union of War Veterans of Bulgaria, the United Nations Society in Bulgaria, in association with community, patriotic and youth organizations.


The Global Peace Summit Cyprus – 2019 – Saturday 21st September 2019 – Yoga & Meditation. Opening with Surya Namaskar, Salute to the Sun. We are honouring the Earth and the Sun, Creating a Clearing and Declaring Global Peace and Declaring Cyprus as The Centre Peace. (This is a free event) Venue: Nicosia Cyprus, Ledra Palace Buffer Zone


The fight against climate change also involves nuclear disarmament
Eight organizations (see below) launch an appeal for the International Day of Peace, celebrated each year on September 21.
“. . . The goal of eliminating nuclear weapons is therefore inseparable from climate ambition. It would therefore be essential for the future Citizen’s Convention for the climate to be able to discuss it. It would be useful for his reflection to focus on the 37 billion euros devoted to the modernization of nuclear weapons in the current military programming law, which could be useful for financing the major investments that a policy to combat global warming will require. The Convention should also propose that France signal its determination to put an end to the arms race and to relaunch the multilateral process of nuclear disarmament, including by supporting the Nuclear Weapons Treaty already signed by many countries in the world. In the short term, the events organized as part of the International Day of Peace should make it one of their priority themes.”
The signatories
Abolition of Nuclear Weapons – House of Vigilance,
Green Cross France and Territories,
ICAN France,
IDN – Intiatives for Nuclear Disarmament,
Mouvement de la Paix,
Movement for a Non-violent Alternative,
Pax Christi France,
Pugwash France.


The Mouvement de la Paix is pleased to invite you on Peace Day, Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 10:30 to the Garden of the association ELLSA, for the planting of a tree of peace.


March for the climate and peace 21 September at 14:30 at Place Lorraine, the tree of Laïcité. We will march to the Place de la Paix, arriving around 17:30


Peace and education, for the International Day of Peace. Organized by the County Council of Val-de-Marne, this day is meant to be festive and cultural to discuss, exchange and understand how education promotes the construction of societies in peace. This friendly event is intended to build relationships and the emergence of peaceful, sustainable and virtuous societies for citizens of the world who are supportive and responsible.


Animations and Peace Exhibition. A mandala made of plants, musical entertainment and a group exhibition are on the agenda this year in Bandol for the International Day of Peace.


March for peace. Meet at Place du 8 Septembre in Besançon, 10h30 as part of the International Day of Peace, at the call of the Mouvement de la Paix and partner organizations.


The pacifist collective of Biterrois had become accustomed since 2014 to participate in the International Day of Peace which traditionally takes place on September 21st or in the days to come. There is a problem this year. In Béziers there is the departmental festival of railway workers of the CGT which is held in the premises of the works council of the SNCF. An exchange with the leaders of this union led us to change what we can do that day.
It was agreed that we would have a booth in the party space. We hope that this question of peace, which becomes crucial in the context of the international crisis we are going through, will be taken into account in the speech which is programmed by the CGT. . . We wish the CGT railwaymen’s festival every success, hoping that the action for peace and disarmament, values ​​that have always taken place in the history of trade unionism, will be taken into account this Saturday, September 21st in the part of this day of struggle.


Exhibition of paintings, photos, sculptures and poems in the town hall of Blois from 12 to 30 September with a vernissage on Friday 20 to 18h. 500 leaflets announcing the peace march will be distributed at a very popular market on the morning of the 21st. In the afternoon, there will be initiative in the streets of Blois with organizations and participants. On September 29th, 37th Peace March in Blois. We expect between 350 and 500 participants.


March for peace and climate in Bordeaux, at the call of the Mouvement de la Paix Gironde and the call of the hundred Gironde, for the Climate of Peace – stop the wars, stop the violence and misery. Let us march together, with our banners and our flags, September 21, 2019 in Bordeaux: Rdv at 3 PM Parvis of Human Rights.


On Saturday 21 September, as we do every year, we will meet at the foot of the tree of peace in Boulogne-sur-Mer to denounce the persisting threats to peace with the ever-increasing production of weapons.


A day of action is planned on 21 September as part of a collective “United for the climate” on which we have worked for a year and which is under the responsibility of Nature. At the eco-district Baudens in Bourges.
10h Village associations and animations
11h March in the city with 2 speeches: Nature 18 and the Mouvement de la Paix
12h30 Picnic
15h Velorution (bicycle-revolution)


In Brest, march for peace and climate on Saturday, September 21st: meet at 11 am Place de la Liberté, in front of the war memorial.


For the International Day of Peace, the Corrèze Committee of the Peace Movement calls on all pacifists to take part in the Climate and Biodiversity march on September 21st at 11:00 am, in front of the Brive la Gaillarde Town Hall. This participation is all the more judicious because the International Day of Peace of 21 September was placed in 2019 under the theme “climate action for peace. ”


Rally for Peace and Climate, on Saturday 21st September at 10.30am in front of Cahors City Hall at the call of CGT 46, Peace Movement Lot Committee, Cahors Mundi, Friends of Huma, Snuipp / FSU46, ETM46, PCF46 and FreeThought46.


Rally for peace and climate. The local committee of the Mouvement de la Paix is organizing a rally on September 21st, 2019, starting at 2 pm in front of the Richelieu Park in Calais.


March for peace and climate. Meeting in Carcassonne, on September 21st at 2pm, at the Portail des Jacobins.


At 11:00 the tree of peace will be planted in Carrières, at the Chateau éphémère. A panel will be made by youth of ALJ and planted at the foot of the tree. The Castle Vanderbilt Castle will be open as part of Heritage Day, so you can visit it. At 12.45 pm: Meet at the Poissy station to join the Paris demonstration 19h: Concert for peace and non-violence at the Alsace complex of Carrières-sous-Poissy


Peace March, and other events. The city holds a booth at the Fête d’un Jour, a event organized by the Montargoise grouping of towns of which Chalette is a member: all the activities that it organizes throughout the day will be related to the issues of peace.


Friday, September 20, 14h, Chambéry: March of the young (and not so young) for the climate. Meet at Palais de Justice. We will be there with our placards and information on the vital role of the armed forces on the degradation of the environment; and the role of climate change in worsening poverty and triggering conflict.
Saturday, September 21, 10am, Place des Elephants, Chambery: Lunch in peace, for a climate of peace. At the call of 23 associations. Bring a drink or pastry and ideas to share together!


The Baha’is of Chambery – Chapareillan celebrate this Saturday, September 21, the International Day of Peace in Barraux in a rural setting.
Program of the day: 11h30 Welcome! 12:30 Achievement of a peace star holding us by the hand. The star will be photographed by a drone and filmed 13:00 Picnic shared Everyone brings food, cutlery, glasses and drinks Think of chairs, cushions, blankets … 14:00 Festive afternoon! Musics, tales, wooden games, speaking circles, peace dances, oases of peace and other festive and convivial animations! Dress code: top light or white if possible.


Rally for peace. On the English Channel, gathering at 17h near the olive tree of Equeurdreville


Another look at immigration As part of the UN’s International Day of Peace, the City’s Public Relations and International Life service invites you to a friendly and supportive evening about immigration and its challenges. Friday, September 20Th • 6.30pm: welcome drink accompanied by an African fashion show, by UFAAC and the association of Tringa natives in France. “Portraits of migrants” photo exhibition, deNour Le Gourmand. • 19h30: Screening of the documentary “Migrants à Calais” by Jocelyne Sarian. Testimonies of men and women in humanitarian emergency.


Two groups are at work this Saturday to organize the International Day of Peace, initiated by the United Nations (UN): the collective Citizens for the climate and the group 21 September International Day of Peace. “Talks are planned, says one of the organizers, Claudie Lecuyer, but also a race to waste, which will consist of picking up waste at Monk’s Park. We will also put small white cards at your disposal, so that everyone can speak about peace and climate, the theme retained by the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, for this day. Meet on Saturday, at 3:30 pm, near the olive trees of Parc de Moine, along the boulevard Delhumeau-Plessis in Cholet.


This year, the Mouvement de la Paix Dijon committee is organizing a Peace March, as well as a Peace Festival, as part of the Peace Fortnight with the Longvic Town Council.


“The bomb and us.” Film at the Cinéma L’Imaginaire, at 19:00, in the presence of Daniel Hofnung, member of ATTAC. In the first part the animated film The Part of the Bomb of P. Elusse With the participation of: Philippe Elusse Producer of the film and Director of Human Resources and Jean-Claude TOLLET President of the Valenciennois Committee of Mouvement de la Paix


This Saturday morning, about two hundred demonstrators marched in the city center of Dunkirk for the defense of climate and peace in the world. Leaving Place Jean-Bart, they joined at 12 o’clock the square of the Rights-of-the-Man, the urban community of Dunkirk. In the parade this Saturday morning in the streets of Dunkirk, there were activists associations and trade unions, but also residents and some children. The movement took place as part of the International Day of Peace, held annually around the world. Jean-Marc, a 69-year-old from Dunkirk and member of the Greens and Non-Violent Group, said: “The goal is to push our government to take concrete action for nuclear disarmament.”


Sunday, September 22, aperitif of Peace in Epinal (88), from 11:30 to 12:30, Place des Vosges.


Rally and exhibition for the International Day of Peace. Display of the exhibition “Without women no peace” at the gates of the town hall of Foix. Rally at 10 am at the monument of the Resistance on Villote, Foix. Speech by the Mouvement de la Paix. Procession to the prefecture and delivery of the departmental text. 10:45 return to Villote for possible participation in the circle against the death penalty (ACAT initiative) until 11:30.


On September 18, in preparation for the International Day of Peace, children from the Gennevilliers Recreation Centers send messages of peace to children around the world.


Peace March. Departure: at 10 am at Place St Bruno Park in Grenoble. Place de Lavalette, in front of the new Grenoble museum. We will be welcomed by the choir “Barricade”, accompanied by brass. We now invite all friends of peace to reserve this moment to express very clearly their great desire for a peace policy in our country.


Sculpture of the Peace Tree and Peace Square. At 18h, place of the Water Tower next to the RER La Courneuve Aubervilliers, inauguration of the sculpture of the “Tree of Peace” and the square of peace.


For the International Day of Peace 2019, the municipality is organizing a time of celebration and reflection . . . Rendez-Vous Friday September 20!
Inauguration at 6 pm of the peace tree, directed by Jaidess Nöuss and the square of Peace place Château d’Eau, then debate at 6:30 pm at the House of Citizenship (33 av Gabriel-Péri) on the nuclear disarmament and the development of a culture of peace with Corinne Cadays-Delhome, Deputy Mayor of La Courneuve in charge of International Cooperation and Peace, Philippe Rio, Mayor of Grigny and President of the French Association of Municipalities , Departments and Regions for Peace / Mayors for Peace France and Jean-Marie Collin, spokesperson for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).


In La Rochelle, a march for peace will leave the Plage de la Concurrence.. Meeting at 2.30 pm


March for Climate and Peace (#Climatestrike) In La Rochelle
Saturday, September 21, 2:30 PM
Join the youth on the street and leave your homes, your work, with millions of us on the occasion of the global strike for the most important climate to date. On 21 September 2019, the national day of mobilization of the Climate Movement will also be the International Day for Peace. On this occasion, the local group Greenpeace La Rochelle will join the procession by combining these two closely related themes, bearing loud and clear the values ​​of Greenpeace, a pacifist and non-violent organization. Our house burns. Invite your colleagues, friends, family, club members and people in your neighborhood. We need everyone.


Saturday, September 21: Rally and march for peace and climate. In Lannion, the event will leave at 11am from the Town Hall. Sunday, September 29 Citizen Village for climate and peace: from 10h to 18h Espace Saint Anne


As part of the World Day for Peace, Saturday, September 21, a rally will be held in front of the town hall of Lannion at 11am. It will be followed by a march to the Place des Droits de l’Homme. On the themes peace and nuclear disarmament, climate emergency and social justice, an initiative supported at the local level by the Mouvement de la Paix, Sortir du nucléaire, AFPS-Trégor, the CGT, FSU and Solidaires trade unions, the PCF, EELV and Terre des hommes …


Peace Festival. The Collective for Peace brings together representatives of organizations and people working in Le Creusot to inform the population about the ongoing conflicts in the world, to help the populations victims of armed violence, to support the pacifists of the countries at war, to promote the initiatives taken in favor of peace, and a real effectiveness of the UN, Demand disarmament nuclear and weapons of mass destruction.


In Le Creusot as in other cities in France and around the world, events are organized for the International Day of Peace. Despite the stakes, too few people have made an appointment Saturday afternoon on the forecourt of the City Hall. This year, the slogan “Climate Action, Action for Peace” makes sense. It highlights the importance of tackling climate change as a means to protect and promote peace in the world. Climate change is a clear threat to peace and international security. Growing tensions around resources and massive population movements affect every country on every continent. This was emphasized by the representatives of the “Collective for Peace” and the “Movement for a Non-Violent Alternative”, but also David Marti, Mayor of Le Creusot, during their speeches. . . .
The March for Peace led the sympathizers accompanied by the zumba group Cé MA Passion from the town hall, to Schneider Place, to the Château de la Verrerie and ended on the Esplanade de l’Arc via the Parc de la Verrerie and rue Leclerc. At the five scheduled stops, speeches about people who gave everything for peace were delivered. Then to the Alto to discover an exhibition and books before attending the film and the conference on the International Peace Brigades presented by Brigitte Chambolle, animator at IPB. The day ended with music by a concert of the Musicalium association.


March for peace. International Day of Peace Saturday, 21 September 2019 Town Hall Square 16 hours Nuclear weapons are illegal, dangerous (they can even lead to the destruction of humanity), expensive, militarily useless (they do not prevent attacks) neither wars) and ethically inadmissible. France must ratify the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty, halt its modernization programs and immediately allocate the billions thus saved to meeting the needs of all sectors of society.


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace and the European Heritage Days: The choir Les Vives Voix sing their desire for peace at Carrières de Montigny: Free entrance. “Desire for Peace is a concert staged with the participation of the public, with a program of excerpts from operas by Mozart and Verdi, singers of the Great War, unpublished songs of peace of the composer Stéphane Leach on texts of Pierre Champion. The choir Les Vives Voix unites youth with autism or suffering from invasive development disorders and people with disabilities.


The UN’s International Day of Peace, 21 September, is a unique setting to celebrate the values ​​of the culture of peace and non-violence. In this context, the Collective Sails of Peace coordinated by the Mouvement de la Paix and the CMCAS Marseille invites you to participate in the Sails of Peace in the Mediterranean 2019, which will evolve in the bay of Marseille on September 21st. . . .This year again, the cartoonist Babouse has dedicated a poster and Christina Rosmini, actress, dancer, musician and French author born in Marseille will be their godmother. 11h00: Departure to Estaque aboard the peace boats or by the maritime shuttle.


Regatta of peace and other events. The city will be decked with rainbow flags the week before and after September 21. On Wednesday Sept. 18, report by the young people who participated in the Geneva March and brought the Letter to Palestine. On the 20th, Motion to the City Council read by the delegate for Culture of Peace. Sept. 21, Day of Associations on the theme of Peace. 22 Sept., Regatta of Peace on Berre pond. Animation at the market all the morning on the Belgian esplanade.


March for Peace, Social Justice and Climate and other events. To take part in the International Day of Peace along with initiatives for the climate, we selected: Planting of pansy flowers in the form of a dove in 3 communes (Montmélian, Coise Saint Jean-Pied-Gautier, Châteauneuf) with children from 5 primary schools. Walking in the streets of Montmélian: Departure Gardens Höchst (opposite the Espace François Mitterrand) at 18h with signs, slogans, sound, songs on the theme “Peace, climate change, emergency” At 19h: speeches of the Mouvement de la Paix and the municipality, animations and drinks offered by the town hall.


Established since 2002, the International Day of Peace was celebrated this Saturday, September 21st. The Morbihan peace movement, chaired by Joel Bouglouan, gathered and invited every citizen who wanted to come and celebrate this day at the square of peace. Speeches and songs of the Worker’s Memory choir as well as the intervention of Said Awad, a Gazan lawyer and president of the Palestinian Association for the Protection of the Land and the People, with Ibrahim, his son, who translated his testimony. It was on the idea of ​​a mini-conference that everyone could reflect on my way of achieving peace. Following the various speeches, a march was organized bringing together two issues, peace and climate, that are strongly linked.


March for peace and climate. In Moulins, the march will start from the Place de la Liberté. A great symbol !


The Mouvement de la Paix South 54 invites you to a march and a rally in Tomblaine (Commune bordering Nancy): departure at 10:00 from the Rond-Point 2000 (800 m to 1 km maximum)


The departmental section of the Mouvement de la Paix is taking part in a march on Saturday, September 21st, in Nevers, on the occasion of the International Day of Peace. We will march from the Place de la Résistance at 4 pm to the Jean-Jaurès Cultural Center. along with our partners in Europe Ecology Greens, the CGT, the French Communist Party, the League of Human Rights, the FSU, the Mrap, the network Out of the nuclear and the Association for the foundation of the memory of the Deportation.


March for Peace and Climate. Saturday, September 21, 2019, at 15h, in Nice (Place Garibaldi). This march is organized, in partnership with various local associations, by the Collective “Citizens for the Climate” of Nice and the Mouvement de la Paix of the Maritime Alps within the framework of the International Day of Peace. On the course of the March, there will be a joint action with the “World Clean Up Day”. At the end, the March will return to Garibaldi Square where the Village of Alternatives will be installed.


A great march for peace and climate, in Paris on September 21, 2019. Attention, change of venue: Meet at 1 pm Place Edmond Rostand (RER Luxembourg). Pacifists will meet at the corner of rue Soufflot and Bd St-Michel with banners and flags.


Le Mouvement pour la Paix will join the March for the Climate at 10am at the Prefecture of Périgueux.


Many events for the International Day of Peace are planned at Poët-Laval between 21 and 28 September 2019. With the presence of Paul Quilès, former minister. On September 21 the events include a grand picnic at 12:30, exhibition of children’s art from 14:00 to 16:00, followed by the exhibiion “faces of peace” proposed by the Mouvement de la Paix.


In Poissy, rally organized by the municipality, Friday 20 at the Garden of the Olive Tree.


Meal of Peace at Pont de Beauvoisin, September 21, at 19h. Social Center The Salamanders. On the program: Let’s sing peace!


Rally for the International Day of Peace. Demonstration at 2 pm at the Esplanade of Mount Frugy, Place de la Resistance, this 21st of September. Committee of Mouvement de la Paix.


March for peace and climate. In Redon, the demonstration will leave the town hall at 11am on 21 September.


The march for peace and climate will start from the Place Charles de Gaulle facing the Champs-Elysées, Rennes. The march will be followed by a debate on “Peace, climate and struggles for social justice and human rights” the same day at the Maison des Associations.


The Rochecolombe Committee (26 – Drôme) of the Peace Movement will march on Saturday, September 21, 2019. This is a small walk of about 2:00 – 2:30 around La Répara-Auriples. Departure 14h30 place of the church in the hamlet of Lombards.


Peace Festival. Many events on September 21st for this holiday of peace, including exhibits, celtic dancing, conservatory music, presentation of project “cranes of peace, speeh by the mayor of St Denis, Flamenco dancing and dances by the group “street corner.”


Saturday night, Patrick Vinatier, president of the association Monument for Peace in Sainte-Lizaigne, and his team organized a nice free musical meeting in the Romanesque church.
For its second animation scheduled for the International Day of Peace, this young association, created last year, proposed a concert given by local talent in a church almost filled. The singer Paquita, from Villiers-les-Roses, and her orchestra performed, in the first part, nearly a dozen major French song titles. Then, under the direction of Sylvine Smith, it is the very young Choir with choir of Sainte-Lizaigne who took over with a dozen songs. Already long applauded, the two formations then interpreted together a very beautiful and moving La Montagne, by Jean Ferrat. At the end of the evening funds were raised for the benefit of the school group Sunflowers to thank the students who regularly participate in the life of the town.


Meeting and debate with Daniel Hubé: “War hurts the earth.”

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In Saint-Malo, the march for peace and climate will leave from Porte Saint-Vincent.


The Swallows of Kabul, a wonderful film, to see urgently. In space 1789 on September 23 at 8:30 pm


The planting of the tree of peace will take place on Friday, September 20th at 3 pm in the park of Sainte Tulle. On September 21st, we will put the flag of peace on our windows. On September 28, we will be at the market, to continue to sign the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty. This week, we also hope that we will be able to participate in the march against climate change, which is very much linked to the issue of peace. The Manosque Committee of the Mouvement de la Paix


For the Loiret: Planting a tree for PEACE Thursday, September 19 at 11:30 at SARAN with the children of the out-of-school daycare. September 21 at 16:30: Screening of the movie “The bomb and us” at the Marcel Pagnol Leisure Center.


Together let’s cultivate peace. Many initiatives in Seine Saint Denis, around the International Day of Peace, are organized by the network 93 for Peace in which participate the Mouvement de la Paix and “Teachers for Peace” !


For the third consecutive year, a march was held in Sens as part of the International Day of Peace. This Saturday, September 21, 2019, about sixty people gathered on the Place des Champs-Plaisants for speeches, before a walk in the neighborhood. Many groups, associations, political parties, unions were represented in the ranks of the procession, initiated by the Mouvement de la Paix and the collective of Senegalese support for refugees and migrants. “This year, the action for peace is linked to action for the climate,” said Jean-François Nichele, a member of the two organizing groups. “The scarcity of resources, drought, the evaporation of water, the decline in productivity of fertile lands causes migration that can lead to conflicts between communities, or even between countries.” Among the demands made by the protesters,” the end of the nuclear arms race “,” the lack of means granted to the United Nations in comparison to military spending ” and ” better care for refugee children and better access to public services “.


Rally against war and violence. Stop the war – Stop all the violence. Great gathering Place Kleber, Friday 20 at 18h, at the call of the Mouvement de la Paix. Another meeting Saturday 21 at 14h, Place de la République.


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, September 21, Cartooning for Peace wanted to celebrate the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through an exhibition in Strasbourg. The opportunity for the cartoonist Hani Abbas to highlight the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in a context where its values and principles are today under serious threat around the world.


Tarascon: Collège René-Cassin commits to the International Day of Peace . . . “We have decided to respond to the call of the United Nations by participating this year in the International Day of Peace, a project led by the college’s health education and citizenship committee. citizen actions carried out throughout the year and aimed at educating future citizens “, explains Jean-Pierre Lanne-Petit, the principal. In addition to the white uniform, which symbolized their commitment, the schoolboys wrote messages throughout the week that they posted in the hall. From the entrance, the visitor was challenged by all the colored butterflies that adorned walls, windows and ceilings. The highlight of the morning was the collective formation by the 900 students and staff of the pacifist symbol “Peace & Love”, drawn on the ground. . . .


The City of Tomblaine is very proud to organize this March with the Mouvement de la Paix today, Saturday 21st September for climate, social justice and peace. Wherever you live, converge on the Rond-Point 2000 in Tomblaine, go to 10:30. At 11am the Walk will cross Tomblaine towards the square of the Rights of the Child.


As part of the International Day for Peace, Quarto offers two exceptional concerts in partnership with Musi’Val, music school Unieux, Saturday, September 21 at 20h.
Part 1 (8pm): songs for Peace performed by the Musi’Val choir of the music school of Unieux 2nd part (9pm): concert with the group Gibaltar formed by 4 musicians and finalists of the casting music contest Crédit Agricole from 2018.


CRISP e.V. (Crisis Simulation for Peace) is a Berlin-based independent non-profit organization. We develop and implement long- and short-term activities in the fields of conflict transformation, civic education and citizen’s participation in post-conflict-regions, in Germany and in the European Union. It is a tradition of CRISP to organize a summer party and invite friends and partner organizations to share some pleasant moments of our work. We therefore invite you to come by on September 20th to our Late Summer Party. It will be an opportunity to engage with our colleagues in a conversation about the projects CRISP is running and enjoy a nice evening celebrating the International Day of Peace together!


On Friday, the International Day of Peace in Dresden, an impressive and broad alliance mobilized for a demonstration in front of the Frauenkirche on the Dresdner Neumarkt, including FbK (peace movement nationwide coordination), reminder for peace Dresden, Dresdner peace initiative and as a novelty the #aufstehen red flag group. With several hundred participants, this was the most successful peace event in Dresden in recent years. Under the motto “Make peace – Get out of NATO” there was good weather and a wonderful spirit of peaceful resistance. Special thanks go to all the artists, speakers, technicians, diligent helpers and the presenter for the great commitment to peace. In these dark times, when big politics once again betrayed the citizen, it is all the more important that we as human beings enforce our validity. As scriptwriter and film director Dirk Pohlmann sharply put it in his speech, it is our will to live that stands against the ideologized power struggles of our elites. We as nations face the scenarios of nuclear annihilation and we must now fight for the right to life and peace, against the prevailing politics.


Awareness – Event for the International Day of Peace.
Founding Event of “Making Our World”,
Pre-Release of the exclusive Song “Whenever Wherever” for the 20. birthday of the International Day of Peace.
Raising Awareness in open discussion
“What can you do for Peace?”
Interviews with Charity Organizations
Online Broadcast through Social Media.


The City of Leipzig is again participating in the European-wide bell ringing on the occasion of the International Day of Peace on 21 September. From 6 pm to 6:15 pm, the bells of the New as well as the Goerdeler memorial are meant to remind us of the values ​​of peace in Europe.


The bells of our church St.Matthäus ring on 21.09. from 18:00 to 18:15 on the International Day for Peace. Our bell unites with the sound of the bells of the other Kirchengmeinden of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) in the request for peace. At the same time we think about the victims of the wars in past and present. We express our hope for peace : “Swords to Plowshares” Micha 4.3 – Pastor Anja Kapust


Participating in the celebrations for the International Day of Peace on September 21, the Greek capital recently unveiled its own “Tree of Peace”, a landmark sculpture created by artist and UNESCO Special Envoy for Cultural Diplomacy Hedva Ser, with the aim to pass on the message of world peace. Inspired by the wonders of nature, Ser’s bronze tree extends its branches into the sky as a plea for mutual understanding and peace. A dove sitting on a branch aims to convey the message of hope and freedom.


With music, singing, dancing, poetry and juggling we celebrate our diversity, unity and togetherness, and send out a message of love, oneness and peace. Everyone is invited to this celebration of the International Day of Peace, artists, musicians and performers of all kinds and everyone else, come and join us! Bring your percussion, trumpets, guitars and didgeridoos, your big smiles and cool moves, and let’s jam together for unity and peace!


BlueFire Street Fest will take place on Saturday 21st September across Dublin’s Smithfield Square and neighbouring venues and will feature a Global Village Market and Health and Harmony Fair, music, dance and performance zones, talks, workshops and much more.


World Beyond War’s annual #nowar conference is this october 5-6 in Limerick, Ireland. we typically hold the conference on the International day of Peace, but we shifted it a little bit later this year. The conference will conclude with a nonviolent demonstration at Shannon airport, to protest the US military’s use of the airport to funnel troops to the Middle East.


Artist Talk with the two photojournalists Davide Monteleone and Kai Wiedenhöfer. The Italian Youth Association for UNESCO, Lombardy committee, organizes the event “Peace and War through the lenses of photography” on September 22nd 2018 at 4.30 pm in Milan.


Author Conversations – From Leonardo to Bansky: Art 2.0
For the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2019, 7:00 Pm
Piazza Castello, Otranto, Le, Italy
Organized by our Club under the patronage of the Municipality of Otranto.
We will talk about ART with exceptional speakers and with the help of technology


Within the framework of the International Day of Peace, children from 126 countries exhibited this Saturday more than 5000 drawings where they implore for a world in peace and love on the facade of the Roman Colosseum. The title of the exhibition is “Colors of Peace” and features works by Bolivians, Ecuadorians, Chinese, Americans, Russians, Australians, Iraqis, Brazilians, Venezuelans, Cubans, Belgians, Spaniards and Iranians, among children of many other nationalities. The initiative, up to its third edition, aims to demonstrate that peace begins in everyone’s heart and that only together can a better world be created, at a time when the world experiences climate change, trade wars and wars of power.


Celebration of International Peace Day by the Fiume della Pace Vinci and the UNESCO Club of Vinci.


Former princess Tessy Antony de Nassau attended the International Day of Peace 2019 event on Saturday, hosted jointly by the Bring Hope Foundation and Cercle Diplomative Geneve.
The Ordre Lafayette awarded her with knighthood for her international work and military service. . . . In her acceptance speech, Tessy addressed four main topics: respect for diversity, respect for love, the battle against violence, and the prevention of conflicts through communication. Click on link for her full speech.


On the International Day of Peace, +Peace, Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies, and Impact:Peace launched the Peace in Our Cities Campaign, with 11 mayors and local officials representing over 15.8 million people from Colombo, Sri Lanka; Nairobi Municipality, Kenya; Cali, Colombia; Guadalajara, Mexico; Tripoli, Lebanon; Bangui, Central African Republic; Durban, South Africa; Escobedo, Mexico; Kumanovo, Macedonia; Kibera County, Nairobi, Kenya; and Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, pledging to work towards halving violence in their cities by 2030. The campaign calls on mayors, local authorities, civil society, the private sector, and other partners to sign the pledge and join the growing movement to transform global violence.


As a member of the International Cities of Peace, Skopje took part in this year’s Global Feast.


5 km Walk of Peace along places that reminds us of peace or the lack of it.


As a member of the International Cities of Peace, Maarssen took part in this year’s Global Feast.


Oslo Peace Week is an annual, high-level gathering, attracting governments, organizations, cities, businesses and representatives of civil society. It is a world arena and platform for networking, sharing ideas and experiences, showcasing solutions and setting the agenda for how to ensure urban peace – a main challenge of this century.


Volunteers of Red Cross – Minute of silence to commemorate and honour the victims of wars and conflicts in the world


Prayer, concert and lectures. Holy Mass for Peace. Music by Bands: Arete (Poznań), 33 (Poznań), Pinokio Brothers (Poznań), Ola Grace Batarseh (Jordan). Lectures by Jacek Jelonek – To Jerusalem – 3200 km on foot for peace and Fr. Paweł Kaczmarczyk – Pontifical Foundation Aid to The Church in Need (ACN International) – 72 years of service for peace and reconciliation – the effectiveness of the peace negotiations of the Sant’Egidio community.


“Defending Peace against Nuclear Weapons” – is the exhibition promoted by the Évora City Council in partnership with the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation, which once again leads the Municipality of Évora to join the celebrations of the International Day of Peace. . . .The active involvement of the Municipality of Évora in the organizations “Mayors for Peace” and “Movement of Municipalities for Peace” frames the holding of this evocative exhibition on the theme “Defending Peace against Nuclear Weapons”, whose organization was made possible by the collaboration of the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation. The inauguration will take place on Friday, September 20, at 5:30 pm, in the “Black Box” – building of the City Hall. The exhibition can be visited until September 30, Monday to Friday, from 09h to 17h30.


Dom Fernando Circus School celebrates next Friday, the 20th, the International Day of Peace, which is officially celebrated on September 21st. A walk will be held with the students in the vicinity of the School, with the participation of Mr. Sebastian from the community, a former athlete, and supervision by art educator Bimbo.


The “ March of the Combatants for Peace / Lisbon Walk for Peace 2019 ” will take place on September 21st at 10:30 am in Lisbon, with a 5km route between the Gare Marítima da Rocha Conde de Óbidos and the Bom Sucesso Fort / Combatant’s Museum. This walk is intended to mark the International Day of Peace, being organized by the Armed Forces Disabled Association (ADFA), the Combatants League and the Lisbon City Council.


The Praça do Mar Gallery, in Quarteira, receives from September 21 to October 19, the collective exhibition “Artists for Peace”. Integrated in the commemorations of the International Day of Peace, this show features more than two dozen works that, through painting, mixed technique and drawing, aim to raise awareness for the promotion of actions that lead to the end of conflicts between peoples.


MasterPeace Ro Association organised the International Peace Day 2019 in Romania and it had a wonderfully large reach, over 4000 students, teachers, volunteers and others participating in activities throughout the country. Peace is hope that the future will be brighter and the children we educate today in its spirit will make it possible.
Here are some examples of the great work done by Romanian youngsters.
#InternationaDayofPeace #9wave #IDP2019 #PeaceDay #MasterPeaceRomania


The students of the Oltea Doamna school drew, sang and wrote peace messages, then made the plan for the October Climate Action project.


As a member of the International Cities of Peace, Novi Sad took part in this year’s Global Feast.


As a member of the International Cities of Peace, Belgrade took part in this year’s Global Feast.


On September 20 we inaugurate the 11th edition of the Cinema for Peace Cycle at the Cine Estudio del Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. The inauguration will feature the words of welcome from Aina Calvo, Director of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, and Manuel de la Rocha, Vice President of the Peace Movement -MPDL-, and the subsequent screening of Capernaum by Nadine Labaki.  Free entry as long as there are seats.


On September 20 we will carry out the reading of Manifesto 21S (, later the participants can put their wish, action or message of peace in the Mural of Peace. We will also carry out The Peace Tree, where we will use biodegradable ecological pots and plant our seed. In the Neighborhood Community of Estenilla, Santa María de Benquerencia neighborhood.


On September 20 Realization of a “Desire Tree”. To do this, a mural will be made in which everyone (workers and users), on the branches of a tree will hang their leaves with a writing, idea or desire for peace. At the end of the activity, a small multicultural lunch will be held.


On September 20 training sessions at the CIP FP Misericordia de Valencia that train in the peaceful management of coexistence, framed in SDG 16. Within the framework of the European project for the development of active citizenship initiatives led by students for community cohesion.


On September 20 La Paz Workshop through music in various centers in Afanas, El Puerto and Bahía.


The Jerez City Council joins the commemoration of the International Day of Peace, which the UN dedicates this year to the objective of climate action for peace. The Paul Hall will host the municipal event this Thursday, September 19, at 8:00 p.m., with the reading of a manifesto and musical performances, in a meeting open to the assistance and participation of all citizens who wish to join the meeting. . . .The event will be enlivened with the interpretation of musical pieces by Juan Diego Mateos on guitar, and Antonio Soteldo on piano. During the meeting, the video ‘Peace for people’ will be screened and different interventions will take place in which educational and social projects in relation to peace and environmental sustainability will be valued.


International Day of Peace. Place: World Peace Bell of Arroyo de la Vega Hour: 11:00
Ringing of the Peace Bell by the authorities and release of doves by the students of the Occupational Center of APAMA. It will end with the performance of students of the Municipal School of Music and Dance.


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace , the Coral City of Benalmádena, in collaboration with the Association for Friendship and Peace, will offer a concert


 International Solidarity Festival for World Peace, Puntilla Square, Friday, September 20, 2019
7:00 p.m. Band MAD 214 of the IES Poet Tomás Morales: Values Education Project
8:00 p.m. Inauguration of the Festival with  emblematic songs  and reading of the Peace Manifesto
8:30 p.m. Interreligious Dialogue and Prayers, including Ricard Rotlan, Disciple of the Dalai Lama
10:00 p.m. Concert of the group “Estrella Latina” – Puntilla Square
Saturday, September 21, 2019
11:00 h. Pasacalle “Solidarity March for World Peace” with batucada from the Hotel Reina Isabel with groups of diverse nature showing the union of citizenship
13:00 Canary Folk Group promoting solidarity between peoples.
2:00 pm Turtle release and environmental awareness for “Friday 4 Future” and the new “Canary movement for the Climate Emergency ”.
3:30 p.m. Musical performances + Dances of the World + Meditations + Yoga + Recitals + Poetry
10:00 p.m. Latin closing concert, uniting all participants and groups, celebrating the “Culture of Peace”.
Juan Guedes football stadium (Tamaraceite)
Sunday, September 22, 2019
2:00 p.m. Inauguration and Celebration of the “I Football Solidarity Party for Peace” in collaboration with the “Municipal Sports Institute”
3:00 p.m. 2 Soccer Solidarity Matches for Peace with teams from Latin America and Africa within the Semifinal of the “World Integration” with trophies and medals.


The Campaners of the Cathedral of Valencia have joined today, Saturday, with the realization of manual bells from the Miguelete tower, in the all-European day celebrating the International Day of Peace . The initiative to ring the bells together, in which French, German, Polish and Czech bells have also participated, has been convened by the Association of German Cities, the Cultural Office of the Evangelical Church of Germany, the Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics and the German Cultural Heritage Committee. In this way, the Campaners of the Cathedral of Valencia have contributed, for 15 minutes, from 18 to 18:15 hours, their “Repic”, a touch of the eleven bells by ropes, “whose roots sink into the first Constructs or relations of touches of the Middle Ages, and that was fixed by the Master of Ceremonies Teodosio Herrera in 1705 ”, according to the president of the Association of Bells of the Cathedral, Francesc Llop.


Colectivo Noviolencia will hold the second meeting on forgiveness and reconciliation from nonviolence. “Forgiveness is the only weapon capable of disarming violence.”


The George Harilela Hall in Sotogrande will celebrate the International Day of Peace on the 21st of September.


Music gathering and putlock to celebrate the peace that starts within us and to connect with our life force and core 


St Eskils Gymnasium Eskilstuna : Dance performance.

For the International Day of Peace, come join us as for a cup of homemade soup and find out about the various initiatives of Mission 21 on behalf of peacebuilding in South Sudan, Indonesia and many other countries. Celebrate with us as we give thanks for milestones reached and pray for breakthroughs yet to happen. Inform yourself about peace building projects in areas of the world that either have not known peace for many years or whose peace is threatened by radical groups. Mission 21 plays a crucial role in advocating and securing peace where violence and hatred have torn communities apart.


The World Council of Churches Commission of the Churches on International Affairs is co-signing an International Day of Peace statement that will be released in conjunction with the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.
The statement calls on governments and the international community to:
Move from commitments to action on peace in the 2030 Agenda and across the three UN pillars;
Align crisis response with longer term prevention and peacebuilding efforts;
Protect and support civil society in fostering sustainable peace;
Think local and act global: recommit to multilateralism as a safeguard for the most vulnerable.


The Geneva Peace Talks are a public event co-organized by the United Nations Office at Geneva, Interpeace and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform to celebrate the International Day of Peace.
The Geneva Peace Talks will feature the following speakers:
Mo Ibrahim, African entrepreneur and founder of Mo Ibrahim Foundation supporting good governance and great leadership in Africa
César Díaz, Award winning filmmaker and winner of 2019 Cannes Camera d’Or
Antje Herrberg, A leading peace mediator
Bernardo Arévalo de León, A Guatemalan peacebuilder who has supported peace processes worldwide
Coronel Lurangeli Franco, A policewoman from Colombia
Zainab Nankya and Salama Ibrahim, Two young women involved in building bridges between religious communities in Nigeria and Uganda
Dina Alami, a young person working to build bridges between youth and politicians in Sweden
The event will also feature live painting by Abbes Boukhobza and musical performance by Pososhok.


Shamanican Drum Circle, Bournemouth, UK as part of International Drum-Up for Peace, project is organizing a Shamanic Drumming Circle For Peace on International Day of Peace 2019. Please Join us to feel the drum rhythms with a dedicated group of percussionists and peace lovers. All skills level are welcome to join us. Children allowed to participate with their guardians, We encourage and appreciate a smoking free and family friendly environment.


On 21 September, International Day of Peace, a rally will take place in St.Gallen under the motto “Stop the policy of expulsion. Solidarity with displaced persons!” Here is the leaflet to download:


Organised by Building Bridges in Burnley together with Churches Working Together in Burnley, a short service and prayer for world peace was held. The Mayor of Burnley. Anne Kelly and her husband and consort John attended, while prayers were conducted by Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Baha’i faith leaders from their scriptures respectively.


In Chapel on Wednesday September 18th our school will join millions of people around the world who are organizing events to coincide with a special International Day of Peace. In the same year that the UN was making its resolution about the International Peace day Bob Marley the famous Jamaican singer released a song called ‘War’ based on a speech by the Ethiopian king Haile Selassie, one of the most prominent African leaders of his time, at the UN General Assembly held in New York in 1963; in it he explained that until there was an end to racial discrimination and prejudice; until human rights were made accessible to all, and until African nations were set free from their colonial masters, until such day came when good overcame these evils then there would be no peace. On Wednesday morning the Senior School will be listening to the song Bob Marley wrote and reflecting on its message and asking ourselves what we can do to help build a more peaceful world.


No Talent Rechoired will perform two singing flash mobs in Truro for the International Day of Peace – one at 2pm on Lemon Quay and one at 2.30pm at Truro Cathedral. The event, which hopes to attract around 200 singers, will carry the message Choose Love as used by the charity Help Refugees. Musical director Claire Ingleheart and event organiser Antonia Pickup have planned the mass singing flash mob with a particular focus on the plight of the world’s more than 25 million refugees. This event is part of the One Day One Choir project – an inspiring global peace initiative which uses the harmonious power of singing together to unite people around the world on Peace Day.


Hundreds of people will be calling on the government to stay in the European Union for Peace and Climate Action.


Pop down to see us this weekend and help us celebrate International Day of Peace. Come along and create your own paper dove of peace. This is a fun, free activity for the whole family.


Multiple cultural groups will come together at Auchenshuggle Woods, to share traditional drinks and snacks and celebrate Peace Day 2019. As well as good food, we will have crafts, music and outdoor activities to try. Set to


The Sir John Lawes Music Faculty were proud once again to have taken part in this year’s International Day of Peace. The following beautiful rendition of ‘Peace perfect peace’ by the Chamber Choir was recorded during rehearsals for the Peace One Day celebration at the High Street Methodist Church, Harpenden.


Combined College and International Peace Day Anniversary Celebrations.


A voice for peace surfaces again and again, however many times it has been ignored by governments and world leaders. Even in the face of that, the voice for peace continues to call. This is what we have to acknowledge, to listen to. This voice does not belong to a group of people or a country. This is within every human being trying to find that peace in their own way. That’s how powerful it is. Join us on Saturday 21st September to celebrate the Peace Education Program and the hope it brings to thousands of people. Video, spoken word and music.


Tally Koren “Vision of Hope” UK Tour is part of her work to promote Peace and reconciliation. Her vision is to transcend cultures, faiths and backgrounds through art and education, as she is a great believer that we all speak the same language through music and art. The tour will be dedicated to Peace with known and original songs. With contributions from spiritual speakers, poets and guests. Tally Koren is the Fringe Award winner for best Singer Songwriter and was playlisted on BBC Radio 2.


Peace One Day is proud to announce that composer, singer-songwriter, actor, author and activist Sting will be joining to headline the line-up at Shakespeare’s Globe on Peace Day 21 September.. . . .Performances from Emeli Sandé, Jack Savoretti, Basement Jaxx, Will Young and Citizens of the World Choir. Plus, a special performance choreographed by Emmy-nominated choreographer Jamie Neale with dancers from Jasmin Vardimon and Hofesh Shechter Companies. With appearances from: Peace One Day Ambassadors- Sir Mark Rylance, Jude Law, Juliet Rylance; Jeremy Gilley- Founder of Peace One Day; Ahmad Fawzi – United Nations Strategic Communication Expert; Dr Scilla Elworthy – Founder of the Oxford Research Group and Peace Direct, three times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee; Marc Mathieu – Marketing Maven; Nadhim Zahawi MP- Minister for Business and Industry; Pastor Dr James Wuye and Imam Dr Muhammad Ashafa – Triple honorary doctorates from Glasgow, Massachusetts and Kolkata Universities; Daniel Binns – Chief Executive Officer, Interbrand, New York.


KENTON SCHOOL Peace Flag Artwork


The Solent Male Voice Choir, with soloists Sheila Birt,soprano and Ray Gaskell, tenor present a programme of music for Peace Day, including “Let there be Peace”, “Together we can work miracles”, “A Song of Peace” and more.


As a member of the International Cities of Peace, Salisbury took part in this year’s Global Feast.


Peace Concert with music, song and inspirational speakers bringing together all local communities interested in working to gether for peace dignity and prosperity.


This year as part of the worldwide events on the International Day of Peace, Yiewsley Baptist Church is honoured to welcome a Holocaust Survivor who will be sharing her story and answering questions from the audience. This event has been made possible with thanks to the Holocaust Education Trust. It is our hope that as members of our local community hear the story of the Holocaust from someone who lived through it and survived that we will be brought together, that we will develop community cohesion across the different demographics of our community. We want to be reminded of the importance of getting to know those who are different from ourselves to overcome fear, hatred and xenophobia and to live in unity with our neighbours.