Argentina: The T20 Summit and the 14th World Congress of Mediation and a Culture of Peace: Integrating approaches


An announcement from T20 Argentina

The aim of this meeting is to cross the converging work agendas of the T20 and the Congress of Mediation and a Culture of Peace. It looks to open an enabling framework to prepare possible bilateral and/or multilateral meetings with international speakers that will be in Argentina from September 17. The T20 Summit and the 14th World Congress of Mediation and a Culture of Peace will take place in Buenos Aires during the same week. The strongest point of convergence between the T20 and the World Congress is the agenda of global governance, social cohesion and the legal basis we should pay attention to to understand the challenges of the international arena.

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Mediation as a tool for nonviolence and culture of peace

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What is the 14th World Congress of Mediation and a Culture of Peace?

This is a meeting which brings together international professionals to exchange practices that help to address conflict and to construct a culture of sustainable peace in Latin America and the world. The Congress is a space to learn about the national and international progress of alternative methods to resolving conflicts (MARC), focusing on the equal access to justice and the construction of societies that are more responsive, inclusive and equal.

Tentative agenda

16:00: Opening of the meeting and presentation from the T20 Argentina. This will be given by Gustavo Martinez (Executive Coordination Secretariat of CARI and the T20) and Pablo Ava (Director of Public Policy and Research of the T20).

16:10: Institutional presentation from CARI’s International Law Institute – Leopoldo Godio (CARI Consulting Member and member of the International Law Institute).

16:20: Institutional presentation from the 14th World Congress of Mediation and a Culture of Peace – Raquel Munt (National Director of Mediation and Participatory Methods of Conflict Resolution).

17:00: Conclusions on “Social cohesion and peace construction: integrating approaches” by Bautista Logioco (Official from the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund).
17:30: Questions, comments and the closing of the meeting

Location: CARI [Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales]