“Peace and Love rooms in schools”


Sent to CPNN by Shahin Gavanji, World Peace Ambassador

Here on the earth, we have thousands of religions and ideologies in which their creators were completely sure about their authenticity. But every day we are faced with wars and bloodsheds. We should ask ourselves why?

When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and tell the world “I love you, let’s love each other and be friends”, so that no kid should be without shelter and food. But as I was growing up a question troubled me: what does peace mean? Is it just the absence of war? Or does it mean something beyond that? I saw countries in which there is no war but nobody gives water to the tree of love. Indeed what happen to the world if the tree of love becomes thirsty?

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Question related to this article:

What is the best way to teach peace to children?

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Then an idea came to my mind. What we teach to our children in childhood and adolescence is the same as what they will build in the world. Our children spend most of their time in schools. They get familiar with physics and mathematics, but nobody make them familiar with the most important subjects which are Love and Friendship. Indeed there is no lesson related to these important subjects. In my opinion if in every school we make a room with the name” Peace and Love room”, students will get familiar with the basis of peace and love.

With attention to students we can increase the self confidence between them so that they understand that they can help humankind at the national and international levels. We should teach the student how to love other in this industrial world. Every student can communicate with students in other schools. They should learn “international love” by sending a letter or a picture. In this room the students should learn the equality of men and women.

In this way children can grow up with Love as an essential part of their lives, because they have become familiar with it for many years and it was one of the most important challenges they have faced.

By the use of this idea we can create a world without enmity and hatred, a world of social justice without poverty, racism and any racial discrimination. We can live in a world with social safety, equity, peace and love and the tree of love will no longer be thirsty anywhere in the world.

2 thoughts on ““Peace and Love rooms in schools”

  1. I think it’s brilliant to include
    Education for peace in schools …… Since everything that is learned in the School has a multiplying effect on the family and in turn on the Society …. Peace is social justice, inequities, housing, food , health, and not only the lack of wars because they come when everything else is missing
    Excellent option ………

  2. I agree Shahin Gavanji, I believe there is not enough focus on life skills for children, so when they leave school they have a lot of book knowledge but are not equipped to face the challenges in the “Real World”.
    The problem is making sure that this information is unbiased.
    Thank you for your interesting article.

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