Italy: Mayors of Florence, Palermo and Naples “Rebelled” against a Tough Anti-Immigrant Law


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The mayors of the three major Italian cities refuse to submit to controversial anti-immigrant law, passed at the initiative of the interior Minister Matteo Salvini, considering it unconstitutional.

Leoluca Orlando, mayor of Palermo

Salvini on Thursday demanded the resignations of the mayors of Florence, Palermo and Naples, the latter strengthened the scandal, is also offering to host migrants in distress at sea, which Italy rejected.

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The refugee crisis, Who is responsible?

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“This law incites crime, and not fighting or prevents it. It violates human rights. There are thousands, tens of thousands of people who have been legally resident here, who pay their taxes, pay pensions, and in a few weeks or months they will become… illegal immigrants,” said the mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando.

Tough new anti-immigrant law passed by the Italian Parliament on 28 November, facilitates the expulsion of new arrivals and limit the residence permit in the country, which has become the main gate for migrants crossing the Mediterranean sea.

It also cancels humanitarian residence permits issued to people from risk groups, families or single women with children.

The mayor of Florence Dario Nardella said that his city “will not obey” the law, which “excludes persons seeking asylum, and not repatrierea them, throws them on the street.”

The mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris promised that part of the law unconstitutional, “such as the right to asylum, nor under any circumstances will be respected.”

He then offered to take the 32 migrants who are blocked at sea after they were rescued by a ship of non-governmental organizations.