Ethiopian President Calls to Work for Peace and Security


An article from Prensa Latina

December 24: The president of Ethiopia, Sahlework Zewde, called to work for unity, peace, and stability that the country needs today to guarantee security and welfare of all citizens.

We must work together so that each person is protected by laws, and can exercise their rights and perform their duties because those are fundamental bases for democracy and the development of our nation, she said.

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Question for this article:

Can peace be achieved between Ethiopia and Eritrea?

Do women have a special role to play in the peace movement?

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We have several problems related to this and we must solve them soon, she emphasized in a meeting with Mother Ambassadors for Peace, a group composed of representatives of nine regional states and two municipal administrations.

According to Fana Broadcasting Corporate, Zewde said that the population has an unlimited desire to live in a peaceful situation, ‘and the people itself, with our cooperation, must work for the defense of peace, as the Ambassadors preach.’ 

Also, I praise this group that during the last 30 days toured the country with the aim of detecting deficiencies and propose actions to solve them.

Women have the ability to solve critical problems, and they would play an important role in resolving conflicts and bringing peace and security, she assured.