Is a U.S. Department of Peace a realistic political goal?

Anne Creter, the author of the article listed below about the Toronto Conference, responds as follows:

“We need a whole new system of governance devoted to the culture of peace.

One logical way would be to enhance the existing global movement calling for governmental Departments and Infrastructure for Peace (I4P) worldwide.

“The current U.S. bill in Congress (H.R.1111) to establish a Department of Peacebuilding is a great example of your points. See and .

“The UN Development Programme has much evidence of governmental I4P effectiveness in certain countries where they are operational and have been shown to reduce violence. (Journal of Peacebuilding & Development Special I4P Issue, volume 7, Number 3, 2012 ISSN: 1542-3166).

“So let us develop a viable institutional framework for peace. Let us advocate our legislators for governmental Departments & I4P NOW.”

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