Berlin: Hundreds of thousands march against racism


Excerpts from the twitter acount of #unteilbar

Media accounts of the massive demonstration in Berlin against racism such as the report by Agence France Press cannot be reproduced here without permission. Hence, we print here excerpts from the twitter account of the event organizers, #Unteilbar.

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Hundreds of thousands of Germans march united against racism and the far-right. I fully agree, we must build bridges not walls! #unteilbar #IamEuropean

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have marched through Berlin in protest against the far right, racism, and xenophobia. Organisers said 242,000 people across Germany took part in the rally, making it one of the biggest in recent years.

Say it loud, say it clearly, we are all #indivisible! Inspiring images from Berlin, 242k citizens united against the rise of far right. Absolutely amazing to see that broad mobilisations against xenophobia is possible and is happening! Thank you Berlin! #Unteilbar

242,00 people from all over the world shining their lights for an open and free society. #unteilbar

It was an incredible experience to see 240 k people on the streets of Berlin protesting peacefully against racism. Thanks for giving me a opportunity to speak about human rights to all of you. #unteilbar

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Is there a renewed movement of solidarity by the new generation?

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I was at the #unteilbar demo today with my parents and grandparents to show that racism, homophobia and the other shit going on won’t be tolerated.

Priya Basil yesterday at #Unteilbar: „be realistic, demand the impossible“

Bigger than the inauguration of Donald Trump. #unteilbar

Nearly a quarter million people took to the streets of Berlin on Sunday to face down the rise of far-right populism in Germany & Europe. #Unteilbar

Attending yesterdays #unteilbar protest in Berlin was quite impressive. So many people of so many races, colors, genders and whatever were celebrating peacefully together. After weeks of dark news of racism its a spark of hope. I am proud to live in this city.

It’s been 242,00 people in Berlin today that demonstrated for togetherness and solidarity. what a time to be alive #unteilbar

Because @dwnews is a serious news channel and the first reports about the amount of protesters were hard to believe as it is not normal for Germany to have protests with this amount of people. I was there and I am very proud of each single protester. Thank you to all! #unteilbar

Berlin, auf dich ist Verlass! Wir sind unglaublich viele bei #unteilbar #b1310 [Berlin, you can rely on it! We are unbelievably many at #unteilbar # b1310]

As hundreds of thousands of people took to the street of #Berlin demonstrating against racism and calling for solidarity against the rise of the far-right across Germany and Europe we commit our pledge: We are many, we are #unteilbar and change is coming!

Loving the fact that the #unteilbar demonstration passes by underneath my window. Fly, my lovelies, fly! #berlin

People on the streets of London against fascism and sexism #StopDFLA
People on the streets of Berlin against racism and the far-right #unteilbar
People on the streets of Paris against climate change #MarchePourLeClimat
Something’s stirring in Europe.

(Thank you to Kiki Chauvin, the CPNN reporter for this article.)