Tandil, Argentina: Municipal Mediation Center participates in the Provincial Meeting of Mediators


An article from La Voz de Tandil (translation by CPNN)

In recent days Tandil was present at the provincial meeting of mediators in Buenos Aires, sharing experiences of the Mediation Center, whose creation in 2004 was one of the pioneer municipalities.

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The delegation from Tandil was headed by the Director of Community Relations Lic. Zulma Ferreyra and the mediator Gladys Thomas, who is in charge of the Mediation Center of the Municipality.

As every year, this meeting aims to strengthen the work of mediation in the province, assuring the training of work teams and the promotion and dissemination of participatory methods to address conflicts as a public policy of access to justice.

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Mediation as a tool for nonviolence and culture of peace

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In addition, the focus was on the need to disseminate and promote the implementation of non-violent community conflict management programs in the municipalities that have not yet incorporated this tool.

The conference was attended by the National Director of Mediation and Participatory Methods of Conflict Resolution of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation, Raquel Munt; the Deputy Ombudsman in Human Rights and Health Services, Marcelo Honores; the mediator María Gabriela Rodríguez Querejazu; and the person responsible for Conflict Management of the Ombudsman’s Office, Dolores Ayerdi.

The activity of permanent training and review of the practice carried out since 2016, is provided for all municipal mediators working for the cooperative management of socio-community conflicts.

In addition to the Community Mediation Center of Tandil, representatives from the municipalities of Bahía Blanca, La Plata, San Pedro, Mercedes, Lanús, Florencio Varela, Pilar, Tigre, Mar del Plata and Madariaga attended.

Activity by XIV World Congress of Mediation and Culture of Peace

For the XIV World Congress of Mediation and Culture of Peace, to be held this year in Argentina, our city has been chosen to carry out one of the workshops of the Pre Congress on September 17 and 18.