Spain: 100 Cities for Peace recognizes the town of Coria for its ties with Japan


An article from Canal Sur

The international movement 100 Cities for Peace has awarded Coria del Río (Seville) the Pax Urbis prize, considering it a model of a culture of peace and tolerance thanks to its links and its historical relations with Japan.

The prize is being given in the context of the commemoration of the 150 anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan, according to the official notice sent of the City Hall.

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How can culture of peace be developed at the municipal level?

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The notice adds that the mayor of Coria del Río, Modesto González, has thanked 100 Cities for Peace for this recognition, assuring that “for all the Corians there can be no greater pride than being considered a people of peace and an example to follow. The prize should inspire us to make an even greater effort to deepen and spread Japanese culture with its many enriching values.”

The Pax Urbis award is granted annually as a prize that commits the winners to responsibility and continuity of their efforts for peace.

100 Cities for Peace has granted the Pax Urbis International Awards since 2007 to cities, people and institutions that have promoted the culture of peace and its fundamental values.

The award will be given to the mayor, as representative of the municipality, next October during the celebration of the Japanese Cultural Week.

The award aims to recognize all the efforts made by citizens and the government of Coria del Río to maintain and promote relations with Japan, relations that have intensified especially in recent years, bringing benefits to the municipality; tourism, business, cultural and educational agreements.