El Salvador to prioritize culture of peace in its schools


An article from Prensa Latina (translated by CPNN)

El Salvador will give prioritiy in all its teaching systems to the culture of peace, the education minister, Carlos Canjura announced today [22 January]..

In this way, memory, identity, values ​​and civic competence will be promoted so that the Salvadoran nation can continue its development process without forgetting where it comes from, the official stressed.

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What is the relation between peace and education?

Where is peace education taking place?

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In a text published on Monday at the official site of the presidency of this country, he gave as an example the so-called Open House program, which seeks to train children, and highly responsible youth, not only for their own development, but also for their family, their community, and the country.

He recalled that on the initiative of Salvadoran President Salvador Sánchez Cerén, in the culture of peace platform, teachers and specialists should participate actively in preparing pedagogical content at all levels of education beginning from early childhood.

Canjura said that the contents prepared by his ministry together with the secretary of culture are tools that equip students to reflect on themselves and their daily life.

He added that the priority is needed because the country has experienced a painful history which, in many cases, young people do not know and which adults tend to forget.