Walk2Peace – worldwide pilgrimage to world peace


An email to CPNN From walk2peace

Greetings, my name is Albin and last year I began a worldwide pilgrimage to world peace. The pilgrimage is part of the growing movements of young citizen who knows that a peaceful world is possible in our lifetime, if we unite our efforts to transform ourselves, our community and our world.

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Question related to this article:

Youth initiatives for a culture of peace, How can we ensure they get the attention and funding they deserve?

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I would like to reach out my hands to your organization.

We are so many that want nothing but a world in peace. Let’s unite and make it happen. I am always happy to connect with more organizations and the compassionate people behind them.

If you have any local offices in Belgrade, Sofia or Istanbul I would love to visit them on my way. In the future the peacewalk will cross all continents and I hope to meet you at some point.

Here is an invitation to our new years celebration in Istanbul:

Sending you my hearts full support here from Serbia.

Wishes for a peaceful world