Egypt: Women’s Conference in Gharbia organizes “Women’s Peacemaker” conference


An article from Soutalomma (Google translation from original Arabic)

The National Council for Women in Gharbia Governorate organized a conference in the conference hall of the governorate’s General Directorate entitled “Women Who Make Peace Together against Extremism and Terrorism”, on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Saqer, Governor of Al Gharbia, Major General Ahmed Saqr, Governor of Al Gharbia, Dr. Saad Al-Zant, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies and Communication Ethics, and Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Dean of the Faculty of Law Tanta University, Dr. Zeinab Abu El Fadl, Professor of Jurisprudence at the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Yasser Qansouh, Professor of Political Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts, and Dr. Rania El Kilani, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts and a number of executive leaders at the government level.

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Do women have a special role to play in the peace movement?

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The aim of the conference was to consolidate the role of women in establishing a culture of peace, fighting extremism, stirring brotherly spirit among the people of the homeland, rejecting hate speech, rejecting the other and consolidating the role of women in dealing with the effects of terrorist events and restoring national balance.

Al-Gharbi stressed in his speech the pivotal role of women in consolidating culture of peace and eradicating terrorism and extremism through educating children especially in light of the circumstances and challenges faced by the country, pointing out the need to observe the behavior of children and work on their evaluation.

The Governor of Gharbia praised the role of Dr. Safaa Mara’i, Rapporteur of the National Council for Women in the West Branch in supporting the role of women through continuing courses to raise awareness of women in all fields and to identify the problems of rural women and to present them to the officials to solve them. During the conference, Al-Gharbia in supporting the role of women in Gharbia province and thanked him for his interest in the activities of the Council, pointing out the role of women in society and facing terrorism through proper education.