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Question: How important is community development for a culture of peace? CPNN article: Ivy Walls: Local Lawyer's Fight to Help His Community
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Dec. 31 1999,17:00

This discussion question applies to the following articles:

Ivy Walls: Local Lawyer's Fight to Help His Community
UCONN Celebrates Kwanzaa
Reforming the “Hooker”
A Hartford Community Project Promotes Culture of Peace
La Paloma Sabanera Coffee House and Bookstore
Activities of the Santa Barbara Association for UNESCO
Hope in a Shanty Town: Story of a Woman in Bangkok
Fondation Idolè et la culture de la paix
Fondation Idolè and the Culture of Peace
Despertando almas para el cambio social
Waking Souls for Social Change
Extreme Poverty is Violence – Breaking the Silence – Searching for Peace
Estragia de Centros de Desarrollo Integral Juvenil - Soacha, Colombia
The Centre for the Integral Development of Youth in Soacha, Colombia
Lanzan proyecto para evitar que jóvenes caigan en delincuencia [Honduras]
Project launched to prevent young people from falling into crime [Honduras]
Obreros y sindicatos reviven la Promesa [Puerto Rico]
Assault on Peaceful Co-existence (Nagaland, India)
Peace Promotion Can Work (Chicago)
Peru: Intiwawa Children of the Sun
Reforma Agrária por uma Cultura de Paz (Brasil)
Land Reform for a Culture of Peace (Brazil)
Realizan jornada “Construyendo una Cultura de Paz para mi Comunidad” (República Dominicana)
'Building a Culture of Peace for my Community' (Dominican Republic)
Estudiantes caminan por la paz y la justicia en Siquinalá, Escuintla (Guatemala)
Students march for peace and justice in Siquinalá, Escuintla (Guatemala)
México: Presentan proyecto "Oaxaca Intercultural"
Mexico: Presentation of the project “Oaxaca Intercultural”
USA: NCDD Launches Dialogue & Deliberation Training Partnership with American Library Association

For more recent articles on this theme, click here.
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Profile PM 
Tony Dominski
Posted: Oct. 08 2003,07:12

Carmen,  Thanks for very inspirational story.  It shows how one person can mobilize a community to help all.  Best regards, Tony
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Profile PM 
Julie Friedlander
Posted: Dec. 04 2004,14:11

In regard to the article, Reforming the Hooker I can say that as a part of the UNESCO ambassadors for human rights group, there is a lot of potential for success in the Willimantic community.  There are many people willing to work together to counteract a community previously afflicted with its greatest known dilemma of high drug usage.  It is my hope that we can contribute whatever we can to this community so close to our campus at UCONN. Hopefully with the help of other organizations we will be able to cultivate a more peaceful environment and alleviate recurring themes of poverty that are occuring just a few miles down the road.  In the classroom we are always analyzing global issues, but what is accessible in need to us while we are searching for the bigger solutions is working on problems locally that are most urgent.
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Profile PM 
Posted: Dec. 04 2004,14:25

Hey - this is in response to the article: 'UConn Celebrates Kwanza'

Is Kwanzaa a religious holiday? I know that some people view it with skepticism, as a 'made-up' holiday pushed by African nationalists to rival the 'older' December holidays. Can you celebrate Kwanzaa if you don't have African roots? Do you have to believe in a 'universalist' African nationalism, based on 'core' values?

I think there's a lot of confusion in the general population about this holiday. Is there a good FAQ or something? How can we increase dialogue about Kwanzaa on a large scale??
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Profile PM 
Posted: Jan. 15 2005,12:29

I agree with you that it is important to promote diversity while also contributing in a positive way to your community.  Luis has an interesting and exciting way of getting his community together to promote a learning, cooperative environment.  Thank you for sharing your experience so that others may seek out his cafe and benefit from all he and his sisters have to offer.  I would like to know more about what programs he offers to the youth of the community and what resources he can pull form to make them happen.
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Profile PM 
Mary Lee Morrison
Posted: Jan. 15 2005,12:34

I think it is difficult to imagine a culture of peace without the involvement of communities and the people in them. Building peace requires connecting. Networking and dialoguing are key to building peace. So when we use the term community development in these contexts, we are really talking about the development of different modes of relating and being together, all relating to people learning new skills and processes including nonviolence, listening, empathy and respect.
Mary Lee Morrison
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Profile PM 
Posted: Jan. 15 2005,12:36

Community plays a important role in developing culture peace. We should promote our cultural values by interacting with each other and making these values part of our daily lives. A good example of this would be raising our children according to beliefs and values which are important for us and our cultural peace. We can also promote cultural peace by making small commuinties within big community and share different ideas and bring new ones in.
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