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Call for the 10th Africa-Europe Training Course for Youth Organisations in Nairobi-Kenya Culture of Peace: Interview with Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, ex-Director-General of UNESCO
"in partnership with the European Youth Forum, the Pan African Youth Union and the Network of International Youth organisations." "Cultivating a better future is possible and we can do it in a collective way with justice and solidarity through a responsible and creative participatory democracy, based in culture of peace "
Book review: War, peace, and ecology. The risks of sustainable militarization Black International Cinema Berlin: May 2-6, 2012
"Our planet needs intensive care as it is increasingly damaged by the very people who claim to be its defenders: the armed forces." "The festival contributes to better understanding and increasing cooperation between people from various cultural, ethnic, national and religious backgrounds "
[Livre] Guerre et paix… et écologie. Les risques de militarisation durable Nobel Peacemaker Prophesizes Peace in 21st Century
"Notre planète, qui mérite des soins intensifs, est de plus en plus abîmée par ceux-là mêmes qui s’en font les défenseurs auto- proclamés : les forces armées." "Corrigan challenged St. Augustine’s doctrine of a just war created during the time of the Roman Empire."
France: 12th Forum "Non-Violence in Schools" The Parliament of the World's Religions (Barcelona, Spain)
"accounts from teachers and educators, well as members of the Coordination, who have implemented nonviolent methods in their class or association" "We gathered to address 'Overcoming Religiously Motivated Violence'"
France: 12e Forum « La non-violence à l’école » Important Peace Initiatives of Alliance of Civilizations
"démarche et témoignages d'enseignants, éducateurs qui ont mis en place des outils dans leur classe ou groupe, associations membres présentant leurs outils" "I was pleased to see the optimism of civil society, religious leaders and private sector representatives, as well as diplomats, and their commitment to build a culture of peace. I felt that our opinions as youth were heard with respect"
Dialogue for peace in Norway Development of Peace Thinking and Peace Education by NGOs in Russia
"All of us had an opportunity to interact and learn how dialogue can be used in conflict and post-conflict areas and how it helps to bridge ethnic, religious, cultural, national, or any other dissimilarities between human beings." "results of a survey I recently made concerning peace activities by NGOs in Russia"
UNA Westminster Branch flies high to mark the UN International Day of Peace (UK) BAM in a Box
"Over a hundred people responded to our challenge to meet people with a different faith" "Over 200 drawings and 40 photographs by and of children survivors of the devastating earthquake that took place in the historic city of Bam, Iran on December 26, 2003"
UNESCO: Words of Peace: How to Promote the Right of Peoples to Peace? Youth as Actors in Peace and Human Rights Education
" Accent will be put on the role and actions of the civil society to build the base for a universal peace" "youth can be a relevant partner in 'creating knowledge' and be even more effective in reaching their peers than ‘adult actors’ "
UNESCO: Paroles de Paix : comment œuvrer pour le droit des peuples à la paix ? Fourth Contest of Animations for Peace
"L’accent sera mis sur le rôle et l’action de la société civile pour bâtir les bases d’une paix universelle." "all of the winning works along with others that the jury considers to have appropriate quality will be included in a DVD to be exhibited in diverse festivals, contests, cinemas and television "
Support Richard Branson’s Ukraine dialogue initiative International Youth Meeting for the Culture of Peace
"Undoubtedly business has a role to play in conflict resolution. When in the right mode, business can contribute to peace and has much much more to gain from peace than from war. " "After many discussions, we put together an International Appeal of Youth for a Culture of Peace."
Gender equality takes center stage — but will resources reach the grassroots? Sarajevo Peace Event: We have to become more visible on the streets
"the Girl Summit — held in [London] last Tuesday, pushed for an end to female genital mutilation and child marriage within a generation." "Again and again the importance of the UNESCO culture of peace program as an alternative program to war and militarization was emphasized."
Wikipedia Summit “Wikimania” comes to London - Largest ever gathering A common vision: The abolition of militarism
"Wikipedia is the largest knowledge base in the world, consulted by over half a billion people each month . . . However, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what can be done with it" "Mairead Maguire speaking at the Sarajevo Peace Event . . . Let the Sarajevo where peace ended, be the starting point for the bold beginning of a universal call for peace through the wholesale abolition of militarism."
The municipality of Alcoutim, Portugal, launches Participatory Budgeting Living Faiths Together – Tool kit on inter-religious dialogue in youth work
"This measure encourages active citizenship by promoting the participation and involvement of citizens in the dynamics of governance and prioritization of investments" "EYCE and its inter-religious partners combined their expertise in the pioneer field of inter-religious youth work and wrote this special hand book in a unique, consensus-based process. "
Alcoutim lança Orçamento Participativo Municipal [Portugal] Art for Peace
"Esta medida incentiva a cidadania ativa, promovendo a participação e envolvimento dos munícipes nas dinâmicas de governação e na definição de prioridades " "As an artist, I try to interact through my work with the community, collaborating and developing small artistic projects that, without requiring money, can count on the participation of the community."
Inter-Parliamentary Union to mark 125 years of global parliamentary action on peace and democracy News from the House of Erasmus
"A formal anniversary event was held in Geneva with the UN which looked at how IPU has helped shape a radically different world where peace, human rights, equality and human development underpin a desire for greater democracy" "For the festival "Seeds of Change" on the 21th of September - the International Peace Day - we've developed a peace-kit in connection with the "Mayors for Peace"-project and it contains twenty creative ideas to set up various projects."