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Be an actor in the International Day of Peace September 2014 at UNESCO Culture of Peace: Interview with Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, ex-Director-General of UNESCO
"We invite local councils, communes, mayors and village chiefs to . . . participate in the event " "Cultivating a better future is possible and we can do it in a collective way with justice and solidarity through a responsible and creative participatory democracy, based in culture of peace "
Appel pour être acteurs de la Journée Internationale de la Paix 2014 en septembre à l'UNESCO Black International Cinema Berlin: May 2-6, 2012
"Il est proposé aux assemblées locales, aux communes, aux Maires ou Chefs de village . . . de participer " "The festival contributes to better understanding and increasing cooperation between people from various cultural, ethnic, national and religious backgrounds "
Tony Benn 1925-2014: tireless, inspirational fighter for peace, justice and equality Nobel Peacemaker Prophesizes Peace in 21st Century
"His legacy will be a commitment to organise, fight injustice and campaign for an equal society. It will also be to commit to fighting against war and militarism. " "Corrigan challenged St. Augustine’s doctrine of a just war created during the time of the Roman Empire."
More than 300 Catholic Communicators in Rome for the SIGNIS World Congress 2014 The Parliament of the World's Religions (Barcelona, Spain)
"on the theme “Media for a Culture of Peace: Creating Images with the New Generation” " "We gathered to address 'Overcoming Religiously Motivated Violence'"
Más de 300 comunicadores católicos asistirán al Congreso Mundial de SIGNIS 2014 en Roma Important Peace Initiatives of Alliance of Civilizations
"por tema “Medios para una cultura de paz: Crear imágenes con la nueva generación” " "I was pleased to see the optimism of civil society, religious leaders and private sector representatives, as well as diplomats, and their commitment to build a culture of peace. I felt that our opinions as youth were heard with respect"
Plus de 300 communicateurs catholiques à Rome pour le Congrès Mondial de SIGNIS 2014 Development of Peace Thinking and Peace Education by NGOs in Russia
"sur le thème "Les médias pour une culture de paix : Créer des images avec la nouvelle génération" " "results of a survey I recently made concerning peace activities by NGOs in Russia"
Federico Mayor once again at UNESCO BAM in a Box
"We, the people, must save our children from the horror of war, all equal in dignity, oriented to civic and democratic values, to justice, solidarity , equality, fraternity, rising above market values, promoting the culture of peace, education for peace, human rights and democracy " "Over 200 drawings and 40 photographs by and of children survivors of the devastating earthquake that took place in the historic city of Bam, Iran on December 26, 2003"
Y Federico Mayor volvió a la UNESCO Youth as Actors in Peace and Human Rights Education
"nosotros los pueblos, para evitar a nuestros hijos el horror de la guerra, todos iguales en dignidad, con los valores cívicos y democráticos en el horizonte, la justicia, la solidaridad, la igualdad, la fraternidad, frente a los valores de los mercados, promoviendo la Cultura de la Paz, la educación para la paz, los derechos humanos y la democracia " "youth can be a relevant partner in 'creating knowledge' and be even more effective in reaching their peers than ‘adult actors’ "
Sarajevo 2014 Youth Camp Activities Proposal Fourth Contest of Animations for Peace
"What better place is there to foster a culture of peace and non-violence with and for the youth than Sarajevo " "all of the winning works along with others that the jury considers to have appropriate quality will be included in a DVD to be exhibited in diverse festivals, contests, cinemas and television "
Launch of the website Discover Peace in Europe International Youth Meeting for the Culture of Peace
"discover - or rediscover - the culture of peace and nonviolence in our cities" "After many discussions, we put together an International Appeal of Youth for a Culture of Peace."
Lancement du site Internet Discover Peace in Europe Living Faiths Together – Tool kit on inter-religious dialogue in youth work
"découvrir – ou de redécouvrir – la culture de paix et de non-violence dans nos villes " "EYCE and its inter-religious partners combined their expertise in the pioneer field of inter-religious youth work and wrote this special hand book in a unique, consensus-based process. "
Culture of Peace: Interview with Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, ex-Director-General of UNESCO Art for Peace
"Cultivating a better future is possible and we can do it in a collective way with justice and solidarity through a responsible and creative participatory democracy, based in culture of peace " "As an artist, I try to interact through my work with the community, collaborating and developing small artistic projects that, without requiring money, can count on the participation of the community."
25th Anniversary of Culture of Peace Society News from the House of Erasmus
"International personalities will meet under the title "For a culture of peace and solidarity" at the Goethe Institute in Athens on the occasion of 25-years work of the Culture of Peace Society " "For the festival "Seeds of Change" on the 21th of September - the International Peace Day - we've developed a peace-kit in connection with the "Mayors for Peace"-project and it contains twenty creative ideas to set up various projects."
Peace Mechanisms at Santorini Biennale 2014 Empowering Young People to be Agent of Change
"calling artists to study and explore causations and reasons countries are guided very often to violent actions . . . and how the arts can create a mechanism against them. " "About 60-70 people from more than 40 countries in the world are currently participating in the 2nd European Regional Intergenerational Forum, International Leadership Training Program in Italy. This program is informed by the principle of reciprocal consultation, learning and empowerment of young emerging human rights leaders and cross pollination of ideas and ideals. "
Building competences to fight hate speech online House of Erasmus of Rotterdam at the Nelson Mandela Festival
"Education is, up to now, the best and more efficient solution to work against hate speech online " "One of the highlights was the performance by our musical group the 'BLOX' who presented themselves with the slogan 'Peace and understanding'"