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South Africa: International Training Program for Human Rights World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil
"the main goals of the upcoming Forum are to bring both outstanding participants from past Leadership Training Programmes and new leaders to launch a global intergenerational leadership organization" "the indigenous peoples spoke as an important voice of the forum ... They came in their warpaint; one indigenous woman explained to me that they consider themselves engaged in a fight to save their forest from exploitation and destruction "
Amnesty International: A Devastating Year The 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
"There can be no security without human rights. . . .We must hope that, looking backward to 2014 in the years to come, what we lived through in 2014 will be seen as a nadir - an ultimate low point - from which we rose up and created a better future." "A group of Human Rights 'elders' has a sign-up page on the Internet to garner a billion signatures this year for the 60th Anniversary ... I appeal to all CPNN readers to assess their feelings about the UDHR and to consider participating in this endeavor."
Amnistía Internacional : Un año demoledor Eighth-grader crosses California to Conduct Research on Eleanor Roosevelt
"Sin derechos humanos no puede haber seguridad. . . Debemos esperar que, cuando en años venideros miremos hacia 2014, lo que hemos vivido este año se considere un nadir —el punto más bajo alcanzable— a partir del cual nos hayamos alzado y creado un futuro mejor." "I chose Eleanor Roosevelt because of her work in the United Nations and her role as first lady, and how she stood out against segregation and women's rights."
Amnesty International: L’année 2014 a été terrible The Three Heroines of Guatemala: The Judge, the Attorney General and the Nobel Peace Laureate
"Une sécurité réelle ne peut être instaurée sans le respect des droits humains. . . .Nous devons nourrir un espoir : au cours des années à venir, lorsque nous nous souviendrons de 2014, ce que nous avons vécu cette année-là sera jugé comme le point le plus bas, d'où nous nous serons élevés vers un avenir meilleur." "a historic moment, the first time in history that a former leader of a country was tried for genocide in a national court . . . Guatemala has set an example for the world, away from violence and impunity "
The Caribbean Union of Teachers promotes LGBT Rights Facing the Past, Moving Towards the Future
"Teacher union leaders have made an important step in their journey to develop a better understanding of LGBT issues from a human rights perspective, as the region shifts its tolerance and acceptance toward sexual diversity." "This was when I realized that these castles provide a platform for both Europeans and Africans alike to face the horrible past of the slave trade and figure out a way forward for all of humanity. "
La Caribbean Union of Teachers promueve los derechos LGBT Nepal: Learning English at the cost of the mother tongues?
"En un esfuerzo por poner fin a la discriminación de los/as estudiantes y docentes LGBT en las escuelas del Caribe, los sindicatos docentes dieron pequeños pasos con el fin de encontrar soluciones para fomentar la aceptación de la diversidad sexual." "Hopefully, future federal states of Nepal may promote education in their mother tongue, protecting linguistic rights. "
Le Caribbean Union of Teachers défend les droits des personnes LGBT Campaign Nonviolence: United States
"Les dirigeant(e)s syndicaux/ales ont franchi un pas important dans la voie d’une meilleure compréhension des questions LGBT sous l’angle des droits de la personne, alors que la région s’ouvre à la tolérance et à l’acceptation de la diversité sexuell" "With these 225 marches, rallies, and public events, thousands of ordinary Americans are speaking out . . . saying that we want a new culture of peace with justice, a new culture of nonviolence."
I marched in France on January 11 - What it meant to me Reflection on Non-violent Training Course, Fletcher School June 2011
"We carried hundreds of huge pencils thrust toward the sky to invoke the concept that writing and dialogue should replace the use of arms to resolve differences" "The result of injustices and oppression are the same regardless of where conflict exists, in Palestine, Tibet, Colombia, Burma, and these are just a small number of conflict affected countries."
Nepal's Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Myth or Reality? Letter from Kivu, Congo
"We had very high expectation when Comprehensive Peace Accord was signed in 2006, ever since lobby was started for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, but many things are being covered up." "in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Northern and Southern Kivu), I am in the process of organizing a movement of youth called Youth for Peace, Love and Development "
Nepal: Freedom of belief should be equally enjoyed for both majority and minority religious groups News from JFDHOP (Democratic Republic of Congo)
"Around forty leaders from Hindu, Christian and Bahai, educators have expressed their concerns about policy and legal provisions regarding religious freedom in Nepal" "The actions respond to the new and complex situation in the DRC where the country has established democratically elected institutions at both national and provincial levels"
Brazil: Truth Commission details ‘Dirty War’ Atrocities, Calls for Prosecutions A letter from the Palestinian Nonviolence Resistance
"In addition, the commission proposed creating a body to monitor the adoption of its recommendations for addressing past abuses, and to examine and promote measures to end the continued use by security forces of torture and other abusive practices documented in the report." "throwing stones did not work and suicide bombs definitely did not work. In this new time period we must use the nonviolence method, but even that seems aggressive to the Israeli occupiers"
Brasil: Comissão da Verdade Expõe Atrocidades da Ditadura Breaking Them Down: Walls that Block People and Walls that Block Words
"Além disso, a Comissão propôs a criação de um órgão para monitorar a adoção de suas recomendações quanto aos abusos cometidos no passado, bem como para examinar e promover medidas para acabar com a prática atual, pelas forças de segurança, da tortura e de outros abusos documentados no relatório." "no power can stand up against a mass of people that has crossed the border of despair. That is the lesson of Gaza, January, 2008."
A Path to Dignity: The Power of Human Rights Education Where Have You Hidden My New Crescent Moon?
"Human rights education can transform people’s lives, empowering individuals on a path to dignity and bring about positive change in their respective communities and societies." " A story that they have to live with all their life — of hoping against hope to find their missing children and often dying without ever finding them."
Looking for a leader in the Caribbean to end discrimination against homosexuals Empowering Young People to be Agent of Change
"To improve the human rights record in Trinidad and Tobago the country needs leadership. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar can be that leader and could truly make a mark on the country’s history and change the human rights environment for the better." "About 60-70 people from more than 40 countries in the world are currently participating in the 2nd European Regional Intergenerational Forum, International Leadership Training Program in Italy. This program is informed by the principle of reciprocal consultation, learning and empowerment of young emerging human rights leaders and cross pollination of ideas and ideals. "
Campaign Nonviolence: United States Peaceful March on the International Day of People with Disabilities
"With these 225 marches, rallies, and public events, thousands of ordinary Americans are speaking out . . . saying that we want a new culture of peace with justice, a new culture of nonviolence." "People with disabilities are powerful if united."