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Culture of Peace Day in Santo Amaro (Brazil)
un articulo por Secretaria de Defesa Social (abridged)

The neighborhood of Santo Amaro, in the central area of ​​Recife, celebrated a special day with citizen actions and culture of Peace. The Secretariat of Social Defense - SDS - with the Joint Prevention Management Community (GPAC) sponsored the Culture of Peace Day in Santo Amaroon last Friday afternoon, July 26.

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In partnership with the event "Live your Life in Santo Amaro" conducted by the Peace Commission of Pernambuco, cultural and social activities took place in the community during the afternoon and stretched into the night.

The kickoff event was held at Rua Barão de Igarassu, parallel to Avenida Cruz Cabugá. Children, youth, adults, students and residents gathered at the site to march towards the Campo do Onze with posters asking for more love, peace, respect and more integration in the labor market.

Fabiola Paz, a student and resident of Santo Amaro,, 11 years old, attended the walk and knew what he was asking. "I want our neighborhood to grow with parks where I can play and be more calm."

At the end of the walk, on reaching the field all held hands and prayed. After the religious moment, a number of social and cultural activities took place. There was information about the Educational Program Drug Resistance (Proerd), talks with the Firemen Friends of the School, booths for the New Life Program and Consultório Street, registration for the Bolsa Família and enrollment for courses of the group Youth Force.

Community social groups also presented their work.

The GPAC Manager, John Evangelista walked among the people excited about the will of the community to fight for a better neighborhood. "The goal of SDS is to promote social inclusion actions like these, enabling a different future for the community, including actions to prevent violence, drug use and criminality. We want to develop a culture of peace among our young people to become healthy, happy and great citizens, "said John . . .

Also during the event, there were cultural activities such as presentations of theater, " afoxé" and " maracatu" , and shows by the band Touch of Faith and theartists Viviane, Cannibal, Pagodance, Group Teatração, Leke and Alusa. And the day ended with the presentation of MCs and bands of Santo Amaro.

The Peace Commission of Pernambuco was founded by young people, students, sociologists and activists, among others, to spread peace, increase self-esteem and confidence of young people of Santo Amaro. "For too long, the district recorded the highest crime rates in the city. Today, the situation is slightly better, but the community's youth still suffer to enter the labor market. And I believe that citizenship actions will further change the reality of Santo Amaro, "said the Coordinator of the Tacaruna Social Project, Sylvia Vasconcelos.. . .

(Click here for a Portuguese version of this article)


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