Peace Brigades International is recruiting field volunteers for Kenya


An email from Peace Brigades International (PBI)

As you know, volunteers are the heart of PBI’s work. Canadians in the field act as our witnesses, voices, and peacekeepers. They deter violence against human rights defenders, advocate with our diplomats and government, and show the world that Canadians like you and I are watching and prepared to act when defenders are in danger.

The power of an international presence is profound. In the words of former PBI volunteer, Hans-Ulrich Krause: “There are two privileges attached to a foreign passport in a conflict area. You can use it to board the next flight out of trouble. Or you can use it as a tool to help protect human rights.”

Today, the situation for human rights defenders in Kenya is more alarming than ever. Our projects in KENYA is one of newest, but already many local defenders have told us just how desperate their needs for international protection are. And with your support and solidarity, we can respond.

One way is to volunteer! PBI is now recruiting new field volunteers for Kenya for placement in 2018. Information about the Kenyan recruitment campaign can be found here

Application deadline has been extended to: Friday 30th June 2017.

In Kenya, most attacks against human rights defenders continue to go unpunished. Click here to read the powerful story of Rahma Wako.

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Can peace be guaranteed through nonviolent means?

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But the Kenyan project also creates great and original tools such as a toolkit for Women Human rights defenders.

Don’t let them stand alone. Please help us safeguard the lives of more human rights defenders with a gift today.

P.S. If you’re wondering what the day-to-day of a PBI volunteer looks like, watch the powerful video below by Sophia Kerridge, a volunteer in Colombia.

Sophia Kerridge has been a PBI volunteer in Colombia for a year. In this short video she explains what the team of volunteers do, her experience, and the situation for HRDs.

To become a PBI field volunteer is an incredible opportunity to provide protective physical and political accompaniment to at-risk defenders. You will help to deter violence, and you will create space for them to continue their critical work toward peace, justice and human rights.

Volunteers receive specialized training, return flights, room and board, medical insurance, and small monthly stipends. If you are selected for training, please contact PBI-Canada to discuss how we can support you!

Did you know that a $50 donation to one of our projects can enable a human rights defender to receive a PBI security training workshop? This knowledge saves lives. The Kenyan Project is in need of support.

(Thank you to Janet Hudgins, the CPNN reporter for this article.)