Brazil: Public hearing discusses culture of peace in Recife


An article from Diario de Pernambuco

The Pernambuco Commission for Peace will take part in a public hearing on the culture of peace to be held on June 15, at the City Council of Recife. The meeting, scheduled to happen at 2:00 pm, will focus on schools and families of adolescents. According to Tiago Tércio, coordinator of the Commission, the hearing will encourage families to take more responsibility for their children, especially with children who are growing up and may enter into crime. “Violence in schools will also be discussed. If we can make families aware of leaving their children under the right supervision and with extra-school activities, we will be on the right track,” says Tiago.

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So far, according to the Pernambuco Peace Commission, the following are expected to take part in the hearing: city councilor Eriberto Rafael (PTC), Recife’s Secretary of Urban Security, Murilo Cavalcanti, the secretary of Social Development and Human Rights of Recife, Ana Rita Suassuna, representatives of State and municipal education departments, as well as the commander of the 13th Military Police Battalion, the Civil Police delegate Ary Siqueira and the director of the Pedro Celso School in Beberibe, Sandra Serafim. The Pernambuco Peace Commission is made up of former inmates of the Fundação de Atendimento Socioeducativo, young people who committed infractions and today struggle to help children and adolescents escape Recife’s neighborhoods where crime is flourishing.

On May 26, students from ten public schools participated in a peace march. The group left the Convention Square in Beberibe and then went to the neighborhood of Campina do Barreto, where a stage was set up and several shows were shown. In the same space there was a station with services for people dependent on drugs, set up by the Consultório de Rua with free haircuts, blood pressure measurement, etc.. The event was also organized by the Pernambuco Peace Commission, which seeks to stimulate good actions and increase the self-esteem of young people. This was the second time that the institution promoted a peace march. The first happened on May 26, 2013, in the neighborhood of Santo Amaro.

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