Brazil: Compaz and Londrina Pazeando promote music festival


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The Londrina City Culture of Peace Council (Compaz), in partnership with the NGO Londrina Pazeando, is promoting the 1st Music Festival, which will take place during the 13th Night of the Culture of Peace. The festival will be on September 28 at 7 pm at the New Alliance Church, at Rua Cuiabá, 48, at the corner of Rio Grande do Norte, in the center.

Image from the Londrina Culture of Peace Night in 2010

To participate, interested parties will be able to send lyrics and songs in any rhythm including sertanejo, pop, rock, hap, pagode and others, as long as they promote the culture of peace and restorative justice. The intention is for children, adolescents and adults to compose lyrics and melodies that encourage respect among people, cooperation among nations, an end to prejudice and discrimination between class, gender and race, and to promote dialogue as a solution for conflicts and the end of violence.

To this end, the council is inviting students from public and private schools to participate, as well as poets and singers from the city. There are three categories: children (children up to 12 years old can participate); adolescents (12 to 18 years of age) and adults (people over 18 years).

Individuals up to the age of 18 may enroll in schools, through the Municipal Education Department, the Regional Education Center and SINEPE. Adults should enroll at Compaz, at the headquarters of Sincoval, located at Rua Governador Parigot de Souza, 220.

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“We hope the festival will stimulate reflection and behavior change in relation to the culture of nonviolence, because, often in our own day-to-day lives, we maintain actions and speeches that come from the violent, war-like culture. With this in mind, we are making the first music festival, which will take place during the 17th Municipal Peace Week, “explained the secretary of Compaz and coordinator of Londrina Pazeando, Luís Claudio Galhardi.

To register please read carefully the regulations posted on the website, fill out the registration form and record the unpublished song, up to 5 minutes on CD or DVD, which must be delivered when you sign up before July 31.

A technical commission will evaluate the best songs that have been submitted and they will be performed during the Festival. The bands and musicians will have their performances recorded and posted on the channel of the Londrina Pazeando organization, on You Tube. They can also be used by the Movement for Peace in the dissemination of actions for the development of a culture of peace.

Those interested in participating can access the inspirational support material available on Londrina Pazeando’s website and on the You Tube channel by clicking on “Music Channel”.

During the festival, participants will also be able to watch the release of the music video of the Movement for Peace, with lyrics by Tinho Lemos and the performance by several singers from the city.