2017 Declared the Year of the Promotion of the Culture of Peace in El Salvador


An article from Prensa Latina

The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador declared today [January 12] that 2017 will be recognized as the Year of the Promotion of the Culture of Peace. The initiative was presented to parliament by the Executive and backed by negotiators and signatories of the Peace Accords, in the context of the 25th Anniversary of the Peace Accords, signed in 1992, Mexico, which ended 12 years of armed conflict.

According to the endorsed motion, 25 years after the signing of the Peace Accords, it is necessary to return to the spirit of the Accords and to raise awareness in the present and future generations of preserving peace in a firm and lasting way.

The declaration aims to promote civic and ethical values ​​in Salvadoran society, to lead to the promotion of solidarity in a framework of harmonious and peaceful coexistence.

It also seeks to transmit the values ​​of peace and non-violence to the population, understanding peace not only as an absence of war, but as the result of a state of equality, justice and solidarity and the eradication of any kind of violence, either direct or structural.

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