New cities of peace this quarter


Excerpts from December newsletter of International Cities of Peace

The following are new cities of peace this quarter!

Kumara, New Zealand: City of Peace

The community is committed to fostering a culture of peace through wellness practices and educational programs. “We are pleased to share that we have just opened our Human Rights and Sustainable Development Centre at the Kumara Town Hall . . .

Buea, Cameroon: City of Peace

Linus Ayangwoh Embe has founded the Association for Community Awareness. The group focuses on reducing the stigma of HIV/AIDS, of which over 5^% of the population is plagued, the environment, peace building, child support and women empowerment. . .

Urbana, Ohio, U.S.A.: City of Peace

On Peace Day, 2017, Urbana Mayor Bean signed their city of peace resolution. “We are gearing up for our third year at, Urbana University promoting and sponsoring programs for the “Season for Non-Violence” through The Alicia Titus Memorial Peace Fund. . .

Port Harcourt, Nigeria: City of Peace

The Global Ambassadors for Peace on Sustainable Development have established Port Harcourt on the Atlantic Ocean as a City of Peace. They work closely with civic officials and the group is re-committing to providing free medical treatment to the less privileges in order “to show love to the disabled persons” . . .

Kubwa, Abuja, Nigeria: City of Peace

They have created an organization called Congress for Peace and Human Rights Defense, Nigeria. 1) Currently we are planing to start a project on peace on the on going strike action in Cameroon. 2) As from match 2017, ASCOA will visit schools to create peace clubs. 3) 2017 ASCOA will also carry out peace project with community groups, schools vulnerable children, orphans and Hiv infected children. 4) On World Peace Day 2017, ASCOA will organizer peace activities including football and a peace conference.”

Makindye, Uganda: City of Peace

The group will work in the area of Uganda characterized by vulnerable households and families in slums, many young people and mainly gangs (locally known as the “Kifesi” groups) and street children subject to neglect and abuse. . .

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The Gambia: City of Peace

The Gambia is a small country in Africa with borders along the Gambia river. It now has its first City of Peace. Strategy for 2017 is “To ensure the well being of most of the people living in the communities with in our surroundings and across the country. To enable the people to have basic access of knowledge and understanding of the significance effects of culture of peace, cities of peace and the International Cities of Peace around the globe. And to be challenged also in are cultural mores and traditions and politics that violate women and human rights.”

Kabale, Uganda: City of Peace

Ugandan Andrew Amanya has used his radio show, Hope Kids, to create a football program that is helping children in the town of Kabale. . .

South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo: City of Peace

The group has created the Centre Des Jeunes Pour La Paix to help young people, including 130 orphans, with school fees and other necessities of life. : After decades of bloody fighting and broken peace treaties, in January of this year the army launched a successful offensive against remnants of the FDLR, ADF and Mai-Mai militias. The work of Jean Paul and his courageous group are the only true way to heal and move forward for a country more peaceful and prosperous.

Lucerne, Switzerland: City of Peace

At the foot of the Swiss Alps, Lucerne, Switzerland is home to over 80,000 people who speak Swiss German. LATEST NEWS; The leaders’ work for peace is focused on differing perspectives and how diversity contributes to the well being of all. Hans is president of the Perspective Association, a politically neutral and independent group which launched the first Lucerne Peace Day in 2016. . .

Gardnersville, Monrovia, Liberia

The group first priority is to help kids and youth with their lessons after school hours. “We are planning of having children’s party on Christmas day. This will help to keep the children out of the street and to save them from bad boys and bad girls. Before the Christmas party on Monday we will host a one day childrens’ football tournament that will compresses of 8 teams from 4 communities. . . .

Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti: City OF Peace

Haiti has recently been ravaged by another hurricane yet hope burns brightly. The Centre Esperance de la Lumiere des Demunis and Ministry Hope of the Light in Christ in Haiti has 59 children who have been abandoned. The Ministry is located in a small church for the large population of 80,000 in their community. The liaison, Jean Nicolas Joseph, has bought land in order to reach these goals. The school, orphanage and ministry are looking for funding. As Jean says, “I need you help me pray for this city.”