Mexico: Peace banners in the schools of Cobaem


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Responding to the challenge by Governor Silvano Aureoles Conejo to inculcate a culture of peace, the College of Bachelors of the State of Michoacán (Cobaem) is distributing buttons to young people who have committed to become conflict mediators and peace promoters.

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This was launched in the context of the conference “Together We Build Peace”, featuring Claudia Torres Orihuela Bricia, national youth coordinator of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace which begins the “peace banners” initiative for 125 schools of Cobaem to take place in November.

She explained that next month the 50 thousand students will be pioneers in the “Together We Build Peace”, a project of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace.

In his speech, the director general of Cobaem, Alejandro Bustos Aguilar, said t students, parents, teachers, managers and administrative staff of the subsystem should advance towards recognition of diversity on a daily basis.

“In Cobaem we seek to build a way in which humans can live without violence, and I am sure that soon we will have to have a culture of peace, which will institutionalize and give another dimension to the educational system,” said Bustos Aguilar .

Finally, he announced that on 10 and 11 November there will be a “Youth Meeting for Peace” in Morelia to be attended by thousand students who will participate in conferences, debates and essay and story contests.

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