First Meeting for Violence Prevention in Uruapan. Mexico


An article from Agenia Quadratin (translated by CPNN)

The Municipal Government through the Ministry of Municipal Public Security and the Social Prevention of Violence and Crime, invited all social, educational, cultural, business and private sectors to the First Meeting for Violence Prevention held on Monday October 3 at the premises of the Casa del NiƱo.

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According to a press release, the event took place from nine o’clock in the morning, in the framework of the commemoration of the “International Day of Non-Violence” in the auditorium “Father Ochoa” of this institution. Also, the mayor, Victor Manuel Gonzalez Manriquez, has underlined the importance of creating social participation forums for involvement with the government for decision-making on public safety.

For his part, the representative for Municipal Public Security, Juan Martin Vega Villalobos, gave details of the activities held during this day, including a lecture entitled “Antidote Against Violence”, by Gerardo Herrera Perez, lawyer from Michoacan and a doctoral candidate in public policy, currently coordinator of research, dissemination and training of the ECHR in Michoacan and member of the Conapred.

Finally, the director of the section on Social Prevention of Violence and Crime, Manuel Escobedo Navarrete, said that the conference was to discuss enactment of a law for a culture of peace and prevention of violence and crime in Michoacan.

Escobedo Navarrete said two main axes are established: Culture of Peace, as a mechanism for human development through dialogue, tolerance and respect; and preventing violence as a vaccine against crime. He said they have worked for several months on this project with a multidisciplinary team to conduct workshops with issues of child violence, addiction prevention, violence, violent crime, new masculinities and neighborhood mediation.

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