Mexico: Presentation of the project “Oaxaca Intercultural”


An article from ADN Sureste (translated by CPNN)

Oaxaca, July 18. The project “Oaxaca Intercultural” is being organized by a number of cultural and social associations in order to strengthen cultural life and citizenship skills for coexistence and dialogue through the linkage of education and culture,

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Lucina Jimenez, Unesco expert consultant and director of the International Consortium for Art and the School A.C. (ConArte), said that the project has been launched with resources provided by the Federal Ministry of Culture thanks to legislative management by federal deputy Francisco Martínez Neri.

She explained that the themes of culture of peace and intercultural dialogue are the keystones for which ten organizations of civil society will support a series of projects in Oaxaca. The project will encourage reflection and dialogue about contemporary art production through academic exchanges in urban artistic and cultural sectors as well as with young speakers of indigenous languages.

For his part, the federal legislator praised the willingness of civic associations to join the project which shows that regardless of any differences, they can work together towards a common goal of dialogue and coexistence in Oaxaca through artistic and cultural activities.

It should be noted that the project began on Saturday and will continue until next August in various locations.

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