Culture of Peace: Artistic Creations by African Youth


Special for CPNN by Kiki Chauvin (English translation by CPNN)

Last week, CPNN republished an article concerning the launch of the youth campaign for a culture of peace in Central Africa which took place in Libreville, Gabon. This week, we have received two remarkable videos created by the youth for this campaign. They are presented on the Facebook page of the campaign, appropriately named “Africa4peace”.

The first is a spot video of one minute 20 seconds which will be run by many television and radio stations in Gabon. The youth of the campaign are shown bearing traditional ceremonial torches and calling out the word “peace” in various languages spoken in Central Africa. The word “peace” in the 40 languages of the region are arranged as a design for the composite logo for the campaign:

Click on the image to enlarge

The second video features a song, “Donnons la paix”, composed by Annie-Flore Batchiellilys and presented by the youth campaign as an artistic production. Click here to view it.

Introducing the campaign members and their videos, the representative of UNESCO in Gabon, Enzo Fazzino, emphasized that it took three months of work by the youth to prepare these productions. The work was in itself a “veritable culture of peace, as they took responsibility and engagement on a daily basis as the actors of the project, participating with others to construct socities that will be more just, more equitable, inclusive and peaceful.” (Click here for the video of the presentation ceremony.

( Click here for the French version.)


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