Michoacán, Mexico: Law Approved for Culture of Peace and Prevention of Violence


An article from Quadratin, Michoacán (translated by CPNN)

Morelia, Michoacan, July 15, 2016.- The Regular Session of the Congress of Michoacán has approved the recommendation of the committees of Justice and Public Security and Civil Protection, and approved the Act for a Culture of Peace and Prevention of Violence and Crime for the State. The purpose of the law is to provide additional institutional support to restore the social fabric and social inclusion, foster a culture of peace and a harmonious society and ensure public participation to protect the peace of our families and communities. Where appropriate, it aims to provide strong denunciation of crimes and serve the collective interest. This was announced by Deputy Wilfrido Lazaro Medina who presented the initiative which is now an approved Act of the Legislature.

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According to a statement, the President of the Commission of Public Safety and Civil Protection, said that this initiative was also strengthened in its technical aspects by an analysis and updating of legislation on public safety that was carried out in conjunction with the Ministry of State Security. Other contributions came from participants in the Diploma in Public Safety and Culture of Prevention of the Latin University of America, as well as observations by the State Center for Violence and Delinquency Prevention and inputs from civil society organizations and associations, citizens and experts on the subject.

Lazaro Medina said that peace is the social value that motivated him to present the proposed Law for the Culture of Peace and Prevention of Violence and Crime. He said “this represents a progressive reform of the law. It is not utopian but rational and possible to achieve a culture of peace through the observance of the rule of law. Our people need security and stability as a condition of being able to have a full life and exercise the rights and freedoms that our Constitution gives us.”

“There is no way to peace, peace is the way,” said Mahatma Gandhi. But we must also say that the path only exists if you build it through respect, tolerance, humility, generosity, dialogue, understanding, agreements and reconciliation. Only then can we construct a positive peace in the state, by doing our part in Michoacan, “he concluded.

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