For the first time, a Peace Plan for Cali, Colombia


An article from El Pueblo (translated by CPNN)

Establishing policies and guidelines in Cali and Valle for strategic and educational activities that promote a culture of peace, peaceful coexistence and reconciliation in southwestern Colombia: that is the purpose of the “Plan for Peace and Peaceful Coexistence”, a city project led by the Peace Advisory Council of Cali, under the administration of mayor Maurice Armitage.

Counselor Rocio Gutierrez Cely
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According to Counselor, Rocio Gutierrez Cely, the “Plan for Peace and Peaceful Coexistence” is a guide prepared by the Peace Advisory Council, in consultation with different social actors such as the High Council for Peace and Human Rights of the Government of Valle, the Archdiocese, universities along with staff of the mayor’s office in Cali and agencies such as the Post-Conflict Advisory Council. The purpose is to engage the competencies of each organization in order to strengthen support, alliances and joint proposals that may be pursued by and with the population of Cali and Valle. ”

Advances of the “Peace Plan Agenda”

Counselor Rocio Gutierrez Cely presented the “Plan for Peace and Peaceful Coexistence” to the Mayor of Cali and his cabinet, which is working on several components, one of which has been called “Cali , city of peace promoters”. In making the presentation, he said “we have already made progress to strengthen actions to train leaders and community organizations, as promoters of peace through justice and reconciliation.”

Other joint strategies will be developed to reinforce the actions of the Peace Advisory Council of Cali. They already have the support of the High Commissioner for Peace and Human Rights, Fabio Cardozo Montealegre, for community reintegration and restorative justice, which is conceived as a means of alternative dispute resolution.

In conclusion, the Peace Counselor said that “peace is an attitude, a lifestyle that leads us to forgive, reconcile and to realize that as we prevent conflict and empower people, especially those living in vulnerable circumstances, we are building peace. We can do this by workshops and conferences. We need everyone to be involved regardless of their socioeconomic status or whether they are in the public or private sector. ”

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