Mali: The struggle against terrorism: Towards the creation of a global network of Ulemas


An article from Malijet (translated by CPNN)

The Malian Association for Peace and Well-being (AMPS) returns to its quest for a peaceful and tolerant Islam in Mali. The first attempt was postponed after the terrorist attack of November 20, 2015 against the Radisson Blue hotel. This time, the organizers have set a new date for the conference to be held from 14 to 16 May 2016 in the Bamako International conference Centre.


According to the president of AMPS, Mamadou Moussa Diallo, the objective of this meeting is to understand and claim Islam as a factor of peace, tolerance, solidarity and sharing. To achieve this goal, he explains, speakers will come from several countries to discuss topics such as “violence as seen by Islam”, “Islam: the relationship between religious extremism and poverty”, “Islam, peace and development “,” the media and the culture of peace.”

“On the sidelines of the conference, we also intend to set up a global network of religious leaders to prevent the rise of extremism in Africa and the world,” said the president of the association. “We need such a global network of Ulemas to struggle against the terrorist forces that have have gained strength by their international cooperation.”

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