Mexico City: A system of mediation to be applied in all 16 delegations


An article by Lemic Madrid, Azteca Noticias

In Mexico City a system of mediation will be applied as an alternative means to resolve conflicts in the communities of the 16 delegations; With this action, citizens in the capital city will be able to reach agreement with authorities to resolve issues of security, services and urban infrastructure.

City Prosecutor Rodolfo Ríos Garza

The Superior Court of Justice and the Attorney General of the capital will promote the training of mediators who will work to ensure access to justice and the rights of all parties in conflict, seeking a satisfactory solution for the benefit of the community.

“The major objective of community mediation is to consider all people as citizens with rational capacity to voluntarily settle their conflicts, so that they do not need to reach the courts … They will be supported by a community mediator who legitimizes the process,” according to the President of the Capital City Court of Justice, Edgar Elias Azar.

During his participation in the signing of the agreement to implement the system in the 16 delegations of the capital, he said that in criminal matters, this strategy has generated savings of resources and time by establishing a dialogue between the conflicting parties.

As for the city prosecutor, Rodolfo Rios Garza, he said the mediation system has generated dividends by ensuring compensation for damage and by shortening the time required for the settlement of a conflict by means of a dialogue between the two sides.

“This can be seen through the activity carried out by mediation units in law enforcement, which, from January 2015 to February 2016, recorded 7,326 processes, leading to the signing of 1,871 agreements and 860 agreements with reparations, thus achieving the proper settlement of disputes between the parties involved in a conflict of criminal content,” said the city prosecutor, Rodolfo Rios Garza. He indicated that these results led to the decision to extend mediation to other areas of public life.

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