Senegal: 4th Global Peace Festival: “Live Peace – Meeting of World Cultures”


Excerpts from the email received at CPNN from Live Peace Festival International

From May Friday 06th to Sunday 08th, 2016, Saint-Louis (Senegal-West Africa) a secular land of peace and legendary Teranga (hospitality), ancient capital of French’ West Africa and Senegal, a tercentenary symbolic City listed World Heritage Site by UNESCO and successful example of harmonious and peaceful coexistence of cultures and religious, is welcoming the 4th Global Peace Festival : « Live Peace – Meeting of World Cultures ».

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Organized by the non-profit organization for the « Co-operation, Development and Action » (CODEVA) to build a « bridge » between the world cultures and development and link Humans, this great celebration of Arts, Culture of Peace, Forum for Peace and Peace Camp will assemble all those who work for peace, peacemakers, artists, youth, women, volunteers, personality and world citizens coming together in one big celebration dedicated to peace and cultural diversity. The theme this year is : “Youth and Women in Sustainable Development Goal” and to our cultural heritage as a contribution to the local development of Senegal and Africa.

The “Live Peace Festival of World Cultures” is an original and very special sustainable event of solidarity and education in Saint-Louis of Senegal. It is full of symbolism, respectful of life from local to global, and the need for the emergence of a culture of non-violence, dialogue between cultures, responding to the aspiration of humanity for peace.

The three (3) days of festival includes concerts, shows, performing arts/music, dance, theater, campfire and narrated evening, forums, interactive workshop, projection of film, hiking, Global Village of Festival: fair-exhibitions, visual arts, convivial and solidarity space, zone of media center and public relations.

We warmly invite all the positive energies (youth, women, volunteers and artists) media, donors, sponsors and partners to support and participate in solidarity with this worthy cause and contribute to the success of the festival.

P.O.Box : 241- Saint-Louis, SENEGAL
Phone : + 221.77 553.85.63 / 70 658.81.43
Mail :

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