Sudan Open University Graduates Sign Peace Pledge


an article by AllAfrica News Service, press release from UNAMID

On 10 February 2015, thousands of people in El Fasher, North Darfur, attended a graduation ceremony organized by UNAMID for the students of the Sudan Open University.


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Sudan Open University Graduates Sign Peace Pledge

The occasion, held under the theme “Darfur: Talk Peace Now,” included a musical concert, traditional dances and drama performances.

The highlight of the event was the signing of a peace pledge by graduates from 2006-2012. “As we have gained a lot through our education at the University, we pledge before everyone present here to become messengers for peace and development,” said Khalil Gamareldin, on behalf of the graduates.

UNAMID Deputy Joint Special Representative (DJSR), Abdul Kamara, addressed the gathering saying that such events motivate the youth to support peace initiatives through their education. Speaking to the new graduates, Mr. Kamara said, “Today’s ceremony represents a giant step for you, as it will enable you to begin contributing to the promotion of all peace initiatives using your newly gained education and credentials, through avenues that are now open for you, to place the agenda for peace in Darfur firmly on national, regional and international platforms.”

DJSR Kamara reconfirmed that the African Union and United Nations, along with other international partners, remain cogniscent of developments in the region, and will continue to work with the Government and all parties in the implementation of initiatives that can guarantee peace and security for all Darfuris. “UNAMID stands ready to support anyone, any group, any community, that is willing to work for better lives and livelihoods for the people of Darfur,” remarked UNAMID’s Deputy JSR.

On his part, Mr. Abu Abdelrahman, Chair, Sudan Open University, spoke about the work of the University in areas such as human resource development, social cohesion and the dissemination of the culture of peace. Additionally, he expressed his gratitude to UNAMID for its continued support.

“Focusing on learning and education can help address many of the significant issues Darfuris are dealing with,” said the Wali (Governor) of North Darfur State, Osman Kibir, reaffirming his support for speeding up the pace of education to bring about peace and development in the region.

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