Can NATO be abolished?


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Washington, DC: Peace Activists against NATO

España: Un llamamiento contra las maniobras de la OTAN vertebra movilizaciones y acciones de desobediencia civil

Spain: An appeal against NATO military exercises galvanizes demonstrations and civil disobedience actions

A common vision: The abolition of militarism

Here is a quotation from Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire from the article “A common vision”:

Unfortunately, instead of putting more energy into providing help for EU citizens, we are witnessing the growing militarization of Europe, its role as a driving force for armaments, and its dangerous path, under the leadership of the USA/NATO, towards a new ‘cold’ war and military aggression. The European Union and many of its countries, who used to take initiatives in the UN for peaceful settlements of conflicts, particularly allegedly peaceful countries, like Norway and Sweden, are now one of the US/NATO most important war assets. The EU is a threat to the survival of neutrality. Many nations have been drawn into being complicit in breaking international law through US/UK/NATO wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc.

I believe NATO should be abolished. The United Nations should be reformed and strengthened, and we should get rid of the veto in the Security Council so that it is a fair vote and we don’t have one power ruling over us. The UN should actively take up its mandate to save the world from the scourge of war.