Angola: Executive defends culture of peace


An article by Jaquelino Figueiredo and Fernando Neto, Jornal de Angola (translation by CPNN)

“The culture of peace is an urgent need for the harmonious coexistence among the people of Africa”, according to the remarks of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs on Saturday in Soyo,.

Photography: Jaquelino Figueiredo

Manuel Augusto, who was speaking at the closing ceremony of the International Conference on the Culture of Peace, organized by the Eduardo dos Santos Foundation (FESA), said the participants analyzed the causes of conflicts and their tragic consequences.

The Secretary of State emphasized the need for actions aimed not only to establish, but also to contribute to the collective understanding of the importance of a culture of peace. He said, “It is in this context of pragmatism and collective awareness of the culture of peace that fall under the six dimensional levels set out by His Excellency the President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos and Patron of FESA, at the International Conference on Culture Peace, held in Luanda in March 2013, a joint initiative between the Angolan Government, UNESCO and the African Union.”

Manuel Augusto said that the culture of peace just one specific action, but rather an ongoing and dynamic process. For this, the Angolan Government has taken the responsibility to carry out next year the Forum for the Culture of Peace in Africa, with the support of UNESCO and the African Union. “This proposal was accepted and endorsed by African Heads of States in their Summit of July 2014. Angola and its leader will share with the rest of the world their own experience and thus contribute concretely to the dissemination, awareness and adoption of a culture of peace “, he said.

The Executive considered that the participation of lecturers and experts from different parts of the world and international institutions of recognized competence will add not only prestige and visibility to the initiative of FESA, but also the assurance that the compilation of the papers presented will become a matter of study and research for leaders, academics, students and civil society in general. The participants of the International Conference on Culture of Peace recommended to academic research institutions a reflection on citizenship in Africa, its historical, sociological and cultural perspective. The enhancement and strengthening of oral tradition as a vehicle of transmission of cultural values ​​is also a recommendation of the conference.

The participants to the International Conference on Culture of Peace, held Friday and Saturday in Soyo, northern Zaire province, acknowledged the active role of Angola in resolving conflicts in the African continent, according to the chairman of FESA. Ismael Diogo da Silva, considering the meeting which brought together about 500 participants, including 90 foreigners from various countries in Africa, said all participants were unanimous that Angola is an example in conflict resolution, taking into consideration the efforts of the leadership of President José Eduardo dos Santos to keep the peace. For Angolans, he said, it should be cause for pride and to encourage the ongoing dialogue.

The chairman of FESA noted that the final declaration recommends the continuation of the theme of the discussion of the culture of peace, to persuade leaders not to take the path of conflict, but rather identify the major reasons for the promotion of dialogue and understanding.

The conference allowed interaction with African lecturers and FESA and managed to bring politicians, researchers and professors to the discussion of the culture of peace.

“We have heard politicians, researchers and professors, many of them members of international academies of culture of peace, of democracy, citizenship and UNESCO. They have left us with a clear message of encouragement that Angola is on track,” he said.

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