United Nations in Ghana and key partners set to roll out “I Pledge for Peace Campaign” in Ghana ahead of 2024 elections.


An article from the United Nations Office in Ghana

As Ghana prepares for the upcoming 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, the United Nations in Ghana, in collaboration with the National Peace Council, is set to roll out the “I Pledge for Peace Campaign”. This initiative aims to reinforce the principles of peace among all Ghanaians before, during and after the forth coming elections.

The campaign, initially launched to coincide with the 2023 International Day of Peace, will actively engage a diverse range of stakeholders, including individuals, communities, civil society organizations, government entities, religious leaders, and youth groups. The overarching goal is to foster a culture of peace, advocate for peaceful elections, and promote tolerance and peaceful co-existence before, during, and after the electoral process.

“Elections represent a key moment for citizens to use their voting power to reflect, choose, and select leaders to act for their country and the future. This can only be possible when there is peace and stability, freedom, tolerance, and respect for one another. Elections are not a period of combat and the unhealthy exchange of views or for divisive language” says the UN Resident Coordinator in Ghana, Mr. Charles Abani. “We want to use this campaign to urge stakeholders to publicly commit to peace, and by extension, a peaceful election. We believe that the positive actions of stakeholders, through social media and other channels, will encourage tolerance and discourage misinformation.” He further notes.

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The campaign encourages individuals and organizations to make public pledges for peace, amplifying the message through various communication channels, including social media. The aim is to create a collective commitment to a peaceful electoral environment. These pledges will be shared on all the UN in Ghana and National Peace Council social media platforms.

The Chairman of the National Peace Council, Rev. Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, underscores the importance of individual contributions to achieving peace. “Until every life is respected, and properties protected, achieving peaceful co-existence remains a distant goal. We all, as individuals, need to spread messages that encourage peace because its very existence begins with us, for all we have is one Ghana. The National Peace Council will do everything in its power to support this campaign and ensure a peaceful election come December 2024.”

The “I Pledge for Peace Campaign” reflects a collaborative effort between the United Nations, the National Peace Council, and various stakeholders to create a peaceful and inclusive electoral process in Ghana.


Ghana’s democracy remains a beacon of hope for the continent. The UN continues to support the country to foster its development agenda in a peaceful atmosphere and uphold its reputation as a regional pacesetter for democratic governance. Join the UN Team in Ghana and key stakeholders and PLEDGE FOR PEACE.

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