Togo participation in the Luanda Biennale, or Pan-African Forum on Culture, to take place in the Angolan capital from November 22 to 24


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The Luanda Biennale, or Pan-African Forum on Culture, will take place in the Angolan capital from November 22 to 24.

Three young Togolese were invited, Komlan Nestor Kotchadjo, Samson Ayi Kouevi and Lidaw-wè Fabienne Dontema.

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The Luanda Biennale: What is its contribution to a culture of peace in Africa?

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This meeting is a joint initiative of UNESCO, the African Union (AU) and the Angolan government which aims to promote the prevention of violence and the resolution of conflicts, by encouraging cultural exchanges in Africa and dialogue between generations .

As a space for reflection and dissemination of artistic works, ideas and good practices linked to the culture of peace, it brings together representatives of governments, civil society, the artistic and scientific community and International organisations.

The Forum is participating in the implementation of the “Action Plan for a Culture of Peace in Africa/Agissons pour la Paix” adopted in March 2013 in Luanda.

Samson Ayi Kouevi, the Togo national coordinator of the Pan-African youth network for the culture of peace, is pleased to be on the list of participants.

‘Peace and living together are our priorities. We believe in human dignity, social justice, international cooperation and the harmonious coexistence of peoples. These values are necessary if we want to build a better future,’ he said on Tuesday.

For the Luanda Biennale, it is a question of working towards daily and lasting individual and collective appropriation and implementation, on the continent, of the concept of culture of peace.