Mexico: Alternative Justice Act should be approved before August


an article by Dulce Rodríguez Calderón, Entrelíneas

The Chief Justice of the State, José Miguel Salcido Romero, has indicated that the law for Alternative Justice will be ready before August 17, when the new system of oral justice for civil and family matters begins in Chihuahua.

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The Chief Justice of the State, José Miguel Salcido Romero

“We have sent the initiative to the State Congress and hopefully it will soon be processed, that makes us very pleased because we will be able to consolidate our alternative justice system in a very solid manner,” he shared in an interview as the head of the judiciary.

When asked whether the new law must be analyzed, optionally modified and approved by the Legislature before August, he responded that these are matters to be decided by the State Congress, but: he added, “I would say yes, because it would help very much this issue to be firmly established by the time the new oral system of civil and family justice comes into force.”

We need to keep in mind that the main purpose of the law is to promote social harmony as the main tool for dialogue, which will undoubtedly aid justice to be prompt and expeditious, so that parties can come to agreement through mediation and avoid prosecution.

It is also important to mention that if approved, the Mediation Act, which dates from June 7, 2003 (which was planned for Mediation Center that never began operations) is insufficient for today’s needs for implementation of the Alternative Justice Center.

The new Organic Law of the Judiciary provides for the existence of the Centre for Alternative Justice to promote the settlement of disputes and the culture of peace for individuals or corporations in civil, labor, criminal and commercial cases.

As a procedure for resolving disputes, Alternative Justice is much wider when it comes to conciliation and mediation, which is the reason to propose the new Act.

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