Burkina Faso: Peace and social cohesion at the heart of the book “The problem tree and other news” by Lacina Téguéra


An article by Mamadou Zongo in Le Faso

A teacher and journalist, Lacina Téguéra presented his book entitled “The problem tree and other news”, this Saturday, June 17, 2023 at the headquarters of Editions Plum’Afrik, in Ouagadougou, in the presence of the godfather Jean Marie Kafando.

Burkina Faso is experiencing an unprecedented security crisis marked by terrorist attacks. In addition to the efforts made by the political and military authorities for the reconquest of the entire national territory, each citizen, according to his skills, contributes in his own way to this fight against the terrorist Hydra. It is in this sense that Lacina Téguéra has given himself the mission of promoting the values of peace and social cohesion through its collection of short stories “The problem tree and other news”.

Drawing inspiration from his daily experience, the author addresses themes such as social cohesion, living together, literacy, education, respect for tradition, youth employment, the condition of African women, leadership issues, etc. “It’s to tell the Burkinabè population to come back again to social cohesion and living together, because these are small quarrels that slowly become wars between populations”, explains the author.

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Do the arts create a basis for a culture of peace?, What is, or should be, their role in our movement?

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It is for Lacina Téguéra to make its share of contribution to the training and education of the new generation, in a world in perpetual change. “In this difficult context that our country and some countries in the sub-region are going through, it is more than necessary, through books, to promote the culture of peace, living together, tolerance and to instil certain values such as honesty, the value of tradition, respect for elders, the spirit of solidarity and family. This book is also another proof of resilience. The context is certainly difficult, but we will not abdicate and Burkina Faso will remain standing,” he said.

For Lacina Téguéra, his work is written in a simple style, accessible to everyone. It therefore invites readers to make it their own, to read it and to recommend it to loved ones. “One thing is to write, one thing is to be read. I therefore invite readers to purchase the work or to recommend it to friends and colleagues. That’s why I write in simple French, accessible to all with a certain dose of humor… This document is to be read with handkerchiefs to wipe away the tears of laughter or crying,” he said.

Jean Marie Kafando, entrepreneur, sponsor of this dedication ceremony, congratulated the author for the quality of his work and for this big step in the world of writers, by extension of entrepreneurship. “I initially agreed to be his godfather because it is a long friendship, an acquaintance of twenty years. It is a very beautiful work which aims to be educational and which speaks of the problems that Burkina Faso is experiencing today. So it’s my way of bringing my stone to the construction of living together,” he said.

A teacher by training, Lacina Téguéra is currently attached to school and university administration in the Human Resources Management Service of the Provincial Directorate of Preschool, Primary and Non-Formal Education of Bazèga. He is also the correspondent for RTB/Radio and the newspaper Le Pays in the province of Bazèga. The book is available at the unit price of 3,000 F CFA.