Celebrating Radio Day in Haiti


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The Office for the Protection of Citizens (OPC) reaffirms its support for press workers on the occasion of World Radio Day, UNESCO distributes safety kits to journalists…

Monday, February 13, 2023 marked the 12th edition of World Radio Day. It is celebrated this year under the theme “Radio and Peace”. On this occasion, the Office for the protection of the Citizen takes a stand for a culture of tolerance through information.

Ceremony for handing over materials to journalists by UNESCO. Photos taken by Marc Henley Augustin

The OPC says it reaffirms its support for radio stations and journalists, pillars of democracy and a rule of law based on the universal virtues of respect for freedoms.

“Just as a program can bring peace, reconciliation, just as it can cause misunderstandings and dissension”, noted the OPC in a note which bears the signature of the Protector of the Citizen, Ms Renan Hedouville.

On this occasion, the OPC urged media workers to fully play their role in order to continue to help society preserve democratic gains in the processing of information.

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He took the opportunity to support Vision 2000 radio journalist Jean Thony Lorthé, kidnapped for more than two weeks. The OPC strongly condemned these practices which endanger individual freedoms, invoking article 3 of the universal declaration of human rights which stipulates that “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of his person.

Finally, according to this independent body, independent radio as a pillar of conflict prevention and peacebuilding must be at the service of all, mainly minorities. It must play its role at all times for a culture of peace by informing the public objectively, stated Ms Renan Hédouville.

For its part, the UNESCO office in Port-au-Prince celebrated the 12th edition of World Radio Day by distributing equipment (PRESS vests, helmets and gas masks) to four associations of media and journalists: the Collective of Online Media (CMEL), the Haitian Association of Online Media (AHML), the National Network of Online Media (RENAMEL) and the Association of Haitian Journalists (AJH).

In her speech for the occasion, the head of UNESCO in Haiti, Tatiana Villegas, stated that due to the security, socio-political situation and the actions of armed gangs, “the Haitian context is currently increasingly very worrying”.

“This is why,” she stated,” we want to raise awareness among both media and social actors of the very important and indispensable role that the media (radio) could play in resolving conflicts and establishing a climate of peace. security and peace in Haiti”.

By distributing these safety kits for the benefit of journalist-reporters, UNESCO says it wants to “fight against misinformation by encouraging journalists to identify themselves very clearly in order to go to the source and bring quality information to the public. It is also a concrete way to promote the safety of journalists considering that last year 9 journalists were murdered in the exercise of their function in Haiti”.