Chad: Ouaddai Youth Debate on Culture of Peace and Civic Engagement


An article by Hambali Nassour/Abba Issa in Al Wihda

The awareness-raising project on the culture of peace and civic and electoral engagement, led by the Youth Star Association for Culture and Development, organized on September 4 a forum for discussion on the culture of peace.

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The one-day event brought together representatives of young people from the city of Abéché. Placed under the theme of “the engagement of a culture of peace among youth”, the meeting allowed young people to share their ideas.

Panelist Saleh Souloum invited young people to have a spirit of national unity, to show love and social cohesion in order to build a better Chad.

He explained that civic and electoral engagement is not just the business of leaders but that it is up to each young person to get involved to make their contribution.

The president of the Abéché Youth Star Association, Hassan Abdoulaye Hassan, gave a brief overview of the achievements of his organization, before discussing the merits of the culture of peace.

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