General strike in Palestine


Facebook entry by Elias D’eis,
Today [May 18] will go down in history as one of the most powerful days of Palestinian non-violence resistance against the Israeli aggressions. Palestinians across the occupied West Bank, Gaza, and inside Israel took part in “GENERAL STRIKE” to protest against the Israeli occupation, aggressions in Jerusalem, and the bombardment in Gaza!!

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Thousands and thousands of brothers and sisters from all walks of life gathered together for collective actions and to demand our rights of living a life that is filled with dignity, equality, and respect. We all share the trauma and fear of living under constant threat, never knowing which moment the occupiers will seize more of our lands, kill more of our children and take our homes away from us.

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Presenting the Palestinian side of the Middle East, Is it important for a culture of peace?

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Holy Land Trust stands committed to this fight and believes that Palestinians today will the forebearers of peace tomorrow! We stand united from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river, from the north to the south in our struggle to finally achieve a reality where everyone lives in peace and harmony in the Holy Land.

But we also want to remind you, our beloved followers, that our struggle cannot be won in isolation. We need the entire world to come together and call upon the Israeli government to end their aggression and occupation of Palestinians. We call upon you again to reach out to your leaders and governments in whatever way you can and urge them to publicly take a stand for Palestinians. We call for an end to all violence because we firmly believe that if we do not break the cycle of violence and adopt the path of peace, lasting harmony cannot be achieved in the Holy Land!

Please dont forget to spread the message as much as you can! We are forever grateful for the support.

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