Latin American Congress of Research for Peace will be held virtually in August


An article from Proceso, Honduras (translation by CPNN)

UNAH, through the Peace Department of ​​the University Institute on Democracy, Peace and Security (IUDPAS), together with the Multidisciplinary Research Center (CRIM) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), will convene the XII Latin American Research Congress to La Paz in a virtual and free format from August 3 to 7 of this year.

The Latin American Council for Peace Research (CLAIP) also participates as co-organizer of the academic event. The event continues an initiative of more than 100 researchers and specialists who started it in 1977.

Since the founding meeting 44 years ago, CLAIP has contributed to the development of the discipline of peace and conflict studies through various networking proposals, publications, and the organization of meetings and successive congresses.

The XII Congress will promote a dialogue of knowledge that will allow us to overcome the social, political and economic crisis of the continent and the world, which was aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The perverse normality to which we strive to return is even more deadly than the virus. This normality is being ignored while we consume irresponsibly ”, highlighted the Manifesto for a new normality of CLAIP in 2020.

The XII Latin American Congress of Research for Peace will have as its motto “A new normality is possible and necessary” and is conceived as a space for exchange and reflection on the normality preceding the outbreak of the pandemic, as well as a space for reflection , ideas and proposals aimed at promoting the development of “a new normality” that restores the value of life and guarantees attention to the material needs of the population as a whole, promotes respect and care for Mother Earth, and encourages the emergence of cultures of peace on the continent.

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The director of the IUDPAS, Julieta Castellanos, indicated that like the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), as the co-organizing entity of the congress, reaffirms the commitment to minimize violence and contribute to the construction of peace.

The coordinator of the IUDPAS Peace Area and the event in Honduras, Esteban Ramos, pointed out that «the XII Congress of Research for Peace is sponsored by more than 50 important institutions, social organizations, study and research centers, CLACSO working groups and hundreds of academics and activists committed to peace in Latin America, Portugal and Spain ».

Ramos explained that people interested in participating as congress listeners should register through the website, where they will find all the information related to the event.

The registration of the papers will be enabled during April and must be done through the following link:

The proposals for papers can be presented in Spanish, Portuguese or English and must be related to any of the fields of knowledge linked to the following 9 thematic axes:

1. Climate change and environmental sustainability.

2. Peacebuilding, conflict transformation and violence minimization.

3. Access to justice and human rights.

4. Culture of peace, education and communication for peace, art and sports.

5. Participatory governance, public policies, the state and corruption.

6. Economic system and alternative economies.

7. Pandemic, health and wellness.

8. Gender.

9. Diversity and vulnerabilities.