If Culture of War was a human choice and invention, what if we choose a culture of peace?


By Myrian Castello  

Peace is in Our Hands is a project that works to increase and promote culture of peace around the world, and one of the ways is through Webinar interviews with people who are references on the topic.

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How can webinars and online courses contribute to the culture of peace?

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The first and second interviews were with Dr. David Adams

“Peace is in our hands” – A review of the culture of war and the possibility of creating a culture of peace, actions, thinking globally and acting locally – a new possible world.


“Are humans naturally aggressive?” – a little about his research on the human brain and our society.

The third interview was with Dr. Roberto Mercadillo: “Are humans naturally peaceful?” Possibility to choose a Culture of peace. Empathy and connection, how we develop and what happens when we see ourselves as equals?

As Dr. David Adams said, we need to invest more in solidarity, sustainability, education, democratic participation, equity instead of investing in war. In addition, David proposes power to cities instead of nation states as a way to leave a culture of war and move to a culture of peace. If we choose a culture of war, why not choose a culture of peace? It is necessary to think globally and act locally.

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